Welcome To Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo

Earlier in the Spring, I received an A.R.C. of Welcome To Lagos. The book had been on my TBR List for 2018. As excited I was to begin to dive in and read, life happened. Upon starting the read, I was unfocused and lost interest. I decided I needed to put the book down and gather myself before attempting to begin reading once more. I’m here to say I am happy I did.

This is one of those books that will require you to focus. Let’s begin with a brief synopsis: When army office Chike Ameobi is ordered to kill innocent civilians, he knows it is time to desert his post. As he travels toward Lagos and into the heart of a political scandal involving Nigeria’s education minister, he becomes the leader of a new platoon, a band of runaways who share his desire for a different kind of life.

Welcome To Lagos is smartly written, it is filled with humor and many laugh out loud moments. The unique group of misfits coming together to do good while exposing Nigeria’s known corruption is intelligently written. Each character has their own uniqueness and strength. Author Chibundu Onuzo showed her love for her native home. Her love comes in both humor and criticism as only a Nigerian can portray.

Her honest portrayal of modern-day Nigeria though done at times in a comic style educates the reader on the happenings there. The story deals with the harsh brutality of the military, both captives and capturers, corruption, poverty, and life in Nigeria. Through the characters, you see the resilience of the people.

Remember what I said previously, it is a book that requires you to be very focused, you can easily confuse characters and it is not a straight read, it shifts places throughout the story. I would recommend it to be read but allow time to do so, this is not a book you will haste through.

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