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“As You Say”

I see it all in my minds eye as if I am a fly on the wall. My hunger to watch and be watched has been growing along with other new tastes.

I wait at home for You, watching the clock tick as if in slow motion. Sitting still in my chair, as you instructed….I wait. As the clock strikes six and as if on cue, Your key turns in the door. I begin to breathe more strongly as I start to smell Your cologne drift thru the air.

My back is to the door, as You have instructed. Footsteps, slowly, cross the floor.

You stand behind me.. not a word passed between U/us. My eyes dart from left to right but I do not dare speak. You lean in and smell my hair. No doubt checking to see if I washed with the shampoo that You left out for me.

“Have you followed my list?” You ask. I nod my head in the affirmative.

“Good girl.” I smile to myself at your approval.

You walk in a small circle around me and I concentrate on Your legs walking by me. You stop behind me and I feel Your hands at the base of my neck, moving upward You grab my head and pull me backwards.

I am now looking up at you as you bend down to kiss me deeply. I inhale sharply at the taste of Your tongue as I have been daydreaming about this initial contact. Kissing you deeply I forget about all else. I just want to concentrate my all on you.

Sensing I was becoming lost You decide to bring me back by biting my bottom lip…hard. My eyes popped open as You pulled my head even further back.

“Slow, you must is at My pace W/we go.”

You release my head and continue to stand behind me. I feel Your hand on my left shoulder as You slide off one strap of my gown. Your fingers lightly tracing commands that have been practiced many times before.

I stand and step forward as You come around and take a seat. I turn to face You and step forward again until I am standing betwixt Your thighs. I slide the other strap off and the gown begins to fall and You catch it at my waist.

Pulling me close You place Your hands on my waist and take a nipple in Your mouth. Sucking deep I bite my own lip as I know I need to be quiet and not make a sound.

Your nails dig into my back and I move even closer. I feel the edges of Your teeth graze my skin over and over. The pressure getting stronger with each pass.

I struggle to keep my hands at my side. I focused on the feeling and didn’t know my hand moving up to run my fingers through my hair because the sensation was just that good. At the precise moment my hand reached my head I felt you clamp down on me hard.

I look down just in time to see the drops of blood forming around Your mouth. You look up to me with ‘that’ look in Your eyes. The slurping noise that follows only starts the flow between my legs again. You continue to suck and slurp and my knees get weaker and weaker.

Sensing this You turn me around and guide me to the stand. This is the piece of furniture that I can bend over and give You complete access to me.

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