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“Emotionally So”

The breeze blew into the bedroom through the balcony door. There he stood, fifteen stories above the city. He was looking over the city it was a beautiful night. Yet, a storm was brewing in the bedroom.

Tears were running down his wife’s face, and she was screaming “I can’t believe you!”

“It wasn’t me!” he screamed back. Never taking his eyes off the city below.

“Yes… yes, it was; I saw you with my own eyes” She sobbed. She told her husband to: “drop the act because you’re caught… so caught!” She scrolled through her phone “I have pictures and all” So hurt… so heartbroken she was. She had to leave.

“I gave you the world… Bags… Diamonds… and Pearls!” He shook his head in disbelief. He was hurt… So hurt! “Now you’re telling me you’re leaving… what’s going on girl?” He couldn’t understand it at all. It was all happening too fast.

There she was, packing her bags. Emotionally so. Tears were streaming down her face, her heart was bleeding. Inconsolably so.

And there he stood, staring off of the balcony, arms wrapped around his chest. He was: Disloyal, a Deceiver, Treacherous, and Untrue to his word! A vow he promised never to break… he broke!

He swindled her out of her heart. “Uh uh uh!”

He was seeing red. He couldn’t see. His marriage was becoming a faded picture. All because of lust, but, it wasn’t love. Now, all was lost, and he was hurt.

And, she wouldn’t allow him to explain it away “Baby, baby, baby please…” it away.

She turned away from his pleas. She could not allow him to further deceive. Her cries, his pleas. They were so emotional. A love lost.

A love lost… Not if he could bargain her back. “I’ll give you whatever you desire. Just stay!” He pleaded. “The new car and house you asked for… the boat, fuck it I’ll buy you a yacht… just please baby give me another shot!”

“Oh, so you do admit to being disloyal?”

“I admit nothing!” He screamed he was now in the house, back still turned to his wife. He couldn’t face her. He was looking out the balcony window; pain and regret filled his body, along with a little sorrow.

So emotional!

He just wished she would “put your bags away, and let’s talk about this tomorrow”

No more holding back she could hold back no longer. Her tears flowed freely, and so would her truth. “You said that you were on a business trip, but you lied” She cried harder.

“I didn’t lie baby” He spoke equivocally so. Loosening his tie.

“I followed you…” she sobbed. “… I saw when you made the sudden detour. I stayed your course… following you down winding roads along the countryside…”

She stood, and pulled her suitcase to the bedroom door. “…Stealthily… I observed you enter her home, as if, you were home.” She still couldn’t believe that she saw what she saw. The memory was so painful.

“You were wrong… and I was wrong for believing that you were true” The marriage was over – she dropped her wedding band to the floor with elegance! She was through.

Oh No — She dropped his heart! “Oh No… baby don’t go” He begged earnestly so. Down on bended knees, finger indexing the ring… Re-proposing. “Believe me baby it wasn’t me… still I’m sorry.”

“Your sorries mean nothing to me!” She turned her back and began down the steps. Her dress dragged in her wake. He followed; Rhapsodically so.

“Stop my love” He cried, giving her dress a tug.

She stopped. Wiping her last tear. Poetically so. “I saw you dance on her… on the floor… of that bar on the coast… you touched her as if she was me…”

He gasped at the memory.

“You slow danced in the dark, unaware of me as I watched from afar with furtive glances… I was hurt… so hurt” She touched her hand to her heart. “Caught, so caught.” She shook her head hurtfully so.

“Baby don’t leave out that door!” He said blocking her way. “I made a mistake baby… a mistake that I would never remake”

He guarded the door “Baby it’s cold outside”

“Then you leave!” She said pointing to the door. Fiercely so.

His leaving his house was not an option. “No baby, how about we stay.” He grabbed her, She pulled away. Fancifully so.

She was leaving, even if it was the back way, off of the balcony. The bags, the house, and the car he could have. But, he would not take her dignity… her honor was hers.

“I’m leaving” She screamed, heading back up the steps.

He followed close behind. “I will not allow you to go” If he lost her, his soul was sure to follow. “I’m sorry it was a mistake” He cried admittedly so. “Please just take time to think!.. Here, in this house baby”

“Uh!” She shook her head. “So shady” He was. For all these years, he perpetrated fraud. In his word, she believed. By his words, she was lost. By his actions, she was disturbed. “Unsettling… just the thought of my husband with another woman.” She twisted the locks on the door. Her grand exit!

Seeing her go so painful! He closed his eyes departedly so. A marriage dead or on the precipice dyeing! He slammed the door with force. He couldn’t let her leave off of the balcony… there was nowhere to go.

“You’re married to me!”

“I used to be”

Oh, what a misfortune this was.

“With you goes my soul. How could you take my love?” His cheeks were wet and stained with tears. He wept, uncontrollably so.

“Loyal I was… in you, I placed my love… let me leave — you can never regain my trust!” She ran down the steps into the kitchen. Of course, he followed.

“You took a vow — one that could only be egressed through blood!”

Her eyes looked up, suddenly so.

There he stood in the kitchen, holding a knife. This love was worth a life; living; loving; in eternity, they would.

“You would kill me… o love?”

He nodded, Assuredly so. This was a love with tragedy.

“Well, I’m leaving through the door or by death. But, my love for you, there’s none left.” She turned her back, pridefully so.

“You stabbing me in the back… the way my love for you will go.”

She was hurt, so hurt. Dying by the one that she loved and cared for when he was sick she was his nurse.

And, there he stood. Behind her back, raising the knife above his head, as if she was the one who slept out of their bed.

No! He couldn’t kill his wife, his love… he couldn’t do it. Murder wasn’t in his heart. His hands were shaking, irrepressibly so.

“I can’t, for you my heart is weak… you can leave” She turned to face him. He looked, shamefully so. “Just know that my love for you will never sleep” His soul, his lies, his deceit! Her heart, her being, she was taking it back from him. “Go!” He howled, and pushed the knife into his heart, suicidally so. “Noo!” She screamed.

Too late! She covered her face. Her love was bleeding “I’m sorry” No time to reconcile. Her love was gone; forever loveless she was. And there he lay, soulless he was. She held him. She was covered in blood and tears. A love dead!



So far gone. Oh how far gone she was?.. To the point of no return. Oh, there was no way that she could return. She was there, at the point of no return.

Forsaken! All for naught.

A vision of what once appeared before her eyes. What was apparent?.. Oh, what was apparent… the night wind blowing through her fur… the city below.

Her heels scraped the stone ledge. To jump, or not to jump? A slip would be fatal. A stumble to a long agonizing death.

A fifteen-story slide into Lethe! Looking down… never look down… the old cliché. Her eyes, she couldn’t remove them from the night below. She breathed, then flew. Her echo!!!

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