#loversfriendsandfoes by Tiera M. Jones

“Y’all have been knowing each other since the 90s,” Shaila said in between sips.

“What’s your point, Shai?!” I snapped cuz I already knew where she was going with her semi-drunk statement. Shaila sucked on her lime, squinted and made a huge smacking noise causing everybody in the bar to turn and look at her.

“DAMN, excuse Y’all nosey asses!” Shai ratchet ass spat out. She was usually cool when she didn’t have the worm juice in her.

Everybody went back to their original business except Becky. Probably wasn’t her name, but I was told they all named Becky and Billy no matter what they say.

Becky waltzed her ass up to our table “Excuse me, but you are disrupting my evening. I came here with my mother to have a nice pleasant evening and you are close to ruining it with your lip-smacking, clapping and loud obnoxious ways.” I looked over my glasses at white girl then at Shai. Then quickly put my face down and braced for impact.

“BITCH, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU WAS SITTING THERE WITH MICHELLE AND BARACK OBAMA! I DIDN’T SAY SHIT TO YOU” she popped up like distant cousins after you hit the lotto, then continued “I’M OVER HERE MINDING MY MOTHAFUCKIN BUSINESS AND NOT ONCE DID I SAY ‘SILLY ASS WHITE BITCH, AM I OFFENDING YOU?’ YOU KNOW WHY? CAUSE I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR EVENING, BECKY!” Shai was fuming and breathing hard as hell but I was proud of her for not yanking this poor misguided woman all over this place.

Then Becky starts looking around obviously embarrassed for running up on the wrong woman. She might be in a suit with diamonds in her ears now, but she is from the bricks, project made and she ain’t one to be checked especially by a stranger. “I am so sorry for us disrupting your evening. Come on, mother.” She announced before trying to jump out of her skin and out the door.

“Did she just apologize for me?!” Shai asked me while taking off her heels.

I quickly pulled her down and began calming her down,”Chill! You know that bitch call foul and the cops running in filling you up with more lead than a pencil. We worked too hard to get where we are to be a hashtag”.

Shai took a deep breath, “You right, Raichel! Anyways, back to our conversation. Don’t get snappy with me. I just want to know wassup with you and Jaylen. Cuz I’m not buying the whole just friends shit.” Shai was back to her regular voice like what happened didn’t just happen.

“You don’t have to buy it. It’s the truth.” I said. My phone started vibrating in my back pocket. I pulled it out and saw I had 3 missed calls, a voicemail and a text just came in: “Damn, how you gone fuck me like that then go ghost-like nothing happened? Hit me up, ma so we can talk about it or at least fall back through so we can go again. Lol.” I stuck my phone back in my pocket and tried to act like I didn’t read, what I just read.

What have I done?!

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