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“Taboo: Romero & Juliette”

Romero Emil Martinez is the heir to the throne of the infamous Martinez Cartel that promises him both clout and wealth by birthright. Growing up as a kid of the cartel he saw firsthand how the life took both his uncles and brother without mercy and has his father fighting for his life before his very eyes.

Juliette Escobar is the stunningly beautiful daughter of his sworn enemies and biggest rivals who both intrigues and irritates the hell out of him. One night leads them to cross both familial and intimate boundaries neither saw coming. When both love and loyalty are tested, is theirs enough to sustain each other or will family ties sever the bond they are attempting to create?

Chapter 1

“Damn ma.” That’s all I could say watching her head bobbing up and down as I ran my fingers through her hair, while wrapping it around my wrist. If anybody had told me that we’d be here like this, I’d have laughed and shot ‘em for wasting my time for speaking that bullshit out loud.

Me and Juliette Escobar weren’t supposed to be in each other’s space, much less her having my dick down her throat. But, since life didn’t always go according to plan that was what was currently happening and a nigga was in heaven.

It had to either be the mixture of the weed and the drinks that had lil mama in my lap doing some tongue tricks that I appreciated being the recipient of, either way I wasn’t complaining.

“Mmmmm…sabes tan bien como te ves, papá. (you taste as good as you look daddy).”

Say that shit again like that and I’m gonna keep pushin’ our potential kids right down ya throat Ju,” I growled, watching her watching me. The pure look of lust dancing in her eyes had me ready to risk it all behind her fine ass. She slurped and hummed one last time before I shot off and my grip eased up on her hair.

Never one to be outdone I stood her up and made sure I was eye level with the freshly waxed, glistening slit between her thighs giving off the best fragrance I’d ever inhaled. Her pussy was damn near as pretty as she was and my mannish ass had it locked in my sights.

“Ahora me toca a mi (Now it’s my turn).” I stuck a finger in to get a sample and damn near sucked my own finger off trying to savor that flavor she produced. Yea, this was my shit, I’d let her in on the memo later, but right now I was about to let her know that my actions would always align with my words. I went deep diving into her tongue first and lapped up every drop that came with each flick and trick my tongue did.

Juliette grabbed my head and held it in place while murmuring some sexy ass noises mixed with her native Spanish. I stuck a finger in to open her wider and ended up releasing the floodgates, she was a squirter for sure and rained that water down my chin and beard like she was blessing me with something holy.

I knew my head game was top tier, but she gave a nigga even more confidence by her squirms and moans. I made sure my whole face occupied the space between her lips and tried to suck her soul out.

Feeling her grip loosen on my head I glanced up and realized she was playing with her nipples and that shit was even sexier. The candlelight illuminating the sweat on her forehead and her silhouette against the walls heightened the mood.

“Ooooooh shit papi, stay there, don’t move. I-I-I’m cumminggggg.” Juliette wound her womanhood into my face and coated it with the overflow. After taking a couple more licks, I leaned back on my forearms to look up at her still in her zone. Shit, I was a goner already and we hadn’t even fucked yet.

She sighed a contented sigh and looked down at me as she eased herself onto my lap. The friction and warmth caused us to simultaneously grunt and groan harmoniously. She fit perfectly, pussy muscles clenching and releasing as my dick drilled into her innermost secret spaces.

Titties bouncing and head thrown back, she abruptly sat up, which caused my eyes to open to see why the hell she’d stopped. She put a finger to her lips and motioned with her head towards the door letting me know someone was close.

Easing herself off my lap, she grabbed my t-shirt and her gun that laid on the table next to us, while I slid into my joggers and grabbed mine. Seeing as how this spot was supposed to be off the grid purposely, except to me and my brother EJ, I had no idea who the fuck it was, but they were about to catch a hot one for trespassing.

The wild shit is that I was turned on by her ass jiggling in front of me from underneath my shirt, that wasn’t hiding the shit she was toting behind her. Juliette could bust her guns and make me bust a nut in the same night, and, I’d be lying if the nigga in me didn’t appreciate the hell outta that shit.

Noticing movement, we went back to back with our arms outstretched, guns locked and loaded to aim at whatever target came into our sights. The slow clack of expensive shoes echoed off the walls bringing the trespasser into our line of vision.

“¿Qué es esto? ¿Por qué estás con esta puta? (What is this? Why are you with this bitch)?” I knew that voice, and had known it my entire life. I couldn’t say I was totally surprised, but the venom and disrespect in his words definitely wasn’t missed.

“Tu madre es una puta. Respetuosamente, no me conoces, así que mírame cuando te dirijas a mi (Your mama is a bitch. Respectfully, you don’t know me, so watch ya mouth when addressing me).” “Juliette, chill mami. That’s my pops, you know the deal between our families.”

“Fuck you too Ro, I won’t let any man disrespect me.”

“Ju, wait-” I blinked as I felt her crash into me, the dim lighting had faded and guns went off. I felt the recoil so I knew she’d busted hers. Slightly dazed, I felt the searing pain of a bullet ripping through me as Juliette staggered, then stood somewhat in shock, holding a smoking gun in her hand. glancing around before taking off after what looked like somebody trying to hide in the shadows.

Did she really just shoot me after our fuck session? I couldn’t wrap my mind around that shit, she was there with me, then she wasn’t. My head was spinning and I heard faint groans from across the room in the area where my pops had been standing moments before.

Nah, nah, nah this shit couldn’t be happening, as I crawled over to my pops I saw him struggling and I closed my eyes for a second to whisper a prayer to spare him. We had just come out of a war with the Escobars, hell she and I had agreed we were sick of the bullets flying between our families just because it was Friday. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts and hit send.

“Bruh, te necesito. Ven al lugar, date prisa (Bruh, I need you. Come to the spot, hurry)!!”

“Di menos (Say less).”

“Stay with me papi, I got you. I got you.”

“Jodiste, hijo. Lo hiciste (You fucked up son. You did this).” My thoughts haunted me as his last coherent words echoed through my mind. By the time my brother screeched into the lot, my head was down for a second and perched on my knuckles while I got myself together to pump furiously on my father’s chest to keep his heart beating.

The muscles in my arms flexed with each compression, but I wasn’t stopping until I felt like it was safe. I heard my brother’s baritone entering the room and the cursing that came with his entrance. I couldn’t even say shit, but just looked up at him.

Angered and shocked eyes probably mirrored the looks in mine as we lifted our father up and headed to the awaiting truck outside. I climbed in the back of the truck watching my father’s life and spirit leaving his body before my very eyes.

“Drive faster nigga. He’s dying.”

“Fuck Rome, what the hell happened? Who shot him? Who shot you? The fuck is goin’ on bruh?” My head was banging and I honestly didn’t have the energy to explain shit to EJ right now. I was still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that her ass had set me up.

Juliette Escobar had caught a nigga slipping, but she wouldn’t again.

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