Syx and the City (Situationships Book 1) by Grey Huffington

Syx Rouge is an aspiring fashion illustrator and current assistant to world-renowned vocalist, Amiyah Mallard. So the odds of indulging in an unsolicited, overly pleasurable, steamy night with a man like Trough were slim to none. However, a slightly unexpected turn of events redirected the odds in her favor.

From the title, I knew that this novelette would take me on an adventure in the big apple. However, this was different than I expected, and I loved it. A few paragraphs into the story and it’s already a scandalous read. Everybody loves a bit of scandal every now and then, right? This novella centers around Syx, hanging with her sister Seven, in New York City for New Year’s Eve.

Trough enters the chat…

Trough is a smooth talker, so it’s easy to understand his appeal. He’s easy to fall for but things get complicated because of this–hence a Situationship.

“Then, how should I compliment you?” -Trough

This is another enemy to lover’s romance. This novella moved very fast when it came to Syx and Trough getting together. Trough is the guy that gets what he wants all the time. I’m looking forward to reading the second installment of the series to see where things go. Once you start reading, you’ll be like me sitting on pins and needles wondering what’s next.

Grey did a great job keeping the reader interested in wanting to know more about these characters. This short read is for someone who enjoys plot twists and being spontaneous. I would have to rate this novelette four out of five stars.



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