If you let them, everyone will dictate your life

One of the things that I am learning is that people will often tell you who you are and what you’re doing wrong. Now, I don’t believe that everyone who says something that you don’t like or don’t agree with is a “hater,” but I do believe that people can project their negativity on you. When you are chasing after a dream or goal you are really open and sensitive about everything because you are taking a big risk on yourself. You already have your own doubts and fears so when family, friends, and even strangers project how they feel about you when it’s negative it can really mess you up.

This podcast is not about following your dreams it’s about how to keep going when people don’t believe in them. We often allow people’s lack of information about who we are get in our heads and create negativity. It’s time to change that. So I give my own experiences hoping that you can take from it. Listen, Subscribe on iTunes, and comment!!!!!!!!!




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