New authors (new to me) September spotlight 

New authors fuel my search these days, and thankfully, I found some fantastic Black romance authors for you to check out. New to me authors are always a treat, especially, when I am surprised, elated, and intrigued after I finish a story written by one. Here are some dope reads you should check out this Fall. 

Friend of Mine by Bree Wright 

Bree Wright wrote the heck out of Thin Line Between Love and Success and Friend of Mine (The author of 5 books). Friend of Mine is a friend to lovers’ story about Franz who developed sex toys and his female friend Aida.

The sexy toy designer was the entrée for me, and the fact this would be about them getting to do horizontal snacking was right for me. And you should definitely read Thin Line Between Love and Success. Remember when I said, if a book makes me want to smack a b**ch, then the author did their job while telling the tale? Well, Femi almost got my kindle thrown across the room a few times, Bree Wright wrote the hell out of this story. Trust and believe!

Just A Friend by A.S. Wilson 


A.S. Wilson has several books, Just a Friend and Just a Friend Two are the ones I want you to check out first. This tale is another friend to lovers’ story.

This one is about Meekah and Julian moving to the next stage in their relationship. I was so happy this occurred with minimal dramatics. That did not diminish the story in the least. The first story established their backstory, and the second story brought it home. I adored this couple. 

88 Degrees by Lumi Noir

Lumi Noir has one book of record entitled, 88 Degrees. The story caught me off guard a bit, and I had to reread it with intention. The second time around, I took my time, and I get it now.

The title alone is catchy, and the content masterful for this first-time author. The story was intense, super sexy, and the characters likable. Nobu Merci portrayed a strong-willed Alpha Male, and whew! He was Lord have mercy fine.

Nami was a beautiful and equally strong-willed female with a submissive side. The story was suspenseful, with some thrilling moments, and a nice fulfilled ending. 

Our Love Rekindled by Monae Nicole

Our Love Rekindled and Love Waves, are both books I think you should try when reading author Monae Nicole. Our Love Rekindled is a re-release, it’s a Valentine’s Day story about a couple getting a second chance to have the love they each deserved.

Symone, left at the altar by her ex, and then she gets the chance with her childhood friend Ivan to have a real love! While you are in her catalog read, Love Waves, this story is about two people finding love after being in dead-end relationships for a bit. Elijah and Meadow sought peace and tranquility on waves of love together.

For Her Love by DaKiara

I read For Her Love and fell in book-like with her writing. The story, a concise read, about a fake romance between a bad boy r&b star and an everyday girl, his agents asked to be his girlfriend to clean up his image.

The difference in this story versus some others I have read, this couple had a believable connection, and nothing seemed forced.

Stay a Little Longer by Shay Davis

Sistah Girls, the premise was an excellent choice for this story. It was about two career-minded people in a battle of wills. Lovie Dovie or Deals and Dollars. You all, I will forewarn you, the story ends in a hanger, and more so, I will be back to see how this one ends.

Summer Daze: A Summer Novella by Kris Lashay 

This story was an unexpected treat. The premise was extra dope, Amare was a bonified player, to say the least, so when he showed a degree of compassion for someone other than himself; I was surprised.

Typically, it was all about his needs until he met Kalea. Once again, I am recommending a story with a hanger, but I will be back for the conclusion, and I will see you there.

So there you have it! Some new/new to me authors to add to your tablets. 
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