Valentine’s Day is the day for love, and it is the right time to drop a few books about lovers. I know you all expect to get a lusty list of sexy reads with heated kissed to share with your friends.

The list is a perfect combination of books about love, couples finding love again, fighting for a second chance love, and finding love after heartache. So, go ahead and enjoy the list, Sis!

Annabelle and Lee by Danielle Allen

Annabelle and Lee by Danielle Allen is a story inspired by a poem by author Edgar Allen Poe (Annabel Lee). The love story followed a young couple torn apart by their families and brought together again with forces stronger than steel. The story was impressive.

The Love I Deserve by Kay Shanee

This story was a sports-themed love story with a powerful love connection engulfed in the storyline.

Closer To You by Sheryl Lister

This story felt like a cozy, comfy, perfect pair of pink PJs.

The Heart of a Champion by Donnia Marie

This was a wonderfully written couple’s tale about a young couple. The story was fresh and a delightful read.

Caught Up in the Rapture of Love by Britt Joni

This is a friend to lovers’ story, and it was a nice one to choose for an excellent Valentine’s Day love story.

When Valentine Collide by Adrianne Byrd

An old-school goodie, When Valentine Collide by Adrianne Byrd, is one for those looking for a love story with a bit of humor on the side.

Love’s Dance: African American Contemporary Romance by Loni London

This story has a beautiful love edition with a dance element, and it’s also a great love story for Heart Day.

Line to My Heart by C. Monet

This story was light a straight line to the heart. The couple’s relationship was a thing of beauty. A heartfelt love story.

Love is Patient by J. Chary

Although this was a love story with a comical component, this book will have you clutching your pearls, holding your belly, smiling from ear to ear, and loving the bevy of characters who make up this hearty read.

A Love So Soft by Chelsea Maria

I chose this story because it tugged at hearts; it will cause readers to experience every emotion one can imagine. The couple was a joy to get the chance to experience the love they poured out into one another’s hearts.

Remember Our Love: A short story by Chencia C. Higgins

Remember Our Love: A short story by Chencia C. Higgins; in this Valentine’s story, we met a couple choosing to skip the big V day just because. The story is a super short lovely piece of goodness.

Welcome to Mistywood Lane by Reon Laudat

This story was a fun-filled story with a couple you will enjoy immensely.

A Tale of Two Cities-A Valentine’s Novella by Alexandra Warren

The Tale was a terrific story about two people with city names finding each other’s hearts.

Love’s Required by Aja

The story is about two people finding love and making choices they would learn to use to heal their hearts and repair their souls.

Sis, grab a few of the books from the list and have a lovely Valentine’s treat with the one you adore. Smooches!

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