4 STAR Review for Derailed by Dominique Thomas

Reviewers Note: Dear reader, when you start reading my review it might feel like I’m giving away the story a bit, but I promise I barely scratch the surface. Read on!

The book opens to a family meeting and trust me the tension can be felt wafting off the page. When the youngest son of Angie Lacoste, Malik comes home to her and his two older brothers to let them know that his life is about to change.

This does not go over so well with his family. You see, each boy has a path that they are to take. School and what they study is especially important to the Lacoste legacy.

Therefore, Malik dropping the bomb that his equally young girlfriend is pregnant and that he will be taking time off from school is not ideal. The reactions he receives are similar to what you expect from a mother and older siblings that want only the best for their loved one. After hearing open rebukes a sullen Malik and his girlfriend leave.

The events that follow young Malik’s revelation to his family take this book into a whole other direction. One too painfully familiar in the African American community as well as our country.

“ I have to get close to the Lacoste Family.” -Jaylah

Jaylah Cole is an anchor woman for Baymoor Falls news station HLN20. She’s recently been recruited by her boss to infiltrate the Lacoste family under the guise of a friend to get information that can help the police.

Jaylah is told that if she does this and is successful it will advance her career. Believing that the Lacoste family runs a major drug organization she happily agrees to help.

Oshun “King” Lacoste is charmed by Jaylah. Yes, she’s beautiful and that grabs his attention. However, he also sees another side of Jaylah. You see the thing is Oshun can spot a fake and he notices certain things about Jaylah that does not sit well with him.

Needless to say, he keeps her around anyway much to the dismay of some in his circle. Keeping Jaylah around actually causes bigger problems for both of them. Some problems you see coming and some you won’t expect.

My Thoughts

No one is going to like Jaylah once they start reading her character. Or who knows, you might initially like her, but I know I didn’t. She’s a complete mess and not in a good way so just bare with her and give it some time.

Everyone will Love King (Oshun) he’s THAT guy! Together, Jaylah and Oshun are definitely fire! Both characters grab your attention for vastly different reasons. First of all, Jaylah will have you wanting to choke the life out of her…and well Oshun will have you just wanting. PERIOD! LOL!

The writing is good but please be advised that it is also emotional due to the painful experiences of both its main characters. This is a romance story however it is PACKED with real-life issues.

Delicate real-life issues. Derailed also focuses on a viewpoint within our community that we all occasionally run in to. Ignorance mixed with denial and a form of self-hate. My recommendation? READ THE BOOK!
TRIGGER WARNING: A Rape is discussed though not retold in vivid detail.

Additional things the reader should know if you’re a Dominique Thomas reader than you’re already familiar with some of the Lacoste men from The Promise series.

Each man has an appearance. If you’ve not read The Promise series you might want to do so after this. Honestly, after reading this book I am craaaaving a book for Deen Lacoste as well as another couple that shall remain nameless…for now at least.

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