SPOILER-FREE: A Total 5 STARS My Heart can’t take this read!!

I LOVED IT!! Last Comes Love is an incredible swoon-worthy best friends to lovers romance that completely wrecked me. Admittedly, I wasn’t ready for where this book took me, even with the words ‘A Bittersweet Love Story’ on the cover. Even now, days later as I write this I still feel emotionally shipwrecked.

Why? Why, would Brookelyn Mosley do this to ME? That was my last thought right before I fell asleep early Saturday morning; after starting the book late Friday evening because I. COULD. NOT. PUT. IT. DOWN.

“Then I… I guess what I really want is to be happy beyond measure, without conditions, and to feel worthy of being in receipt of something so special, knowing it was always meant for me.” – Rylee Daniels

i love it 1

In Last Comes Love you meet Rylee Daniels, a beautiful, driven, hardworking millennial making moves as a Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. She’s good at making money multiply, it’s her passion and it shines through as you read.

After a failed engagement Rylee is just trying to move forward, using her 31st birthday as a stepping stone to her future. It’s at her Birthday dinner with her three closest friends that fate seemingly intercedes. In a subtle move, a reminder if you will, with the mere mention of a pact made between friends her path in life is about to change course.

“Hey Best Friend, Yeah That’s My Best Friend”  – Lex (my train of thought EVERY time Lennox is on the scene) *closes eyes and Slow GRINS in delight*

Lennox Walker is a local Sports Reporter, he’s also a successfully very tall and handsome retired NBA player that just so happens to be best friends with Rylee. When readers get to his POV we are able to note just how much of a player Lennox still is well after his ball player retirement *rolls eyes in annoyance*.

He made mega millions while balling in the NBA, so when he shows up and shows out by gifting Rylee the best presents on her birthday, it really comes as no surprise to her girlfriends Nadia and Parker. When the pact he and Rylee made is mentioned that evening Lennox doesn’t put too much stock in it.

However, later on, as you read there is another conversation he has with a close male friend that does have him rethinking things and asking himself, “What if?” Ultimately, it spurs him to take his friendship with Rylee in a whole different direction.

“As innocent as the conversation seemed on the surface, he’d finally tilled the soil of their friendship and planted the seed of their inevitable future” -Inner Monologue of Lenny

As Lenny and Rylee start a new journey neither are prepared for what’s ahead. The readers are just as blindsided as their story comes to a head. And then suddenly we’re all left to allow our minds to just process…

For real, for real, I’m still

processing gif1

What I loved about this book was the closeness and love both Rylee and Lennox had with one another. What saddened me was that it took them years to admit it and face it head-on. In doing so, the story showcased how precious time gained and time lost can be.

There are situations in this book that may turn off some readers; readers that prefer their books to be completed in a pretty little nicely wrapped bow. If that’s you? MOVE ON TO THE NEXT BOOK.

This is a Bittersweet Love Story’. Overall, the writing was good, the characters were relatable and the storyline pulled me in. I wouldn’t dare add or take anything away from it. Great Job Brookelyn Mosley!

Series: No. At least not that I know of…
Recommendation: All Romance Lovers that enjoy a true to life story should read this!!
Plot/Storyline: Best friends to lovers bittersweet romance!
Writing: GOOD! Had me alllllll up in my feelings.

Know this, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” – Robert Frost

Now go forth and read, then come back and tell your Sistah Girls all about it!



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