4 STAR Review for Loving The Realest of Them All by Antionette Sherell

In Loving the Realest of Them All by Antionette Sherell readers are introduced to a young girl named Rarity. When Rarity’s mother succumbs to her addiction, Rare finds herself in the care of a rich man named War. Soon after, you realize that in addition to his biological two children; War has taken in two other boys and now Rarity is in his care as well.

“I learned a long time ago she was good at keeping secrets, and I wasn’t so sure whether that was a good thing or not” – Inner Monologue of Real

A very fragile and scared Rarity understands that War is not just some rich man helping the underprivileged. War is a gangster. He floods the streets with drugs which has afforded him his lavish lifestyle; a lifestyle Rarity decides to not become submerged in.

“Welcome to the world of the Wars” – Real

So’Real is War’s son and one day he will be taking over his father’s position in the game. Real is confident, intelligent, and dangerous. In his line of business, you can never be too trusting, which is why Real is extremely leery with Rarity when she comes to live with them. That however does not last too long though because eventually he and Rare become awfully close. Naturally, as the teens age, an attraction begins to build.

Things transition when in my opinion Rarity picks the wrong guy to give her heart too. Real’s brother, Knoxx, much to the dismay of many.

The rift it causes between her and Real can be felt in the distance he decides to put in their once close bond. But after years of mistreatment in the relationship with Knoxx…Rare has had enough. This decision has a domino effect on her life.

In the book, other main characters include, Oshun another kid that was taken in by War in his youth, and Swan the biological daughter of War. These two have an entanglement that is JUICY.

Now listen, here is what you should know, the story starts off with them in their teens and eventually transitions to them as young adults. My review can be simply read as a semi introduction if you will. In the book, you see love triangles, lies, deceit, manipulation, and some beef with another crime family that has life-altering consequences. Everything I listed just adds to the twists and plotlines within the story.

My Thoughts

The book is a fast-paced quick urban read that provides plenty of drama so if you enjoy that this book is for you. Do not expect strong character development to be written up in long drawn out inner monologue paragraphs on page after page.

No, I said fast-paced, where each scene has new developments that add to the plot for you to follow along with for each character. I also mentioned it’s a quick read. This is, I believe a three-book series, you can read parts two here

The author appears to be releasing each book at the end of each month this summer. Please know and believe I’ve already read and enjoyed book two. I recommend this book to all Urban Lit readers! 

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