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If there is nothing I love more than books it’s a great drink to pair with a good book. Having a good drink will set the right type of mood to travel deep into literary heaven. After our recent pairings with tea, we here at SGBC decided to do the same thing with coffee.

Coffee with a Side of You by B, Love

I would pair this novel with Starbucks Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha. Typically, when reading it’s often the men that draw me in, but not with this novel.

The more I read the more I found myself getting emotionally connected to the heroine. Through and through Nyx gave me life. She was relatable because of her journey.

With her, I found out that the hardest heart is also the softest when thawed. Rocco made me want to brew him up and drink from his cup daily. He was a determined man, who made you bend in an attempt to grow you.

Milk & Honey: a collection of shorts by D. Rose

I would pair this novel with a dark roasted cold brew and top it off with almond milk and a dab of honey. This quick read told three different stories for three different couples.

What I loved most was that all of the character’s storylines were centered around the coffee shop and they were interconnected. Although this was a quick read it didn’t lack depth. It got the story told and was well rounded.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Serendipitous Love Book 1) by Christina C. Jones

I would pair this book with Caffè Americano spiked with a shot of whiskey. Urban Grind is probably the reason why I frequent coffee shops today. Jones truly paints a picture of a warm sense of community where African American people look out for each other.

What made me smile was when the heroine Simone wasn’t afraid of addressing what she needed out of Roman. I think that’s what really sold it for me.

 Coffee Will Make You Black by April Sinclair

I would pair this book with a decaf black coffee with no cream and very little sugar. The story takes on a lot of subjects head on that many skirt around. But proudly Sinclair took on a few subjects with a little bit of humor.

She touched on puberty, racism, class, colorism, fashion, microaggressions, police brutality, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, queerness, interracial friendships, family, community, the future, and more through the eyes of her heroine.

Milk in My Coffee by Eric Jerome Dickey

I would pair this novel with a Vanilla Bean Frap with extra caramel drizzle. This is my second time reading this novel and although the writing was good. I personally felt a little slighted by the ending but I still loved it.

Happy Reading Sistahs!

Peace, Love, & Light
Rowan Reign



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