Sistah Girls, it’s that time of year, and I am back to give you the scoop on what you may have missed in 2020. 

Since 2020 was a virtual bust with the non-book events and somber month after month of canceled shows or no chance to experience and meet authors whose books we adore. On the bright side, readers had novels, novellas, novelettes, to get our read on with books galore.

Fair warning, the list is long, and I know you will find a book or ten you missed or planned to read. Let the fun begin.

* Housekeeping Note* The books are not in any order as to my preference. If the book is on the list, I enjoyed it. First or last, the books were worth including on this listicle. Enjoy!

Ashley Nicole outdid herself this year with a variety of reads that kept us sane. Completely Stuffed was Mason’s hilarious love story. The Closer I Get to You was an excellent little drama. Nights Like This included six adorable stories bound together. All were incredible short stories you will enjoy.

Angelia Vernon Menchan delivered great reads this year with her signature profound characters with powerful prowess. I Am Sasha B: More Than My Scars, Who Is Teddy Adams?, Redeeming Simone, and A Different Kind of Christmas: Center City 2020. Enjoy proud blackness in all its shades and hues of beauty.

W. Parks Brigham delivered a sweet story in Chance Encounters with Love. You will enjoy this one; it is another one of my favorite genres.

Edwina Fort found her way onto the list with two books about a bully. Mean Tucker: The Bully and Mean Tucker: The Bully 2 The books had some fictional/supernatural parts. Additionally, the authors writing style is intriguing. At the end of both books, you will think Tucker was more bae than a bully.

Tiye Love delivered some unforgettable books with Unforgettable Kiss and Unforgettable Man as part of the Unforgettable Series. Sis, you will be hard-pressed to forget either of these books

Nia Forrester is a regular on my lists, with ripped from the headlines stories this past year. After The Fire (The Shorts Book 10) Whew! Not That Kind of Girl (The Shorts Book 8), and The Resistance: A Love Story (The Shorts Book 9). Riveting reads.

Christina C. Jones delivered again this year. Close Contact, Controlled Chaos, and Collision Course, part of The Clark Brothers Series, Behind the Scenes, and Me + Somebody’s Son: A Heights Story. Each story was terrific with all stories were centered on the fictitious towns we have come to love.

Love Belvin once again gave readers something to think about with My Muted Love Book 1 of Muted Hopelessness Series and Our Muted Recklessness: Muted Hopelessness Book 2. The third installment will be available by the time you get through some of this list.

Chelle Ramsey presented to readers Don’t Let Go and Shameless Affair; both stories had a friendly vibe.

DL White’s The Never List was one of the cutest, funniest, and most delightful stories I have read by this author.

Sharon C. Cooper is the go-to for great romantic suspense and a collaboration guru. She delivered a powder-keg love story with Show Me (Irresistible Husband). Additionally, More Than Love (Jenkins Family and Friends Novella Book 3)– a softer side romance.

Delaney Diamond is a great collaborator and a win for readers. Love Me (Irresistible Husband) was an excellent love series about finding Mr. Right. Seasoned, this story was a perfect way to let young’un know about love from a seasoned point of view.

Candace Shaw’s Then There was You (Precious Moments Book 3), Shaw offered a reason to love-love with her novels.

Sheryl ListerDo Me (Irresistible Husband Series) was another great addition to The Irresistible Husband Series. Also, try Love’s Sweet Kiss (Sassy Seasoned Sisters Book 1). Good stuff here.

Farrah Rochon, Ms. Rochon never fails to give readers a top-notched read with The Boyfriend Project. The story is purely magical, and great things are coming with this novel. Wait and see.

Anything For you: An Intro Collection is four books by Aja in one place. Deep in My Soul (Soulmates Book 2)okay, ladies, a man with an accent…I will leave it there.

Roy Glenn wrote about three deadly sins in the Deadly Sins Series, Greed Book 1, Lust Book 2, and Wrath Book 3. Discover how powerful forces can change a person’s point of view.

Danielle Allen’s Truth or Dare, this story is likely her most daring story this year. The game had nothing on this one.

Tina MartinWhen I Needed You and When You Needed Me (An Unlikely Love Book 1 &2). Tina put her foot in those two. Trust and believe.

Chelsea Marie’s More Than You’ll Ever Know is a great story if you are looking for chemistry, drama, and several laughs. * The story had a few dark moments *triggers* and it was still a great read.

Reese RyanA Reunion of Rivals (The Bourbon Brothers Book 4), the latest brother was back with a vengeance to claim the woman he loved.

A. Marie Johnson, In Love’s Name, was a great story released on my born day. It was a nice, sweet treat- Happy Day to me.

Kema B’sHeatwaves and Heatstrokes: A Summer Fling Novella, man oh man both novellas had me looking in the bushes for both beautiful men with my flashlight. Whew!

Alexandria House always delivers a sexy, saucy story. She came with the heat when she dropped Jah: Them Boys Book 2 and Shu: A Novella (Them Boys Book 3). All three novellas are sexy, sex, and sexy must-reads.

Alexandra Warren’sOops!and then Whoa: An Oops Spinoff Novella and finally, On the Rebound. All three are one-click stories.

Te’Russ, Birthday Sex-A Sexy Short and Seduced by a Knight (A Wild Knights Book 3) are both good reads. And, for the record, the Knight series is a treasure.

Kay Shanee’s Roll Bounce Love took me back to my teenage years at the skating rink. It was great to reminisce with this sweet love story as the facilitator.

Tucora Monique- The Restoration of  Love this book was good and it has a fabulous retro cover.

Kianna AlexanderThe Wedding Secret was a nice sweet story, perfect for a quick read.

Donna Hill– My pen boo continues to do her thing (since the 80s)-Confessions in B-Flat – a great find to add treasured reads by one of the industry pioneers.

Bree WrightThe Best Woman and Friend of Mine were just a few of the beautiful stories told by this author.

Nicole FallsSome authors have a knack for giving readers ‘the story,’ and collaboration. Bounce Back Book 4: Nymphs and Trojans (collaboration with Alexandra Warren) returned, and Falls also has us  Release Some Tension.

Monica WaltersIf you are looking for a steamy read with a great story, try Fall Knee-Deep In It, You Belong to Me, and Marry Me Twice.


Sherelle Green’s Carters Undoing (To Mary a Madden Book 4) Wow! this story was on my books to read more than once in a few successions.

 A.C. Arthur– The Donavan’s are dope. Roark: The Donovan Dynasty Book 2 was like watching an old television show back in the 80s with the same likeness.

L.S. Bergman– I read this author’s work with a fake French Caribbean accent. Love Notes helped make the dream a reality with this sweetly sexy tale. Before You Go arrived in time for Christmas joy.

BriAnn Danae– is one of my go-to Urban romance authors. The Interlude was short, and goodness wrapped together.

D. Rose– The story, Share My World, is a second chance story, and it’s one of my favorite tropes to read. D. Rose hit it out of the park. 

Sabrina B. ScalesQuarantined: A Collection of Shorts was so good. It was steamy, sexy, and gave me all the feel, okay!

Danisha Little- This author knows how to tell a great story. Getting Even showed her magnificent pen skills to the max.

Bailey West– Because she writes the best books, I want to follow her around like a stalker for her next novel. Loving Man was a gem. (Don’t tell her I was the one in the last booth in October LOL!)

Brookelyn Mosley’s GREED was ‘that’ story for me; it solidified her spot on my list.

Keith Thomas Walker– One of my favorite male authors gave us a romantic drama with Asha and Boom: Part 1 and Part 2. The stories were vintage KTW at his finest.

Jacinta Howard- The Prototype revisit was phenomenal with The Love Below: A Prototype Series GlimpseDevin + Willow, Bam + Cassie, Travis + Kennedy, and Zay + Jersey, (four book glimpses).

Iris Bolling– The mistress of mystery and sultan of suspense showed out with the Heart Series conclusion. Hearts United The Re-Election. The story was the final installment in the Heart Series- the next generation is on tap.

Millie Belizaire burst on the scene with a flourish and continues to wow readers. fast absolutely blew me away! 

A.C. Taylor’s Give Me You from the Love Me Right Series was so good–you have to read it! 

Collaborations were the ticket in 2020, Loves False Start: The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 6 by Diana W. was her addition to The Luminous Cruise Chronicles series and I loved it. 

Love For Lease: Heart of a Jameson Book 1 and No Greater Love; Heart of a Jameson Book 2, by Danielle Burton were both great.

JL Campbell- The series was complete with this story. The Pain of Things: In Medias Res Book 3, it was worth the wait.

The Way You Tempt Me (Pure Talent Book 1) by Elle Wright was the book this year.

I’ll say it again, this year’s collaborations gave readers joy, Concrete Island: Carnivale Chronicles by Anita Davis was a cool story. It was also part of the Carnivale Chronicles series. 

J. Nichole- A promise is a promise, try, Promise Spoken (The Dupree Boys Book 1) and Promise Made (The Dupree Boys Book 2) for a good time.

Give me a second chance love story, and I am in heaven. Second Chance at Love: Love Conquers All Series Book 4 by Suzette Riddick was a great choice.

Joy Avery’s Hollidae Fling was a perfect love story for the season to remember the reason.

The Pattels are ruthless in everything they do, including relationships. The Pattels 2: Lorenzo and CeeCee, by SK Hardy will make you happy this was just a novel. Part Three is coming soon.

I always appreciate an excellent romantic suspense tale. May I suggest, Could’ve Been (A Distant Lover’s Novelette by Michelle Mitchell. 

If you are looking for a book with attitude, then FYI, I Cheat Back by B.M. Hardin is it! She showed him better.

Grey Huffington– Vintage Grey tales to try, muse, softly, and 10,000 hours. Three uniquely different love stories told with a kind voice.

B. Love aka The Prolific Pen Pusher and publisher offered Set Up For Love, and it hit the mark head-on.

Genesis Woods– Lessons about love should be easy, right? Love Hurts: Lessons in Love Series, Love Prayers: Lessons in Love Book 2, and Selfish about you: Lessons in Love Book 3. The three books proved I could be wrong.

Tay MonaeHe Ain’t Your Ordinary Bae–this story was terrific.

 Aubree Pynn gave us a fresh vibe when she wrote Olive and Oak: A Ganton Hills Short, Red: A Ganton Hills Novella, and Purple: A Ganton Hills Novella.

Go Deep by  Rilzy Adams…the title alone was worth the chance to read; the story is a winner.

It is a treat when newer authors continue to impress with new vibrant stories. Waiting Game: High Stakes Love Book 1 by Harleigh Rae was a good quick read.

A.S. WilsonLove From Beyond: A Novella, the title was the draw, and the story delivered a message I could feel.

Christmas Without You by Celeste Granger reminded readers it is better to be with the one you love any time of the year, especially during Christmas.

ShanicexLola took over my Kindle one day and never let it go. Sweet Indiscretions, Impassioned Intentions, and Come Inside: A Risqué novella all were great books.

Skye Moon’s name is super cute, and her books are spot on reads, Ember: A BHFP Novella (Brighton Heights Book 1), Ignited: A BHFD Novella BH (Brighton Heights Book 2), and ten/twenty: A BHPD Novella BH (Brighton Heights Book 3). The books are about a town’s fire department and the love connections that follow.

Stephanie Nicole Norris– If you are looking for a book maven, this author has you in spades-The Lunch Break Series Collection Books 1-6 will have you covered.

The Restoration of Healing, Your Love is my Lifeline: A Novella and Tonight We Love by Britt Joni were all exceptional reads.

Asia Monique wrote the Flower Sisters Series, and they were all amazing, additionally Love & Law: a standalone novel started another great series.

Che Moon– is another new author to check out. Unforeseen Haze was a fantastic romance tale.

K.C. Mills– A new beginning for this author with a brand-new catalog, Unexpected Expectations (Luke Brothers Book 1), Unexpected Second Chances (Luke Brothers Book 2), and Unexpected Challenges (Luke Brothers Book 3).

Bella Jay is another new to me author and collaborates really well. You definitely have to read Nobody But You and Nobody But You 2, trust me it’s good. She collaborated with author Skye Moon on this project. 

Love & Lyrics: A Professor Student Romance Novella (Passionate Professors Book 1) by Louise Lennox (another new to me author) is super cool. The title should give you hints about the storyline.

J. Chary is a slightly newer author, and I am enjoying her writing immensely. Breathe Again, When Love Calls and Please Me (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 4), each book was good to the last drop.

Cherish Amore- A Rose for Two and Hearts in a Distance were both unforgettable love stories that quenched my sappy desires.

A Rose for Two by Cherish Amore

I Was Done With Love by Antoinette Sherell was my first by this author, and it was lovely.

Ain’t None of Your Friends Business (A Saint Mountains Love Story Book 1) by DeAnn was simply the truth! 

Endiya CarterTime Shared (Kennedy Sisters Novel Book 1) The story is a May-December kind of love story. It was cool for me since I do not have problems with adults-age-gap issues.

Mel Dau- Love Untainted (Love Series Book 1) This is a new to me author…she is definitely one to watch in 2021. 

The Love She Deserves by Kelsey Blue is an anthem for women to love themselves and their curvy bodies.

Kris Lashay is another one who is making waves–Notorious (You Belong to Me Book 1) was intense and held my interest.

Because of You: A Novella by C. Monet is a short, sweet banging story.

Dandridge Monroe- In the Midst of Chaos, My oh my, this was a good story and well-written.

Renee` A. Moses– The author dares to tell this story well. The Cost of Loving You (The Harris Sisters Book 1). You will need to read books two and three as well.

Leila E. Hart has two books so far, and I enjoyed both. Misconceptions and Love on the Run, give them both a try.

I adore Sean D, Young’s writing and In Name Only (The Love Connection Book 1) was yet another treasure.

A male’s point of view is needed and I really liked Keith Kareem Williams, Hurricane Love: CARNIVALE CHRONICLES. The story was part of the 19-book Carnivale series.

Cassandra B is a collaboration partner and tells a nice story with Concourse D with Love and Summer Love were good love stories.

Stay a Little Longer by Shay Davis tells a lovely tale about a couple finding love in unexpected places.

M.T. DixonHeavy Hearts, this story is aptly named. But you will enjoy the happy ending. And be sure to try a few books by this author and thank me later.

Honesty PriceLove Lessons (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 7) and Writer’s Block, both books were outstanding and dramatically different. You will enjoy them both.

Whew! The End. 
Sistah Girls, this was my most progressive list to date. COVID-19 allowed many of us time to read and enjoy more books this year. I wanted to bless you all with a larger and broader list this time. Let us go into the New Year with a focus on being better at whatever we choose!

Stay Blessed!

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