Black Romance Novels You Must Read

Black romance is my genre of choice, I’ve been in my woman cave trying to find some new black romance novels to share with the readers of the Sistah Girls Book Club. Lately, I’ve looked for something new to read, and I found some good books to share–here’s my list of new or nearly new authors you should try. Get ready to one-click!

D. Rose is one to watch! Her books are making the rounds in the book world, and she was recently nominated for being a great new author. Try her latest novel Brown Sugar and enjoy a tasty treat.

Danesha Little is another one to check out. Unapologetically Me was an out of the park hit. The story hit all the bases and then brought the story back for another ovation. Remember her name, I see BIG (pun intended) things happening for Ms. Little.

Renee A. Moses is hands down my newest author bae. Her latest novel Straightaway: No More Turns Left was a masterpiece ending to the Turns Series. Check out the series to be able to enjoy the magic of her mind. Two Lefts, One Right: The Wrong and Making a Hard Right: The Cons Renee A. Moses

Danielle Burton’s newest book is the conclusion to the College Daze series. What the Heart Wants is book 4. Don’t let the college fool you, you all know what you did in college, so stop playing and try this author’s works. I hear she’s working on some fabulous new materials. Stay tuned.

Tza Seshat, her first book Yours Truly is a truly tight story. The storyline was great, and the character’s super cool names helped to magnify the tale.

Bella Jay has written four books to date. Her newest addition, A Real Kind of Love, was an excellent addition to her collection. I like the way new authors are thinking outside the box with their character names.

J. Bliss’ latest series is dope! Last Chance is third in the Taking Chances Series. The first book, Not By Chance ended and the second Taking Chances picks up where the earlier left readers. The installments aren’t super long, so give them a try.

J Bliss

A.V. Cooper’s Double Chocolate was a sweet treat. I almost needed to see the dentist after reading about this young lady and the chocolatey goodness vying for her hand. Feel free to give the heroine a break for a minute, because the real chocolate man will make it all better.

Black in Blue by Nyree Ausler, the title was a hint about the story’s content. A black police officer in the middle of a firestorm- In the end, he was able to rise like a Phoenix from the depths of the hell and dramatics he found himself enthralled. The story was magnificent. Other books by this author: Retribution-What Goes Around, Retribution Comes Around, and Retribution Full Circle.

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