Three Black Romance Authors You Should Check Out!

I hope you all remember some of the names from the list from 2018. If not, it’s okay; you’ll learn to listen to good advice one day. Although the three authors in this review may not be from the previous lists of authors, I wanted to share my thoughts on their latest books.

These newbies, you guys need to check out. And a little housekeeping: I know I read a lot, and it’s impossible to read every one. So, if you want us to know about and read your book hit us. Capecchi?

Author Kay Shanee

did the unthinkable with her debut novel, Love Hate and Everything in Between: A Collection of Seven Short Stories.

She gave readers the best kind of short story without an ounce of fear because she knew the writing would make us come back for each full story. The move was bold and brilliant, and I’ll admit, I’ve stuck around for the ride. “My Homie’s Girl” started the intrigue with a guy treating his lady like trash to end up in a dumpster for his actions. Yay!

“Things Aren’t Always as They Seem,” was just that, a misdirection about the facts. “Love Doesn’t Hurt” is already a full-length story, and the title speaks for itself. “Trapped,” tells a story of a woman and man on two different pages after their two-year no-commitment relationship, and the guy caught feelings.

“Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” now this story gave me an uneasy feeling for some reason. The younger man. You’ll see. This one also released as a full-length story; I’m about to check it out. “Time Table,” this tale had me in my feelings for a different reason.

A new couple received some news they did not expect. I can’t wait to read this full length one too. The way each story ended had enough going for it to make you want to stay. The writing is worth the time, the content in each undertaking makes the story a breeze. You heard it here!

Rilzy Adams

is another newbie one to watch. Just One More Time was my fourth book by this author, with each story giving off a different vibe. Not being a fan of cookie-cutter romance novels, this bodes well for this writer and specifically her style and story presentation.

The second chance story displayed good-story goosebumps goodness. The couple in this story used to be in love, some stuff happened, and then they met again. They deserved One More Time to love again.

Monica Walters,

8 Seconds to Love was not the story I expected when I read the synopsis. Because I have Texas friends, and I was aware black cowboys existed; I still wasn’t prepared.

Naturally, if you told me I would enjoy a romance story about a bull rider who bedded/saddled-up anything with a cookie, I would’ve laughed out loud. But hear me out, 8 Seconds not only explained the time criteria the bull rider had to meet, as well as the time he spent before he mounted the saddle.

The prayer part and finding love part added to the uniqueness of this story. The romantic piece spread like the measles in a kiddie classroom, and the story drew me into the center of the drama up close and personal. Although the author has more than ten books in her repertoire, she’s new to me with four books under my belt so far. Give this author a try if you haven’t already.

Sistah’s once again, I hope you enjoyed these tidbits of reader wisdom. Until next time!

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