Black Romance books I read in 2018 that are coming with me into 2019

2019 is off to a great start, I met my 2018 reading goals, (500 books read in 2018–all genres) and I’m setting the bar even higher this year. While we are creating listicles of books that we loved in 2018 I thought I’d share some of the books I enjoyed that would totally help jumpstart your reading goals for 2019.

When I read a book, I like to imagine being a part of the story if it’s an adventure, suspense or crime story. It’s cool to try and figure out the culprit in the story. In a romance, I want to be the lady getting all his good loving. In urban literature, it’s so cool to see the regional dialogue from across the US and try to connect with the story and the characters.

I’ll begin with my tried and true, ultimate go to authors and then give you some names I was impressed with their works.

Christina C. Jones is always on my list. She gave us a follow-up to Ante Up with King of Hearts, Deuces Wild, and then she partnered with Love Belvin to bring us another Connecticut Kings story with Pass Interference. She also gave us Inevitable Addiction, A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement a super sexy story, and The Culmination of Everything. Each book was worth its weight in Gold.

Another tried and true author- Love Belvin. She gave us an Ineligible Receiver, The Rhyme of Love, and He Who Is A Friend, and she delivers quite a story with each book.

Alexandra Warren did her thing with her sports-related stories, The Games We Play, Wins and Losses, and then she gave us Building 402 Novella: Adjacent, Replacement, and just before the ball dropped she released her novella series, A Tale of Two Cities.

Alexandria House brought down the house with the McClain Brother’s series, with each story more riveting than the next. Let Me Love YouLet Me Hold YouLet Me Show You, and Let Me Free You. You all better watch this author, she is on the move.

Sabrina B. Scales is another must-follow-author. She gave us Petals, How to Love, and Naughty, an erotic novella. I don’t need to remind you all; this author is also one of the faves.

Emotional stories filled a lot of my reading this year. Bailey West series, Serving Time and Free Indeed was well-written and an emotionally amazing story.  Every Kind of Way by A. Jones and Guarding His Heart by Synithia Williams, also served as emotional reading materials.

Several politically or socially motivated stories brought my attention to our current climate. Campaign for His Heart by Joy Avery was a good read.

Danielle Allen gave us two very emotionally charged stories with Sweatpants Season and Cuffing Season.

The Color Spectrum Ivory and Ebony’s stories by Sabrina B. Scales and Chencia C. Higgins reminded readers of times that should have passed in race relations in the African American household. Somehow, these views still linger in family dynamics.

Ashley Nicole’s series Studio Session and Director’s Cut was fabulous. Blessed by Malakai by Sherrell Green, this story had readers needing to read the story for a clearer image of his blessing.

Billionaire Books, yeah, I know. You will have to trust me on this one. Falling for a Black Billionaire books one and two by Bianca and Billionaire’s Legacy by Reese Ryan. These were all very good books.

Unconventionally told love stories were plentiful; I Get Lost in Your Love by Deshon Dreamz, Pursuing the Plug, Mercy B. Regal and Romulus by Tina Martin were both good reads. Atypical by Shanicexlola, this story was ultra-unique. Forward Pass by Nikki Blaire, Road to Love by Nicole Falls, Sweetest Revenge and Redemption by Grey Huffington, More Than Enough by Bria Felicien, all were excellent stories.

Medical, Legal and Service related books also made the cut. Vigilant Love by Te` Russ, Vindicated, Indebted, and Accused by Sharon C Cooper, this was the perfect special forces, police drama, and a love story. Love and Testimony by Alana K, a first-time author.

Second chance love stories always warm my heart. Reclaiming Her Heart: A Second Chance Novella by Cheris Hodges. Four: Stories of Marriage by Nia Forrester, simply amazing.

Middle-aged couples but not ancient stories caught my eye as well. Hubby and I can relate to the couples. These books were super dope. Calling Malcolm Black: Introducing Jeremy Felipe, Confession of a Love Addict, and She Paid her Dues, all by Angelia Vernon Menchan.

Traditional Love Stories, Cherish Me, by Farrah Rochon, Why Don’t We Fall in Love? by Chelsea Marie, The Secrets We Keep books one & two by Britt Joni, When I’m with You, by Donna Hill, my old school girl crush author.

No Holds Barred by Stephanie Nicole Norris, Everything I Need by A.C. Taylor, Agave by TruFiyah. I’ll Be Bad For You, and In Due Time by B. Love. Loving Gio by L.S. Bergman, The Sweetest Thing by Sam J. Words Unspoken by Tamja Brown, and Feud by Phyllis Bourne.

A suspense/mystery romance novel is my all-time favorite genre. How to Kill Your Husband by Keith Thomas Walker… wow, this was fire! The Pattels: Hawk and Raven’s story by SK. Hardy. The Heart Always Wins (The Heart Series) by Iris Bolling. Kissing Strangers Tainted Love by Michelle Mitchell.

The collaborations books also made me happy. The Pursuit with Aja and Roy Glenn, Threesome by Keith Thomas Walker and Brian W. Smith. Am I Good Enough To Love? BriAnn Danae and Dominique Thomas. Those are just a small number of collaborations in my library.

I added these books just because I wanted to: Becoming by Michelle Obama, and Why Your Man Looks Better Than You by Phyllis Bourne. Both gave good advice if you can get out of your head.

It was an adventure getting to know many of these wonderful authors through their powerful words. Enjoy!

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