The Black Effect Series by Charae Lewis

Sis, let me start off by saying this series took me for a ride, once I realized the main characters Amai and Nadir were part of a polygamous lifestyle I was giving it the side-eye.

The question I kept asking myself: How will I enjoy a book if I don’t agree with the lifestyle? And then I got off my high horse, the lifestyle wasn’t for me to agree or disagree with because I’m not God or a judge. Once I threw my preconceived notions out, I was able to enjoy the story and see the characters as people trying to mature and love while going through some drama.

Here are five reasons why you should definitely read The Black Effect series…

 A polygamous marriage…

When I first started reading this series I really didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I said I was going to keep an open mind. Once Nadir stated the reason he had three wives, I was like, “I can totally see myself with three husbands. One will be young for stamina and fun, one will be a sugar daddy and father my kids, and the last one will be my age because we are millennials so we will always vibe,” lmao.

But seriously, I never thought deeply about a polygamous marriage, and while that lifestyle isn’t for me, the series did move me past the, “I could never!” stage and become open to reading about a different type of relationship that includes love.

You won’t see that coming…

I’m literally the reader who tries to predict how the storyline will flow once I’m knee-deep in a book, but babayyyy when I opened that second book, I WAS NOT READY!

Everything that went down in The Black Effect 2 had me screaming! The moment the story opens it picks up right where part one leaves off and I was here for it!

You will want to fight everyone!

Almost every character in this series you will want to lay hands on! The ONLY person I never wanted to bop upside the head was my good unproblematic sis Raye.

I wanted to fight Nadir on more than five occasions, Amai’s parents *sigh* more specifically her mother. Every single time I thought Amai’s mother couldn’t get any worse she up the ante. Then there was Nadir’s mother *double sigh* it’s one thing to have an issue with your in-laws but this heffa went to new heights to be the mother-in-law from hell.

Canton and Jaide…hit boffum at the same damn time. Canton for lying until he couldn’t lie anymore and Jaide for being Jaide. I even wanted to bop Amai upside her head, (you really thought Canton wasn’t lying)?

You won’t know who to root for…

At the beginning of the series, I wasn’t rooting for anyone, but once all hell broke loose I didn’t want Amai to end up with Nadir. I knowwww, who doesn’t want a hero and heroine to end up together and ride off into the sunset?

Midway through the series, I found myself wanting Amai to end up with Canton. For some reason, their chemistry and heartbreaks worked and I began rooting for them. I was over Nadir’s controlling ass and his messy second wife Jaide. It seemed as though Amai had finally begun to grow up and move on, and I wasn’t mad that Canton was sticking around (even though he was shady as hell).

But wait! I didn’t want Nadir to end up alone, I wanted him to kick Jaide’s ass to the curb and settle down with our unproblematic queen Raye. As I kept reading, I threw up my hands because I didn’t know who to root for anymore, everyone started moving differently (except for Raye) and it became apparent that this was not going to end how I thought it would.


When I read a novel with complex characters I always want to see some form of change. It can be subtle or grand but there needs to be some type of growth that happens with the characters.

At the beginning of the series, Amai is immature, Nadir was too controlling and selfish. As the story progresses they learn from their mistakes and you can see the characters change.

Charae did a good job showcasing where the characters started mentally and where they end up once the series is done.

Sis, give this series a try…

Yes, the storyline may cause you to raise your eyebrows but *elevate your mind Smokey.* Once you start reading you will forget that you gave the side-eye to a polygamous relationship. You end up following the characters and their journey, and it will become less about polygamy and more about a love story.




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