While you’re sitting at home waiting for the quarantines to lift the nation from this disaster, here’s a series of books that will help you get through.

Some are super sexy, a few of the books will have you in an emotional quagmire, and then there are a few that will have you shouting and hollering.  And since we don’t know when COVID 19 will release us from its clutches, the series on this list will take some up some of your time.  

Disasters in Dating Series by Danielle Allen

 Disasters in Dating, Brink of Disaster: That One, and Brink of Disaster: This One. The books were realistic and had me laughing and taking notes for a friend.

The Fold Series by Sabrina Scales 

Sabrina B. Scales keeps delivering some of the best books to read and cherish. The Fold is a three-book series: Thou Shall Not Run, Thou Shall Not Hide, and Thou Shall Not Fear.

The stories had a spiritual part and a sexy side. Only this author writes a story with both points of view and not feel the need to duck a lightning bolt from Him.

The Valentine Law Series by Bailey West 

The Valentine Law is a four-book series: Serving Time, Free Indeed, Trusting The Process, and Depth of Love. Whew! Sistah Girls, the Valentine men cause my heart to skip a beat a few times. You all might need to get the defibrillator ready (AED).

Unapologetically Me Series by Danesha Little 

Danesha Little is a new author that came out swinging, her debut novel Unapologetically Me was a home run out of the gates. A Silence Gift follows and What’s Best For Me is the final installment.  While you’re checking her lists of books, Rookie Mistakes is a sports-related story, with the same vigor as the other three books, and the story is sexy and cool.

The Holliday Sister’s Series by Nicole Falls 

The Holliday Sister’s series is a four-book series. Each installment takes on a significant season with a sister to match each story. The novelettes should get you ready for anything in the coming weeks.

The Serendipitous Love Series by Christina C. Jones

The Serendipitous Love Series by Christina C. Jones is a six-book series with some excellent stories and characters. Book one features Roman and Simone in A Crazy Little Thing Called Love; this book started the fantastic series.

In Didn’t Mean to Love You, the story featured to die for Carter and his chocolate goddess, Vivienne. In Fall in Love Again with-Charlie and Nixon always cooking up good-good at Pot Liquor. The Way Love Goes features Fallon and Sean, and in book five, Love You Forever with Sydnee showcased my Harlan with the sexy accent. Lastly, book six Something Like Love features my favorite colorful couple–Eddie and Astrid.

I hope this list will lift your spirits and bring you joy. Please, stay safe, stay at home, and stay tuned for more fabulous books!

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