Sistah Girls, before you hang up that beach towel and break out those Fall sweaters there is still some summer left. Check out these romance stories and closeout summer the right way. 

D. Rose is quickly becoming a force to reckon with her writing prowess. So, you will need to read Share My World: a second chance romance, one of her newer releases.

The story was about Kaeli and Xander’s summer romance reconnection after being apart for several years.

The couple had a little thing, neither forgot from their youthful days. It was amazing to see them fall back in love once again. I love a big family, and this story had an abundance of family and friends you could borrow a few and still have a slew leftover. Little children are my weakness; this little kid Kennedi stole my heart.

After you finish drooling over the first couple, you have to read Marry Me Twice by Monica Walters. Sistah Girls, you will need a bib while you read this story and a towel to sop up the moisture. The story was about a wealthy man asking a woman he adored from afar for her hand in marriage to claim his fortune. And then the fake marriage became real for both.

Haji was a hottie for real, and a man about his business. The way he would not allow Chinara to dismiss him without a challenge was fun to watch. And the way this man loved this woman was smoking hot!

After that, you will need to read with caution in mind, and a rowdy spirit–The Professor by Marie Q. Francois is a short, quirky, sexy story about a college professor that all his students want to F**k. The story goes by quickly, but it was worth the time it took to read about his sexual prowess.

And while you are in the mood for love, try Me + Somebody’s Son: A Heights Story by Christina C. Jones. The title gives you an idea; the story Is about a neighborhood in Mahogany Heights penned by Mrs. Jones about somebody’s son and daughter.

The story was a fun read about Haven and August, with the roles not being the typical way readers envision love and leave them characters.

Haven was all about her needs, and August was not going out like a punk. If you do not know about a powerhouse writer, you better ask somebody!

Then to get you all in your feelings, you have to read Egypt’s Blessing by Cherish Amore; I promise you a few emotional moments with this couple, and Egypt’s daughter Em…you will need some tissues.

Blessing tested Egypt’s patience at every turn with her unwillingness to cooperate with his routine wishes. He understood her angst and, therefore, endeared himself in the story and his emotional intelligence soared. His compassion radiated towards Blessing with each new chapter. I am about to investigate her catalogs for something new.


And finally, for a good laugh, some brotherly love, and a sweet sexy story, you will need to check out No Greater Love (Heart of a Jameson Book 2) by Danielle Burton.

In this story, Willow left a fuckboy and found a real man in one of the rich Jameson men. Hunter Jameson played the saxophone at his Jazz club- his namesake, where he met Willow. When they met, she was fresh out of a long relationship, and Hunter was dodging commitment.

They initially agreed to be friends; however, that failed because their love roared, held tight, and would not let them go. You will enjoy this Jameson’s brothers’ tale. The end of story drama, whew! I was worried, but the conclusion was sensational.

Now that I gave you some materials to whet your appetite, you should be okay for a beautiful long tale, a medium read, or a few short snippets. Until next time, I’m out!

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