Nicole Falls is a black contemporary romance author or as she puts it, “Author of Negro-nosed romance.”

In this very candid interview, I got a chance to peek into her personal life, and talk about her new life as an independent author. I was surprised to find that she works full-time, attends school, has a social life, and somehow managed to find the time to write not one but two novellas, “Adore You” and “Smitten.”

Every author becomes an author for different reasons, what I always want to know is what gave them the courage to hit the publish button? And then to do it as an independent author–that’s a whole other battle in itself.

Nicole not only answered that question she also delved into why she writes black contemporary romance. Her answer was quite surprising. Usually, when I ask an author this question the answer is, “Because of the lack of representation of black romance in mainstream publishing.”

And while that is perfectly fine (and I applaud authors for filling the gap) I always wondered where were the authors who just wanted to tell a good story?

Don’t get me wrong I love a deep answer but sometimes I’m just looking for less of, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,” and more of because I wanted to.

Nicole Falls writes because she can, she uses her voice because she can, and she understands that her voice does fill a huge gap that is seldom celebrated–but often duplicated.

Check out my interview with Nicole Falls below and be sure to comment!

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