Hey Sis!  I have been reading a lot and arguing with some of my book baes about characters and authors. I’m getting upset waiting on sequels and wondering about authors who seem to have dropped off the face of the earth.

My BFF (who only reads Deepak Chopra 🙄) looks at me often like I am crazy. I keep telling her that I am not the only one that gets in my feelings when I’m reading my favorite genre…Black Romance.

I always argue that there are thousands of people who are just like me. Her response is always, “none of this is real.”  So I created a test to see if I may need some help. Give yourself 10 points for every “yes” answer. Have fun!

You Might Be A Black Romance Book Junkie If…

  1. You actually think you know your favorite authors personally when in reality you have never met them.
  2. You have cried real tears while reading a Black romance novel.
  3. You have gotten into an argument with someone about the storyline in a book.
  4. You have actually corrected the author about details in THEIR book!
  5. When there are tons of characters (like in a series), you make your own organization chart just to keep the characters straight.
  6. You have had dreams about the book.
  7. You have read your kindle during church, traffic, work, or zoom session.
  8. Your blood pressure elevates when you can’t find your kindle or book.
  9. When you find out that a major storm is coming, you make sure your kindle is charged above anything else.
  10. You have re-read books multiple times.
  11. You are in >10 book groups on social media and are considered a “top fan.”
  12. You have to charge your device more than once per day.
  13. You have gotten mad or even boycotted an author because the story didn’t go your way.
  14. You wait for an entire series to be published because you just can’t take the waiting.
  15. You worry about authors you haven’t seen in a while and stalk their social media pages to make sure they are okay.
  16. You never leave home without your book or device.

Okay, Sis, The Results Are In

150 – 160: Sis, I want you to know that the characters aren’t real. But on the low, sis you doing a good job, you love you some Black romance. You sis are a certified Black romance book junkie!

120 – 140: Sis, you know your Black romance, and you never leave home without a book. I see you, sis! You sis are a certified Black romance book junkie!

90 – 110: You know your Black romance sis, but you also know that you need to binge-watch your favorite show too. I wouldn’t call you a Black romance book junkie but you be doing gateway drugs lol.

< 90: Sis, you read Black romance, but you also take breaks. You have balance, but who really needs that anyway lol. You go to the parties and watch everyone else. Keep reading, you’ll be a Black romance book junkie in no time.

I scored a 130! Sis, how did you do? Drop your score in the comments section below!

~Blissful Bookworm



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