A Brooks’ Thanksgiving by Iris Bolling

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for 2020 to end already!  We can all agree that it’s been one thing after another.  It’s going to be hard to social distance during the holidays, but sis, we gotta stay safe.

So if you’re looking for something to read during the holidays, you’ll enjoy reading A Brooks’ Thanksgiving by Iris Bolling. Published in 2018, it’s still a reread for me.

Whether it’ll be your first time or not, you’re in for a treat. It’s that good.

If You Love Weddings

Well, there’s a wedding. This novel centers around the marriage of Vernon Brooks and Rene Naverone. These two characters have been in previous Iris Bolling books and they are finally getting married!

The wedding is unlike anything you’ll ever read. Think different, beautiful, but definitely not traditional.  Think candles and catsuits…yeah. #SLAY


Let’s see: There are two fights, a mystery solved, a birth, a pregnancy reveal, and even an overdue paternity test…all in one book!  All of this will make you forget you are quarantined!

Boo’d Up

Everybody is practically boo’d up, which makes for lots of um…affection! The Iris Bolling universe is full of memorable couples that we all love.

There is James and Ashley, Jason and Taylor, Kiki and Ty, Bobby and Patrice, Nicholas and Ericka, Nicole and Xavier, and even Avery and Gwen (the patriarch and matriarch of the family).  One of these couples won’t make it, but you’ll have to read it to find out which one.

Thanksgiving Dinner

So if your family is like mine, there’s nothing like an infamous quote while everyone is eating. You know when a family member or guest says something and the room goes quiet?

James Jr. is smitten with Princess Zsa Zsa and plans to marry her one day, but he hasn’t exactly asked her…he just assumes it will happen. His little brother lets the cat out of the bag and everyone gasps and starts talking at once.  So Zsa Zsa stands and here is an excerpt of what she says…

“I have spent my entire life with men making decisions for me. I am not a nitwit. I am a very intelligent woman who is capable of speaking on my own behalf and making life changing decisions…As for you, James. You have indeed stolen my heart. 

However, I do not recall discussing marriage at any time. I am too young and have things I wish to do with my life. If I do wish to marry at some point in my life, who is to say it will be to you?”  Drops mic!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Blissful Bookworm



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