Have you ever felt like a book was good but because you weren’t in the mood to read it, it didn’t fill you up?

Well, I am a moody reader and I know that sometimes I need a book for the exact mood I’m in so I can enjoy the authors work.

This time I’m sharing my list of books to read for different moods. Disclaimer: I might’ve not mentioned one of your faves. Still… give it a try.

When I am happy, I want to read about something to keep me in that mood or to elevate the atmosphere even more. That’s when I choose something like this…

• Phyllis Bourne- A Moment on the Lips
• Christina C. Jones- Getting Schooled
• Chicki Brown- A Woman’s Worth

And times when I’m in the mood for some hot and steamy, I’ll choose one of these authors…

• Tasha L. Harrison- In Her Closet
• Aja- Breaking Her Rules
• Franchette Phal- Lick & Devour (Monster Novelette)

If you want to cuss and scream at the characters, try this list…

• Ivy Symone – The Bed You Made or Stay
• Vivian Rose Lee- In Name Only
• Love Belvin- Love’s Improbable Possibility Books 1-4

These books don’t need a mood, they fit into all of them…

• Danielle Allen- Disasters in Dating
• Synithia Williams- Full Court Seduction
• Pamela Samuels- Every Reasonable Doubt
• Nia Forrester- Coffee Date
• Sharon C Cooper – Reunited Series
• Farah Rochon- Chase Me

Looking for a new author, try this list…

• Chelsea Maria- The Colors We Make
• Michelle Mitchell- Truth Is
• Danielle Burton- Excuse Me, First Love
• Sadeqa Johnson- Love in a Carry-on Bag

I’ll keep the books coming; I’m sure you’ll find a few good reads…

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