Delicious Dinner by Victoria Ann Jenkins

Dinner was great but tonight will be even better he has no idea what’s in store. We have a room at the embassy suite hotel while we were out to dinner, I had a friend set up the room for a night of wild fun.

Being the gentleman that he is he drops me off at the door and parks the car. I have just enough time to get things ready. The room is fabulous rosé petals on the bed and in the tub, candles burning lights dem grown baby-making music in the background.

I slide into some wild but sexy a black and red corset with the nipples exposed nice thong piece fishnet pantie hose fire red six-inch stilettos nothing but full thickness.

I hear him slide the card in the door and there I stand as he walks in I grab his coat and sit him down in the chair so he can look but not touch as Beyoncé “dance for you” plays I will blow his mind with a lap dance as the song ends I’m naked and he is ready we walk over to the tub and as I take his clothes off slowly and we get in the warm water with bubbles and rose petals we take turns washing each other’s body caressing and loving the moment.

The candles in the room turns into massage oil as I’m rubbing his body down with oil I’m kissing his chest and working my way down to his MR were I give him some deep throat action so deep it begins to get real wet and sloppy long deep strokes of passion slurping and sucking what a wet mess I’m making but the moment is worth it.

The room is hot but it’s about to get hotter with some 69 action with my freshly shave plump pussy full of sweet nectar ready to burst he grabs my waist and pulls me on his face spreading this thick ass open he sucks my clit playing with my ring of fire sliding his tongue in and out my pussy slowly and sucking the clit he gives my ass a little nibble it’s a reason why he is my Mr. Candy licker he makes my pussy scream for him especially when he puts his finger deep inside my juice box finding my G spot love it when he finger fucks me and sucks my pussy it’s mind-blowing.

Speaking of blowing 69 takes two people I love the way his dick feels in my throat how deep it goes how full he is. I got his dick in one hand and his balls in my mouth. If it’s not hot already it is about to catch fire because I hear the surprise coming in the door.

This five-foot-five Carmel skin thick in the hips hazel eyes dime come in our heat of the moment she stands in front of me and kisses my lips working her way down my chest sucking on my nipples.

My pussy still needs to be satisfied Ms. Carmel begins sucking his dick, he is so amazed to have two women fuckin him slowly he can barely control his emotions.

My pussy dripping wet and Mr. raising hard he lays me on the bed with my feet over his shoulders he pushes his full size thick long dick in my throbbing sloppy wet tight pussy he begins to grind and stroke hitting my G spot with that curve of his dick sending my love into a different world.

Carmel plays with my nipples and kisses my lips I’m fingering her pussy hitting her G spot she is making my finger so wet I can taste her sweet juices on my finger. I pull her close to come sit on my face so I can ‘taste the sweet Carmel drip yummy the taste of her makes my pussy wet and he fucks me harder and harder.

Switching things up and he wants to sample Carmel fall too so she sits on his face giving him a splash of sweet wetness he sucking on her clit they turn over and she is lying there with her thick thighs wide open while he fingers her ass and eats her pussy feeling a little left out I join in and suck his dick little deep throat action his dick taste so sweet from all the pussy juices.

It feels good going in and out my mouth things are getting wet I start to play with my pussy making it super wet. Then he starts to fuck Carmel from behind while she eating my pussy yummy she is by far one of the best I feel myself about to explode I can’t hold it back anymore I let out a scream of ecstasy and with every throb from my clit I’m bursting sweet juices in her mouth she feels it and begins to suck them down like chocolate milk.

He must be hitting her spot cause shortly after she begins to shake and bust all on his dick cream wetness saturates his dick have it shining like leather he beings to scream out we know it’s time for the big finish he pulls out and as me and Carmel are kissing he bust all in our mouth letting us get a mouth full and as he is squirting it in my mouth I’m sucking his cum in and out my mouth spitting in back and forth on his dick suck it slowly as he finishes he grabs my head and rough neck it in and out deep in my throat.

When he is finished Carmel kisses me and cleans up the leftovers…

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