Michelle Obama has had huge success with the release of her memoir Becoming, according to Penguin Random House the book has sold more than 2 million units in all formats and editions in the U.S. and Canada during the first 15 days of its publication.

With that being said Michelle is living her absolute best literary life right now. If you’re part of a book club, girl gang, or simply scrolled down your timeline on Instagram you’d notice that everyone who is anyone has the book and is giving it rave reviews.

I love Auntie Michelle and I was thankful that she let us into her personal life but there were still a few questions I wished she would have answered…here are 10 of them.

*Disclaimer: Saying this with love, this post is meant to be fun, if you don’t have a sense of humor–leave now.* 

What kind of hair products does Michelle use?

Every single picture that I’ve seen of our forever first lady her hair is on point. I need to know, what is her daily hair maintenance routine and can I purchase it in bulk?

What are Michelle’s workout routines and eating habits?

Sis, give up the workout regimen because I’m trying to get half the body Michelle has in 2019. I feel like her workout routine and eating habits are probably somewhere in between Angela Bassett and Tina Turner.

Y’all remember when Angela broke down her eating habits and we all copied them into our notes app on our phones and didn’t look at it ever again–yeah that one.

Does Michelle like Sugar or Salt & Pepper on her grits?

Speaking of food, we all know the grits battle will never get old so I need to know if Michelle likes sugar on her grits OR salt and pepper?

Michelle Obama

Is Michelle an Uno or Spades kind of lady?

Now we all know both Spades and Uno will have people at the barbecue flipping tables over and not speaking for the rest of the day. In Becoming, Michelle does say her family played bid whist but I want to know if she is slamming down draw fours on the table or reneging.

What was in the Tiffany box that Melania Trump gave to her?

Don’t think I forgot, I’ve been wondering what was in the box for about the same amount of time I wondered about the audio in the elevator that Solange, Beyoncé, and JAY-Z was on. I need to know what was in the box and if Michelle kept it or left it in a closet in the White House.

Does Michelle cash out at her local Dollar Tree, Walmart, & Target like the rest of us?

You can bring me into any one of these stores and I instantly become a millionaire. I will go into Dollar Tree and say I want one of everything and ask the cashier (there is only one present at all times) to bag it all up and have it sent to my car.

Don’t let me go into Target for one thing, I’ll come out with a whole television and tell em to put it on my tab. And Walmart, the one-stop shop will have me walking in at 3 am acting like the store was opened specifically for me and me only to purchase toilet paper because I ran out.

What kind of candy does Michelle and George Bush snack on during events?

We’ve all seen the heartwarming footage of George Bush passing Michelle candy at his father’s funeral. I do wonder exactly what types of snacks do they pass to each other during events. Does Bush always bring the snacks or do they switch it up?

Has Michelle ever fired someone from the White House?

Everyone has a breaking point and no matter how nice or gracious a person can be sometimes you need to let a staff member go. I always wonder if Michelle has ever had to sit someone down and say…

*Definitely was not about to use a Trump meme.*

Who is in Michelle’s group chat?

Everyone has one, you know the group chat that you dip in and out of when shit hits the fan and you need someone to talk you off the ledge. This is not the group chat where you receive the prayer chains. This is the group chat where if you need to Set It Off right quick, these are the women that’s coming no questions asked.

Where is Michelle’s favorite place to get flewed out to?

If you’ve have been following the Obama’s you know they take some amazing vacations. Barack Obama visited 58 countries and was the first sitting president to visit Kenya, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Laos and Cambodia. Michelle tagged along for a few of those trips, so in my best Yung Miami voice, “Where does auntie Michelle like to get flewed out to?”

Sistah Girls, what are some things you want to know from our forever first lady that didn’t make it into her memoir? Let me know in the comments section.



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