What the Daniel Fast Taught Me

If you have followed me on social media (my home away from home) then you know that I decided to do the Daniel Fast. The fast ended last Sunday (February 21st) and I have been three days off the fast.  I decided I would share a few things I learned while being on the fast. But before I keep going, I will say this, my relationship with God is mines, I don’t want to be put on a pedestal just so you can kick me off, that’s not the reason why I am sharing my experience. I am sharing because I believe that it can help someone, and if someone is thinking about doing the Daniel fast knowing that they can get through it.

I didn’t want to try and write everything (because this would have been a very long post) so I decided to do a podcast. “Off The Record With Sharee” is new, meaning I haven’t updated it in awhile. If you hit the tab on the homepage you can subscribe on iTunes and also on Soundcloud. Below you can listen to why I decided to do the Daniel Fast and also what I learned…please comment! I am looking forward to your thoughts.



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