5 Questions With Author D. Rose

It was the end of May and I was looking for something to read that would take my mind off the pandemic. I needed a quick escape from all of the Zoom meetings and required online training courses that my job demanded. As I scrolled through my recommendations I chose, Love Me Up by D. Rose. The book was great!

D. Rose is a Black independent author who writes contemporary romance. I caught up with Rose to talk a little bit about how she began her writing career, what stories are her favorite, and what she has coming up next.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. How long have you been writing?

D. Rose: I live in PG County, Maryland. I’ve been writing for two years. June 4th was my authorversary. I got a kindle upon graduating from college and I started reading. Then, I published my first book in 2018. I had no major plan, but I received a great reception from readers and authors and I’ve been writing ever since.

Which of your own books is your personal favorite?

D. Rose: I would have to say Because of Love because it focuses on one couple and the ups and downs of their relationship.

Thank you for being part of the Luminous Cruise Chronicles Series with other authors! How did you enjoy this collaboration and how did it come together?

D. Rose: You’re welcome. We (many authors) are in a writer’s group together and the series was for whoever wanted to participate. It was a lighthearted, romantic series. Each book had to have the same character that was featured in each book. The couples were on a cruise at the beginning of the pandemic.

I bet you’re talking about the character, Elvin! OMG – he was hilarious.  Are you also a romance reader? If so, who are some of the authors you enjoy reading?

D. Rose: Yes, definitely! I always find time to read. Some of my favorites are Bria Felicien, Shanicexlola, Nicole Falls, Jacinta Howard, and Christina C. Jones.

What are you currently working on? Is there any other genre in which you’d like to write?

D. Rose: I just completed a collection of shorts which is a collection of five short stories. It is called Pieces of Love. I’m also looking to write more women’s fiction, which could be anything, but rest assured…romance will be involved.

We feel you, D. Rose. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. The Sistah Girls will be here to support you!


D. Rose’s Share My World was listed as one of Oprah Magazine’s 19 Dreamy Summer Romance Novels to Whisk You Away for 2020! 

-Blissful Bookworm



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