What’s the word Sistah Girls? As the days turn into nights, and we tiptoe closer to February 26 (Black Book Content Creators Day), I thought it only appropriate to introduce–or better acquaint y’all to a woman who not only loves to read Black literature but to create content for it as well.

Dominique aka this_fatchick_reads on Instagram, wears many hats in her day-to-day life. A mom of two and a small business owner, this Black Lit book lover still finds time to BETA and ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) read, and create SUPA DUPA FLY content!

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Ya favorite Midwest Gypsy had a chance to connect with Dominique to learn how she balances being a content creator while managing her personal life.

Sistah Girls, are those little readers all tucked in? Is that glass of fermented grapes ready? BET… here we go!

SGBC: Tell me a little about yourself, where are you from, and what pushed you to create a bookstagram page to highlight Black literature?

Dominique: I am a native New Yorker living in North Carolina. My love for books started back in 6th grade during the Battle of the Books. The challenges helped cultivate my love for reading.

Through that love for reading, I found BookTok and developed a passion for content creation. The stories were so rich I wanted to help create the visuals to match.

SGBC: Outside of Black romance, what other sub-genres are you into?

Dominique: I also enjoy Urban fiction, YA [Young Adult], and Sci-Fi.

@domid73 📚 Weekly Reading Recap 7/31- 8/5📚 12 Ebook 1 Physical Book 2 ARC 

SGBC: If you can recall, what is the first book you remember falling in love with?

Dominique: The first book I fell in love with was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. It was the first book I read as a part of the battle of books team in my 6th grade.

SGBC: It is one thing to love to read and another to want to share what you’re reading with others in the capacity that you do. What inspired you to become a book content creator?

Dominique: Honestly I’m someone who sees a book visually while reading it and I figured if there were other people like me they’d love to see what I see when I read it.

SGBC: Have you ever been asked to create content for a book that wasn’t your favorite? And if so, how did you navigate that?

Dominique: I’ve been asked to review a book that wasn’t my favorite but content wasn’t a part of it.

If any author asks me to review their book, I will only post content/reviews that I believe are 4 stars or above because I don’t want my opinion to negatively impact the author’s chance to reach new readers. I only make content for books that give me the feels.

SGBC: How do you balance your personal life with your content creator life?

Dominique: As a small business owner, mom of two, and content creator, it can be a struggle. I manage to ground myself by remembering that I make content to have fun and for myself. It’s not about getting likes, it’s [about] if I really love what I put out in the world.

@domid73 Weekly Reading Recap 1/16-1/22 #domid73 #GenshinImpact34 #blackbooktok 

SGBC: Why do you think Black literature is important?

Dominique: Black people were frequently omitted from literature or their significance was underplayed. It’s important now that young people can see themselves in books that portray their “real life” story.

SGBC: You’re in Las Vegas at a male review show, three men that look like your favorite book Baes are performing…who’s on that stage?

Dominique: Zodiac from A Love Bred From the Block by Antoinette Sherell, Luca from Grey Huffington’s Eisenberg series, and Big South from Let Me Love You by Alexandria House.

SGBC: What’s some advice you would give to other Black book content creators? 

Dominique: To my fellow content creators keep doing what you’re doing. What we’re doing is important through our creativity we are highlighting and showcasing Black authors. By using platforms we are filling a void to showcase Black storytelling. Most importantly, have fun!!

SGBC: How can the Sistah Girls find you on social media?

Dominique: You can find me on Bookstagram @this_fatchick_reads and my Reading Recaps on TikTok @DomiD73.

BONUS: This or That Literary Edition:

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SGBC: PAPERBACK OR DIGITAL? | Dominique: Digital

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Sistah Girls, go ahead and swallow that last sip in your glass, then make sure you follow our sis Dominique on all her social media platforms. And of course, don’t forget to give her a shout and share during Black Book Content Creators Day!

Until next time… stay warm!

Peace 🩵



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