Meet the Founder Series

Sistah Girls, every day the Black literary community is growing. From book clubs, event planners, and community organizations that bring authors and readers together, there is something for everyone.

From the outside looking in organizations that support authors and readers run as though they are on autopilot. Rarely do founders step outside to talk about their work because they are essentially always…working.

Our Meet the Founder series goes behind the curtain to talk to the founders of these organizations. This series is a deep dive into the creative teams and minds that make the Black literary community thrive.

Tamika is the creator and founder of Black Girls Who Write and Aquarius Creative Agency. When Tamika is not creating content for her community of Black women authors, you can find her working in events and social media management for various brands and penning as M.T. Dixon during the night.

Tamika is a published author, creative producer, and graphic design artist. When she’s not juggling her different hats, you can find Tamika exploring the world, binge-watching her favorite shows, or curating a dope playlist.

I got the chance to talk with Tamika and I learned a lot about the woman behind the brand. From talking about self-care and setting up boundaries with clients, we had an open conversation on what it takes to be a founder of a literary organization that caters to Black authors and readers.

Watch the full interview below



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