The Five Senses Of… is a unique interview series created for authors to explore their work and life using their five senses. It is designed to tap into their sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound to give readers a glimpse of the author behind the pen. 

Brookelyn Mosley is a Black contemporary independent romance author.

Brookelyn Mosley

SGBC: What inspired your first project?

Brookelyn Mosley: A trip to the barbershop inspired my first published title, No Fraternizing, Pt. 1. I’d been in a barbershop setting a couple of times as a teenager because of my little brother. My mother and I would take him to get his haircut and we visited at least two different shops when my mother and brother lived in NYC.

But it was when I went to a barbershop in my 20s with my boyfriend (now husband) that I saw a different side to the quintessential barbershop. It was real, raw, and missing real, raw feminine energy. So I wondered what the environment would be like if it had it. No Fraternizing was birthed from that moment of curiosity.

SGBC: My writing feels OR sounds like…

Brookelyn Mosley: My writing feels like a musical crescendo. There’s always a build-up in my writing to THAT moment, to whatever pivotal scene it is that resides in my writing. And it’s always there. Always gradual, always layered, and often impactful.

SGBC: Using the five senses, what does your love look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like?

Brookelyn Mosley: My love feels like a lover’s hug, the kind that makes you close your eyes in the embrace because it pulls you in close to the heart.

My love tastes like sparkling wine, lively and refreshing.

The Five Senses of...Brookelyn Mosley [INTERVIEW]

My love smells like a lit candle with a powerful fragrance throw and has notes of rose and vanilla.

Brookelyn Mosley

My love sounds like a classic R&B sample laid effortlessly over a hip-hop track.

SGBC: Black love is…

Brookelyn Mosley: Potent. There’s something so powerful and cosmically charging when like attracts like.

SGBC: Who is your go-to male muse?

Brookelyn Mosley: Ever since I used him as my muse for Lennox Walker in Last Comes Love, Kofi Siriboe has been my go-to male muse whenever I need a quick optic. That deep dark skin is black beauty, on God.

SGBC: What does your workspace look like?

Brookelyn Mosley: These days, my workspace looks like eye candy and soul food in one. I’ve wanted an office space like this forever! A place where I can get excited and charged up to create.

Once that purple light glows, I vibe on the level of my reminder and enjoy whatever work I’m focused on while pacing myself. I make it a priority to be in no rush so I can enjoy the steps to the conclusion of whatever I’ve concocted in my head.

Brookelyn Mosley

SGBC: I love how ______ feels.

Brookelyn Mosley: I love how typing “the end” in a manuscript feels. It’s one of the most fulfilling, gratifying feelings someone can experience. Like a silent celebration with invisible confetti.

Conceiving an idea, dedicating time to build it chapter by chapter, and living the actual “end” that was kept in mind when I started, is like releasing a deep breath but through my fingers.

SGBC: What simple thing do you find joy in?

Brookelyn Mosley: Music from the 90s. To me, I can remember specific moments and times in my life when I heard just about any song from the 90s. “Optimistic” by Sounds of Blackness takes me to a place I love being in for all 5 mins of the track. Every word in that song, to me at least, is like the sunlight plants lean into.

Sistah Girls, this was such a fun interview, be sure to keep up with Brookelyn Mosley: Website | Amazon | Instagram | Twitter



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