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Sistah Girls, I like to listen to books when I cannot read them or have a burning desire to hear one of my favorite narrators tell the story through audio. So audiobooks are the answers to my prayers.

This list is just a tiny sample of the books I think you will enjoy. The sexiest voices are those welded by some of these narrators who bring these beautiful books and words to life.

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Teach Me by Alexandria House

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Teach Me by Alexandria House was a super sexy story narrated by Jacobi Diem and Andenrele Ojo. The way this one starts is incredible. The picture was clear from the beginning. Romy University sounds like the place to be for hot professors and students alike to get their groove on.

The Fold Complete Series Boxed Set by Sabrina Scales

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The Fold Complete Series Boxed Set by Sabrina Scales was sexily read by Wesleigh Siobhan and Jacobi Diem. The story alone is satisfying, yet the narrators delved into the tale helped elevate this family drama to a sexy high note. The three-part series offers readers a magnificent experience.

Exposed by Naomi Chase

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The story is a nail-biter from the start of this tale; it is a drama, suspense, and romantic escapade. The story takes readers on a ride of their lives and drops us off a few times in unexpected places.

No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Family Business Novel by Carl Weber and Stephanie Covington

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This tale was narrated by various narrators, it’s is an outtake of the Family Business Series. The story follows the plot of the family business as it expands to include the entire clan. In this compelling edition, Paris takes center stage in this saga with her man Niles as they battle for control.

Relationship Goals by Christina C. Jones

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Relationship Goals by Christina C. Jones and narrated by Alex Monroe and Miles Washington. The story starts with a fabulous scene at the airport that is magnetic.

The narrators did an outstanding job bringing the action to a high boil and simmers to a more incredible pace as the story unfolds.

Behind the Scenes by Christina C. Jones

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Behind the Scenes by Christina C. Jones was narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan and Emmanuel Ingram. The story is my favorite narration by this pair. They tell this story like no one’s business. The opening is the hook for me; that helped me listen further. But, no worries, Sistah Girls; this one held my interest from start to finish.

Loving Man by Bailey West

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This tale was narrated by Eboni Flowers and Benjamin Charles. Sistah Girls, this was my first time hearing Benjamin Charles read, his voice is fabulous, clear, and genuinely all-male voice. The original story had a sweet enhancement with this pair telling this story.

The Endgame: The Sun Series Book 2 by Rae Lyse

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The Endgame: The Sun Series Book 2 by Rae Lyse and narrated by Phoenix McKay and Benjamin Charles. If you’ve read the books in this series then you know already that this is one phenomenal story. The narration is spot on with the right amount of dramatics and excitement to remind readers of the story’s context.

Yours for the Taking: Falling for a Rose, Book 12 by Stephanie Nicole Norris

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Yours for The Taking: Falling for a Rose, Book 12 by Stephanie Nicole Norris, narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan and Emmanuel Ingram.

Book twelve in this series is told perfectly with this pairing of these narrators. Again, Emmanuel has the type of volume in his vocal cords to make a girl want to reach out and touch someone. And our girl Wesleigh proved she can carry a story where it needs to go. The couple in the story had chemistry the narrators could easily explore.

Friends and Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey

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Friends and Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey and narrated by Eric Jerome Dickey. I recently started reading old EJD books for the nostalgia when this story surfaced as an audible read.

The story is an oldie and a goodie about two couples looking for lasting love. Since the author knew the story best, his narration was fluid and fitting for the tale.

That’s it Sistah Girls, I hope you discover a few audiobooks on the list you have not read.

Until the next time, Be Blessed!

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