Black Romance Novels to Kick Off Summer

Sistah Girls, summer is here and this month I’m sharing some Black romance to get the summer started off right.

Now I love me a good book bae and you get to meet a few of my heartthrobs. Most on this list are new to my roster but they are all worth reading about. If you are like me, then summer is when you surpass your monthly reading goals.

And if you love a good Black romance story that will leave you smiling from ear to ear after low-key being put through the wringer, then this list is for you…

Had Me At Hello: When Nina Meets Meech by Talena Tillman

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Sistah Girls, Meech was indeed the man in this story. He was so smitten with Nina that he even had me at hello too. The fact that Meech had enough swag to get his girl at first sight. I was not upset with him at all.

Insta-short love stories are best when they flow like this type of love story.

911 My Heart Is Calling by L. Patrice

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Sistah Girls, this was my first read by L. Patrice It was a short read with many short and sassy conversations. I wish this edition were a little longer. I hope this L. Patrice will continue this story about the 911 operator and the guy on the other end of the call.

Shadows and Whispers by K.C. Mills


Although K.C. Mills writes the story deeply, I always enjoy this type of love story.

Readers can experience the ups and downs, happiness, sadness, and a fantastic conclusion within this installment. Although mental health issues are a challenging subject to tackle, this tale gave us a chance to see the impact firsthand.

The cover drew my attention; the writing kept me tethered to the end.

Priest by Bre Shadae

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I needed Priest to say a little prayer for me every time he showed Tisa how much his words were his bond. That man was every single thing! The villains tried to catch him slipping, and he proved his name was divine. The story had enough drama and action to keep things moving. 

Finally Yours: Lawrence Family Series by Suzette Riddick

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What is sexier than a family of hot men? A large family of both alluring men and women. Suzette Riddick tells a fantastic family series, in this installment, Samantha Lawrence, an ER Nurse practitioner, found her heart’s desires in the hospital.

Excitedly, her man filled all the hot man boxes. Definitely summer book bae vibes!

Low Love, Low Fidelity by Love Belvin


How low is love when Love Belvin tells the story?

The standalone story is about an estranged wife caught in a marriage with a man who behaves more like her child than her husband. The fidelity part focuses on Lennox’s relationship with her long-time friend Tobias and her crumbling situationship with her husband, Calvin.

The story was very different for me and a pure delight.

Power Forward by Nicole Falls


Anytime I want a sports story and a romantic theme; I know this Nicole Falls got me.

This time she stole my man’s name as well. Yeah, a Zebediah at that. The Trojans and Nymphs stories feel real, and I especially enjoyed this latest edition. I hope she keeps the stories coming until the courts are scarred and the players play longer than John Stockton (19), Tim Duncan (19), and Reggie Miller (18).

My point is these stories can continue for a few more years.

Hostile Takeover: Blackwood Billions by Christina C. Jones


The latest Blackwood edition was the start of a new series by Christina C. Jones. The story starts as an enemy-to-lovers story and a fake marriage that eventually becomes real.

Orion tricked Nalani into marrying him to keep her family’s legacy business in the family. But, as the story unfolds, untold secrets fall from their hiding place, and the villains pay the price for their deception. Finally, the love story between Orion and Nalani will take your breath away.

Some Kind of Love by Elle Wright

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This tale was a steamy, sexy romp in the sheets you will never get out of your head once you meet Taylar Cross and Keon Webb. The story is about a not-so-little sister who once had a crush on Keon Webb, her brother’s friend.

He is the best man and comes to her rescue again after a mishap. Sparks fly, and the rest is romance story history, with many sexy vibes in between takes.

A Delicious Touch by Ericka B.

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Settling down to a sweet love story with likable characters like Reese and Auden is nice.

In this story, Auden is a reformed bad boy who falls for the good girl. Auden’s pursuit of Reese was delightful. The story will definitely give you all the feels, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Sistah Girls, I’ve given you a few book baes that should hold you over until I come back. Let me know in the comments if you’ve read any of my selections. 

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