Reading is very personal, some people can read a book in a day and some people need a week or longer. If you’re just beginning to read again or if you like to read in small doses, Kindle Vella is the answer.

Kindle Vella is a new feature on Amazon where readers can read serialized stories. So instead of getting a full-length novel, you get a new episode weekly. This makes it easy to read in the morning before you begin your day, during your lunch break, or just before bed.

You can read the first three episodes of a story for free, then if you like the series and want to keep going you purchase tokens on Amazon to unlock new episodes. For $1.99, you can purchase 200 tokens, and that buys you four episodes. Amazon is currently offering Kindle Unlimited members 500 tokens for free if they claim it by June 27th.

Now you know we had to comb through those Kindle Vella stories, and we’ve found ten dope stories that you should read.

“Part of The Game (Season One)” by Dominique Thomas

Part of The Game Season One by Dominique Thomas

Life for Shreeya was never easy. From being thrown into the foster system to becoming a teenager mother still she prevailed. However, after accomplishing all her goals her toughest obstacles in life come from motherhood.

When faced with extreme challenges Shreeya can either fold or persevere. Part of the Game of life is evolution but what do you do when life hits you so hard that evolving is the last thing you are capable of doing? A New Episode Will Be Uploaded Every Friday.

“One Billion Reasons” by Millie Belizaire

One Billion Reasons by Millie Belizaire

Morgan Caplan has had one dream her entire life. When her adult services website leaks to her interviewer, it seems she can kiss her dream goodbye. That is… until a new client makes her an offer she simply can’t refuse. Damien doesn’t need to give her a reason to accept. There are at least a billion.

“Taming The Brat: Wayne and Carmen’s Tale” by Edwina Fort

Taming The Brat Wayne and Carmens Tale

Spoiled rotten by her rich uncle, Carmen’s spitfire nature is too much for any man to handle. Well, all except for one, her uncle’s personal assistant. Wayne walked away from the investment firm he was due to inherit.

To add salt to the wound he agrees to become Hitta’s personal assistant and help the ill-mannered boxer navigate through the spotlight of fame. A control freak, Wayne didn’t take sh*t from anybody. Not his dad, not Hitta’s uncivilized ass, and surely not Hitta’s hellion of a niece.

“The Mysterious Mr. Jackson” by Sierra Langston

The Mysterious Mr. Jackson by Sierra Langston

Connor Jackson is a man of mystery blending into Chicago’s ritzy, River North neighborhood. Although women are drawn to him like a moth to a flame, he only has eyes for one woman, but time is running out and danger is closing in!

Should he risk both of their lives by coming clean, or should he disappear into the night like every dark soldier should?

“Like Father” by H.A.H. Monroe

Like Father by H.A.H. Monroe

Michelle Evans is a hard-working divorcee. Making ends meet is a challenge, but she always gets by. When Carter Evans sees her at work one night, he’s certain that she’s the woman he’s been waiting for.

There’s only one problem. She used to be his daughter-in-law. Is Michelle over Carter’s son, her ex-husband, Marcus? Is Marcus over Michelle? Will Michelle be swept off of her feet by Carter, or will she hold her painful marriage to Marcus against him? You know the old saying, “Like father…”

“His High-ness” by LaTosha McCauley

His High ness by LaTosha McCauley

What is love? Cleo isn’t sure, but she knows one thing: She doesn’t believe in it enough to give it much thought. Hating to be disappointed, she has little faith in people and absolutely none in the opposite sex.

All of that changes, however, when she’s forced to be in the presence of a man that mimics her sentiments exactly. Feeling challenged by his bad rep, she gets the urge to find the good in him, which in turn helps her find the good in herself. Can two broken people fix each other?

“Is This What Love Is” by Kimberly Wesley

Is This What Love Is by Kimberly Wesley

Richard Richardson is the playboy millionaire, a real-estate tycoon that is not thinking of settling down. Lila Lewis is a struggling college student that only has dreams of going off to veterinary school.

She is happy with her normal day-to-day life when in walks charming Richard, intent on changing her life. Richard will do anything in his power, and with his money, to have the beautiful Lila except she is not so charmed by his wealth.

“What the Heart Wants” by Lesanda Moore

What the Heart Wants by Lesanda Moore

After an unexpected fallout with her boyfriend and boss, Cirilla Matthews finds herself on a last-minute cruise to Bermuda with her best friend from college. While on board, she meets Matteo Cappelletti, a single father of two. Will she be able to put her grief on the back burner and make the best of her trip? Or will she miss out on her shot at real love?

“TRIGGERED: A South Central Los Angeles Love Story” by Nako

sunset with palm trees in a circle with text at the bottom

You name it – she’d been through it. Saadiyah was the definition of being triggered. Her ex put the T in toxic. But what happens when she finally decides that she’s had enough? Find out in TRIGGERED: A South Central Los Angeles Love Story.

“Stranger in My Heart” by Iesha Bree

Black woman with curly hair in picture with a faded building behind her

After years in a relationship, Mckinlee James just knew she was about to get her happily ever after. Until she was literally left out in the cold, heartbroken, and in danger. Reeling from his pain, Liam Bennett’s life is spiraling out of control.

Now he is in danger of losing the only thing he has left; his football career. These two broken souls unexpectedly are thrown together. Will tragedy lead them down a path to each other or will past pain cause them to run away from what they truly need?



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