Black Romance #RelationshipGoals

To me, a good black romance novel always begins and ends with a couple that has taken me on their journey. When I read a black romance novel I want to be pulled so I can be invested in the couple.

I’ve compiled a list of some hot couples and exceptional reads. Get your drinks ready, a few fans, and extra undies. These guys are sure to whet your appetite.

B. Love had a few characters to consider but, I chose Mekhi Kage who made this list with his love Jacintha Freeman for the book My Love Wasn’t Meant for You… In this story, you will feel their connection. The story was fabulous.

Another Love made this list. Love Belvin’s Wayward Love Series was terrific. Isaak loved his woman totally; he was a difficult man to wrap your brain around because of his intricate lifestyle. His girl Kennedi changed so much and evolved dramatically by the time the story ended. The three-book series was worth its weight in gold.

When the Nights Over by Chelsea Maria. In this story, Baylor and Kandrel’s tale is good, the way this man looked at his woman was hot. You will enjoy every page in this romance.

Last First Kiss by Nicole Falls was so good! Calista Franklin and Kirk Langley, the Best Man and Maid of Honor, forced together after a tragedy was the premise for the story. Never fear, the story is not only lovely, but the couple also fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. (500 pieces). You’ll understand this point after the read.

Love on the Highlight Reel by Christina C. Jones featured a super cocky football player named Jordan Johnson. He was in love with Nicole Richardson, the team owner’s daughter who was in a job dominated by all-male counterparts. Be sure to watch how Jordan doesn’t quit until he scores a win…

The Feud by Phyllis Bourne was funny and sexy, and the couple was supposed to be together, whether they would admit that was another thing. Justice and Alexandra gave us the perfect romantic comedy.

Stay With Me by Alexandria House featured Angela Strickland and Ryan Boye`and his beautiful Creole accent. The story is sexy and a perfect couple for this category. A man with an accent can get it any day. Stay with Me was the first book in the Strickland sister’s series. Be sure to check out all three.

For the Love of You by Candace Shaw was just what the doctor ordered for this couple. Zaria Richardson and Dr. Garrett Braxton had the right medicine in this story. A hot doctor is the perfect piece of pleasure.

No Holds Barred: In The Heart of a Valentine by Stephanie Nicole Norris, Camilla and Hunter began the extensive Valentine’s series. The couple set the tone for future stories. They fit the bill for my listicle.

Keith Thomas Walker knows how to tell a story. The couple that matches this story type was The Realest Ever with Donovan and Kyra, the couple was lovely and, the story was a friend to lovers and a second chance romance.

There are several book baes we will explore next time. Drop me a line and give me your lists. Go ahead and make my day!

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