Sistah Girls, when it comes to the ladies in Thrillers, they have different means to accomplish the task before them, but rest assured these girlies will get the job done–they understand their assignment. 

I have always loved a good Thriller, they keep you on the edge of your seat and you never know what’s going to happen next. And the story is even better when the lead is a Black woman. 

Here are some of my favorite Thrillers with some bomb Black woman protagonists that will keep your eyes glued to the pages… 

The Dirty Doctor and Her Assassin by Tucora Monique

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The Dirty Doctor was ruthless and heartwarming at the same time.

Jude and Osage met as preteens and connected later in life as a couple to watch and respect. If you exclude the worthless, backstabbing family members on the prowl, you will enjoy this story. The title of this story is spot on. 

Jane Doe Black (Lainey Abbott Book 1) by Nia Forrester 

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We first meet Attorney Lainey Abbott in Jane Doe Black when she searches in vain for her sister. In the second installment, Reversible Error we discover some ridiculous folks with hidden agendas.

Lainey kept me screaming at her to look closer at the people in the background. This series will have you taking a second look at books with women who never give up or give in easily.

Vigilante Justice by Jacqulin Thomas 

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Vigilante Justice differs from your typical thriller and suspense story. Everleigh Taylor was born into an extraordinary situation when she needed help from a detective to crack a case involving a serial killer who planned to capture her daughter for revenge. This is an excellent read. 

The Governor’s Wife by Tanisha Stewart

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This novel has so many twists and turns that you will not know which way to turn. Rest assured, the Governor’s wife will be the primary character, and all the unexpected events tucked away for one suspenseful encounter after another.

All Hail Queen Duchess: A Mafia Romance (Crowne Legacy Book 9) by Sherelle Green

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I knew Duchess was a dynamic diva, but I did not expect her to be a next-level badass. Her story is a realization of the power behind the matriarch of the Crowne’s.

Book nine answers the questions I did not know were necessary to be able to see the lady behind the mystery. This is a good story. 

Madam President (Cutthroat Capital Book 1) by Desiree Francies

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Oh my, this was a masterful story with a group of powerhouse women vying for a seat at the White House. Black girl power ran rampant in this story.

The first female President had a tenacity and drive that will have you reeling and shaking your head a few times. Mostly, sister power thrives in this story. Cutthroat was correct in this title.

Slick (The Enigma Series Book 3) by Aja

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I was delighted to get the daughter’s story. When your father’s name carries so much weight in the streets and you have a take-no-prisoners daughter, the story is bound to be unique. Add in an alpha male partner, and you will have magic in the making of this story.

Waning Innocence (Serena Manchester Mysteries Book 3) by Tycora Moody

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Every time I read a Rena Manchester story, she becomes thriftier and more tenacious than the police when she investigates crimes as a Private Investigator. I would hire her to find me if I were ever missing or needed a crime solved.

Lone Wolf: Bennett Pack by K.C. Mills 

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This story caught my eye as the female wolf shifter set out on her own to keep from bonding with a loser wolf. The little fighter was crafty and held her own in this story. She finessed her way into the heart of her proper bonding relationship. I enjoyed this story so much. 

Catch Me If You Can by Christina C. Jones

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This story is part of a three-book series. It would be best to start with Naomi and Marcus’s story and then roll into the second and third chase. Each story features a female lead with much vengefulness and an equal measure of brains.

And there you have it Sistah Girls, a list that will get your feet wet if you’re new to reading Thrillers. If you’ve read any of the books listed, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 

 If you select any book on this list, you will find a lady you would be honored to know. Black Girl Power is contagious in these streets.

Until next time!

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