Black Romance 

Sistah Girls, it’s that time of year, and I’m back to give you the book tea on what you may have missed in 2022. Normally this list drops in January but February is both Black History Month and the month of love, so it’s only right.

Black romance stories are alive and I appreciate and respect all the authors that put their time and energy into writing stories that reflect us. Fair warning, the list is long, and I know you will find a book or ten you missed or planned to read. 

* Housekeeping Note* The books are not in any order as to my preference. If the book is on the list, I enjoyed it. First or last, the books were worth including on this listicle. Enjoy!

January Books: (15 Books)

Sistah Girls, Kimberly Brown wrote a love story for the books, it was definitely one of my faves of 2022. Ethan (Family Ties Book 1) by Delaney Diamond is not your typical billionaire and damsel-in-distress love story. Instead, Ethan was the billionaire, and Skye was his lady until she skipped town.

Captivated Hearts (The Harts Book 7) by Yahrah St. John- I do not often read series with more than four books. But, the facts, this one was about a wealthy farmer, cowboys, and all that jazz; well, that was the hook for me. Be sure to check out the entire Harts series


Steady Love-Kamden & Jaelynn by Kay Shanee-This is a follow-up story for this couple we first met in Heal My Heart. However, the next phase in the couple’s relationship was a mouth-watering short tale. I hope to see more of them in the future. 

A Love Like This, Pt. 2 (The Love Series) by Kya Montague- I discovered Kya Montague this year, which prompted me to devour her entire catalog. Part two of this story answered questions and brought closure to Serenity and her marriage. Be sure to check out the series HERE

Kisses For My Side Mistress by B. Love-Typically, this is not my type of love story. But baby… this one was different, and you will see why this short story scored a spot on this list.

Just Like I Taught You by Lisa Austin- The story might be the shortest one on this list. But, wow, it was a quick read with a powerful tale underneath the bravado.

The Heartless King (Legion of Kings Book 3) by Danielle James- The story is book three in a street gang turned businessmen and women who turn their street talents into a business empire. The Legions of Kings three-book series is a dope read, and you will definitely love them if you love urban. 

Falling For A Black Billionaire Books 1 and 2 by Bianca Xavier- Both books in the series gave me boss vibes for Kriss and Travis. The pair had strong chemistry and that made them extraordinary together.


Save Me For You by Tisha Andrews- This story was a refreshing treat. A doctor and dentist with a streetwise background. Did I mention the plot was different?

Pointes Of Me by Cherish Amore- A Black ballerina as a leading lady is a perfect theme for a storyline. And this story had all the feels and good vibes for a sweet tale.

Snowed in at Shenandoah Valley by Tina Martin- I loved this story about a constant bridesmaid, never the bride. It was a humorous tale.

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Sparks Will Fly by Genesis Woods- This story had the correct title for the way Layanni and the man who made her heart ping anytime they were within an inch of one another. Say his name…Vaughn.

Something So Sweet (Honey Hill Book 1) by Joy Avery- Avery described the town and its inhabitants in such a picturesque way that added to the story and enjoyment. Small-town stories plus romance are my weakness.

Countdown to My Love by Author Indigo was a slow holiday burn that I read in January. You definitely will end up wanting to know more about this couple when the book is over; I sure did.


February Books- (21 Books)
Epiphany: The Metamorphosis Series Book One by Bailey West- I don’t think I ever had this level of awe regarding a story. The title will make you revel once you grasp the story’s meaning.

The Fix: Cupid’s Choice Series Book 3 by AshleyNicole- This story is about Cupid’s arrow hitting its target at the town’s Annual Blind Date event. And the story is a fun Valentine’s tale.

Mine Again 2 by Charae Lewis. The second story in the Mine Again series brought the same amount of drama and exhilaration as in the first book. Bronx was still in charge, and Yamesh continued to be his rider.

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Tempted By Danger (The Danger Family Book 1) by Endiya Carter- The Danger family had a lot of things to be concerned about in their flourishing business. Things were going fine until one of the company policies personally impacted one of the family members. Dymon Danger and Quinci are quite the steamy pair, a country girl and a street dude…whew!

Unforgettable Love, Unforgettable Series, Book 4 by Tiye Love- This story was about the next series in the LaSalle family with Trevor and his ex-Sabria finding their way back together. The plot twists and scandals in this story…chefs kiss. 

Sweet and Sour (Jones Hills Holiday Book 1) by Sedona Rose- This story was about Sonny Roswell, a well-known basketball star, and Cherish Mack, a quiet beauty Sonny will soon discover will have his heart. Now Sonny might make you give him the side eye in the beginning because his mouth is reckless but hang in there, you’ll learn to love him.

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It’s Gotta Be You by Kimberly Brown- In this story, Zenni Calloway is a BBW who caught the eye of Idris Bailey. And his name matched his flyy! What I loved most is that our leading lady is a plus-sized woman. 

The Love We Make: The Moods of Love by Mya- The is a 15-book series (yes I said 15 books). However, book two caught my eye; the story was about Jayani Jones. a newly divorced lady looking to reinvent herself. Her reformation was a sweet treat.

Working Through It by Kasha Thompson- This is a second-chance romance with a bit of cheating here and there. I know; stick with it because it gets really good. 

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Thank Me Later: A Fiennes Family Novelette by Christina C. Jones- This story was part of a three-book collaboration with authors Nicole Falls and Alexandra Warren. You will enjoy each quick read, and this one is about friends needing another friend’s help. Also read, No, Thank You: A Fiennes Family Novelette (The Fiennes Family) by Alexander Warren and Thank You, Next by Nicole Falls. Again, the stories connect and flow effortlessly.

No Longer Afraid (Predator MC Book 1) by Christina C. Jones- This story, unlike the previously mentioned book, is a full-length book about a motorcycle gang, the Roses and Thorns of earlier books, and a fantastic group of people; you will be enamored with their strength.

Devotion: A Love Chances Novel by L.S. Bergman- Listen, if you’ve never read a story by Bergman, use this story as an introduction. Devotion is book eight in the Love Chances series. Ham, the younger Simmons brother, finds his place in this Afro-Caribbean romance.

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The Best Kind Of Love: A Valentine’s Day Novella by Pamela Campbell- The was a short, sweet valentines romance along with all the heartfelt moments that made for a good read. 

Mr. Banks by A. Gavin- Gavin is a new to me author, and the story had enough smoke and fire between the pages to keep me turning. I loved every moment of it. 

Ready or Not: A Last Comes Love Spinoff (A Paralleled Love Book 1) by Brookelyn Mosley- The title and the beautiful cover caught my eye and made me begin reading and the storyline did not disappoint. If you love a good romance story…grab this one!

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Bind by Taisha S. Ryan- The novel was a complete story with many facets about life’s struggles and overcoming obstacles within a fantastic storyline. Few Insta-romance stories hit as hard as this one between Ramon and Ivy.

Colliding With Fate by A.E. Valdez- This was my first read by Valdez, and I am happy I found her beautiful writing. The tale is a romantic comedy and a sweet love story. The cover alone is a significant draw, and the story kept me glued to the pages. I loved meeting Karen Knight and Quinn Halifax.

May December (The Shorts Book 13) by Nia Forrester- May December answers the age-old question about couples with an age difference. The couple in this story were adults; that is all we need to be concerned with, and whether the story was enjoyable. The story was terrific.

Heart of Stone (Casting tones Book 2) by Danielle Burton- This is the second book in the Casting Stones series and it added the same sexy fire as the first book. Luna Harlow and Ezra Stone met the hotness meter as the author’s style grew more erotic with this series.

March Books (14)


Again: A Marriage Redemption Novella by J.L. Seegars- This is a story about second chances and the consequences if things go wrong. You will end up rooting for Jaxon and Amina to find their way back to each other.  

The Book of Luke: Earthquake (The Gems & Gents Series Book 11) by Iris Bolling- Luke Lassiter, better known as Earthquake in the series, was an NFL player. However, you will discover Luke has another side career with a secret security clearance. Be sure to also read other books in the Gems and Gents series. 

Let’s Get Married: A Preto Village Novel by AshleyNicole- Sis, if you are looking for a crazy town filled with over-the-top characters, you will be fine in Preto Village. And if you can imagine, a couple gets married because it is expected, again, you hit the jackpot with this story.

A Beautiful Mess by Mel Dau. This story is an extension of the Christianson family sagas. Recently, Jemini Christianson struggled with life’s obstacles. When she met a regular man with less than her family’s wealth, their story almost ended before it began. However, their relationship became more than a beautiful mess.

His First Lady (Temptation Book 5) by Angelia Vernon Menchan- Aura and Jeremy was six months into their marriage when they learned a new challenge was on the horizon for this new power couple. This novella is also part of the Temptation series. 


Keep The Same Energy: Zander and Alyssa (St Clair Novella) by Tina Martin- The couple was newly married for a brief period when trouble came knocking on their door. Be sure to check out the entire St. Claire Life series. 

THE PATTELS 3: KING MARKS (Part 1): A MARKS by blood. A PATTEL by heart. by S.K. Hardy- The story explains the Marks Pattel ongoing saga about whether Kingston was a Pattel. The crux of the story is about family first, loyalty, bloodlines, and relationships.

A Stroke Of Luck: A St. Patrick’s Day Novelette by Nichol Falls- Sistah Girls, this was a super short extra cute Green Day story.

For You I Will: A North Brooke Port Novel Book by Queen Rae- I had not read many books by Queen Rae, but this book in the series was one that had some drama and steamy moments that made it a page-turner. 

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Plot Twist by Danielle Allen- The title is literally the best title for this incredible second-chance love story. The plot twist was the thang…

Midnight in Manhattan by ShanicexLola- The cover alone was enough to want to read this lovely love story. The chemistry the couple exuded was a work of art.

With Every Moment: A Contemporary Christian Fiction Second Chance Romance Novel by Natasha D. Frazier- This is the third installment in the McCall Family Series and it is an enjoyable read.

Arranged, Abandoned (Arranged Book 2) and Accepted (Arranged Book 3) by Celeste Stewart- These two books are part of an eight-book series. It’s a continual story about a relationship and the stages the couple endures along the way. You get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


The Mercy Sisters: Love Delivered by J. Nichole- This story is part of a three-book series that follows a set of sisters and the impact of watching the family dynamics change. Each with their own personality these sisters are pretty humorous when it comes to finding love. 

Personal (St. Louis Cyclones Book 3) by Alexandria House- Ms. House always tells an incredible sports-themed story. And this book is no exception to her forte. Ella McClain, yes, Big South’s daughter, is the target in this love story with Armand Daniels. The story is incredible!

April (16 books)

Summoning up Love (Heart & Soul Book 1) by Synithia Williams- The premise for this story was the reason I wanted to see what this story detailed. A haunted house and hot brothers…oooh, yes! This story gave what it was supposed to give. 

The Trenches: Loyalty Over Everything (A Ganton Hills Book 13) by Aubree Pynn- This story was book thirteen 13 in this great series. The cover was delicious too. The story is about the prodigal daughter returning to the hill and the consequences that follow. 

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Songs In The Key Of Love: A Love On Repeat Spin-Off by D. Rose- This story is about an island affair and a music industry singer’s quest for rebirth. And it was all of that. 

A Sinful Vow: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Mafia Misfits Book 1) by Asia Monique- I do not usually seek books about the Mafia. However, this story piqued my interest in a new-age arranged marriage with a Mafia Princess to a Mafia King. And yes, it was worth the read. 

Love On Replay (The Berotte Family Book 1) by Monica Walters- When I started this series, I was not expecting to find joy in a second-chance romance with two unsuspecting people after both lost their loved ones in different situations but I did. This entire series is bomb. 

It’s Not the Hookup, It’s The Chase (Young In Love Book 3) by Elle Wright- The hookup was half the battle in this story. I enjoyed watching the best friends navigate their next steps after hooking up; it was too much fun.

Fixer Upper Love: Lawrence Family Series by Suzette Riddick- The story was about a mature man finding love again after his wife passed away. It was nice that Riddick spoke eloquently about the new couple’s relationship. She reminds us that everyone is entitled to love.


Take me To Church: A Preto Village Novel by AshleyNicole- I want you to take me to church if the Pastor is anything like Pastor Dion. Neriah and Dion…whew, Chile!

For The Right Price by Erika B.-This tale is about a pair wanting to have the best for themselves and to make their family proud. Remember, you heard it here first; Erika B. is one to watch for a good romance this year. 

Dive by Virgo Girl- The title was a quick draw and a lovely tale about best friends who become much more, Virgo Girl took a popular trope and make it a unique friends-to-lovers story.

Grace (Prism Book 2) by Love Belvin-We are back in Jas and Ashira’s world (start here for the first installment) and while you may end up disliking Ashira, you can’t deny the chemistry between these two. 

Informed Consent (Hearts Consent Book 2) by K.C. Mills- Book two was as compelling as book one. However, you must read Implied Consent (Hearts Consent Book 1) to fully appreciate the writing. The story is about a couple caught in a firestorm of feelings and wanting more.

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To Her Rescue (The Knight Brothers Book 1) by Dria Andersen- This was my first shifter story by Anderson. The last time I read a shifter story was several years ago. If you like arranged marriages and an abundance of greed…this is the story for you. 

Business Not As Usual by Sharon C. Cooper-This was a comical and delightful tale about a lady named Dreamy who had the most eclectically bohemian personality. Unfortunately, the guy she chose was a victim due to his inability to forget Dreamy. A true page-turner. 

Secrets from the Heart (Clover Creek Book 2) by Sean D. Young- When I need an easygoing story, I always look to Young for a perfect fit and this story was. 

Deeper Than Love (The Berotte Family Book 2) by Monica Walters- The Berotte Family Series was an undertaking for Walters with the Berotte’s large family. The second book features Alexzandria Berotte (the daughter) and her quest to love again.

May (16 Books)

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Raised By Wolves (Predators MC Book 2) by Christina C. Jones- The second and final book in the Predators MC series has so many layers about the motorcycle club and the connection to the stranger Onyx. This is a must read. 

HER (Temptation Book 6) by Angelia Vernon Menchan- The sixth book in the Temptation series added much more depth to the Felipe family. It’s such a good read. 

Something Real by A.C. Taylor- The title of this story was perfect for this story because Maze and Kasauni have an unbelievable connection. He was a musician with a large following, but Maze preferred his hometown girl.

Results of a Broken Heart by Iesha Bree- A one-night stand in this story will be the catalyst for what happens next with the leading characters in this tale.


A Mature Love by Mel Dau- Over the years, Mel Dau introduced us to love in many facets. She pulled out her softer side with this couple’s journey in this story and it was beautiful. 

Stacie by Shanel- I always say that an excellent friends-to-lovers story tops my list any day. Stacie is a top contender.

I Want to Forget You: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by J. Nichole- A story about enemies to lovers is consistently topping my list of books to read. However, this time, the story had a different vibe, with a second chance and revenge factor included.

Steady Love-Myles & Everleigh by Kay Shanee- I love it when we get a chance to revisit characters from a previous story. Myles is a book bae, and his feelings for Everleigh are super sexy.

Almost Perfect (The Cordoba Agency Book 4) by Delaney Diamond- This story had the most intriguing synopsis about a female burglar and a trained assassin. And the story was one adventure after another.

417KgN2ypXL. SY346

Capturing the Soul of a Boss by Tatum James- What is better than a rich Black man, a wealthy Black man? How about twins? Yes, book one gave readers a look at the twin Tosh, and it was a delightful experience. However, I could not wait to read about the other twin.

The Prodigy (Family Ties Book 1) by Shae Sanders- A family drama series is one thing; a dramatic series with twists and turns is another. Jakari Windermere hasn’t been home in years and the moment he steps foot in his all town all hell breaks loose and under the craziest set of circumstances he gets married. 

my person by Grey Huffington- The thing I can always depend on with a Grey Huffington story is a concise yet complete story. Oak and Isaiah’s story was the cutest.

Blurred Lines by Keith Thomas Walker- This story reminded me of the television show “Law and Order.” The detective in this story fell in love with the victim’s mother and had to decide which side of the law to straddle.

Earth To Echo by Micah Edwards- The title alone was a good reason to investigate the story, and the journey was pleasant. Echo embarked on a new adventure of discovery and found the answers in an unlikely place.

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An International Affair (A Lassiter Wedding Series Book 1) by Iris Bolling- This story is about Luke Lassiter’s wedding to the love of his life Sasha. But Sasha’s mother is determined to extort someone to get money to continue her lifestyle of greed and greedy. Good luck with that one.

Rori & Remy by Nicole Falls- I will admit I was happy to discover this story was not the storyline I thought. Instead, the story is about real friends and solid relationships coming to the surface.

June Books (14)

They Call Him Nas by K.C. Mills- If you are looking for a real-life alpha male, NAS is your man, and his story fills all your checked boxes.

Remedy: A Novella by D. Rose- This was a vacation fling story with all the trappings to make readers believe this kind of stuff is possible. I am a believer! 

His Royal Desire: Elite Alliance (The Royals of Kéra Asnela) by Stephanie Nicole Norris-This is a Royal story that doesn’t involve them other Royals and it’s my cup of tea. After hosting an event, the Prince finds the person he wants and makes it his mission to have her.

Rude Boss (DePaul & Company Book 1) by Tina Martin- The title was perfect for this story as this man was the rudest boss ever. You will want to strangle him a few times before the story ends.

Two Minute Warning (Houston Skyhawks Book 2) by Alexandra Warren- A good sports-themed story will always be a draw for me. Kendall “Snoop” Dogwood adds to the mysticism in the story. Note: The Houston Skyhawks should be a real team.

41X1kYidWWL. SY346

When in Rome by Te`Russ- The story takes place in Rome, the city of love. When an art conservator meets an orchestra teacher, they make beautiful music together.

The Strength Of Love by Joslyn Marks- The story was a debut novel for Marks. It had some fun characters, and the progressive storyline moved the story along nicely.

The Broken (The Afterwards Series) by Nia Forrester- The Afterward Series members continue with Devin’s story this time. Devin is the mysterious one in the series. I always wondered about his unusual persona in the previous books. Now we know the reasons why felt…broken.

Seven (Late Nights & Early Mornings Book 1) by Charity Shane- Jackson was an NBA player in a relationship/situationship with Kree. The pair met each year for seven days in different cities. The idea for the story was too adorable and quite enjoyable.

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The Beginning of Forever: A Sunshine + Ace Story by A.E. Valdez- The second book in this series was as impressive as the first. Harlow and Acyn gave the perfect meaning to forever in a story.

Fixing Us (Phillips Family Series Book 4) by Honesty Price – This was book four in the Phillips Family Series, this story evolved and made readers see mental health from a different point of view. And the love story portion captured my heart.

In The Midst of Justice by Dandridge Monroe- The story of the Diablo family continues with Jani Diablo. Some folks in his town feared and hated the Diablo family attorney. In the midst of the drama, however, he had to come to the aid of a city official, and their circumstances changed instantly.

Let Me Love You Better: A Standalone Novel by Kaylyn- This 500+ page story had many layers about an NFL prospect and a broadcast journalist who clashed at first, and then later, hearts soared. It was a good read.

Buried in Her Essence by Cherish Amore- The title and the book cover are fabulous. The is a love story between two unsuspecting kindred spirits.

July Books (12)


Changing Seasons (In Secrets We Trust Book 9) by Chelsea Maria- The story was a kismet slow-burn story and was a fantastic tale about a girl named Jacolby Jr. and Paxton, the man she loved.

Shut Up and Dance by Tanzania Glover- I was enamored with this story and the idea of a not-so-small dancer getting the chance to show her style on the big stage (no pun intended).

Only after Dawn (After The Pain Book 3) by Zarkia- Singer Betty Wright said it better about after the rain. But unfortunately, Dawn Manning needed the afterpart to quell her pain. Sometimes you can root for the villain…

Figure of Speech by Kasha Thompson- As one reviewer stated, the story reminded me of the show Scandal and the presidential parts. It was a good read. 

Silver Lining: Vacation Romance by Chassilyn Hamilton- A silver fox on vacation meets a beautiful younger (fully adult) woman, and things between them sizzle to the maximum level in this connection story.


Drip by Virgo Girl- Titles to books are why I often read them. Drip was about a DJ making moves in the industry and being a whole man thot until he met one who turned his head and heart. 

A Risky Affair: A Lassiter Wedding Series by Iris Bolling- The second wedding in the A Lassiter Wedding Series showed Mayor LT Palmer’s marriage to Special Operations agent Sapphire Lassiter. And this story had all the drama and excitement as the series emotes.

Smoke (The Enigma Series Book 1) by Aja- This tale was a mystery with love and it had a powerful undercurrent to the story.

Second Time Around: (The Love Timer Series) Book 3 by Trina Crooks- This story was about a lady who visited a fortune teller to find out when she would find her mate. Sis, you will find this story quite humorous and sweet.

melody. (1 Corinthians 13:13) by Niki Blaire- The focused musical story was lovely. Cori and Avery became the muse for each other when they needed one another the most.

Rude Boss 2 (DePaul & Company) by Tina Martin- The second part to the DePaul & Company Series for the most disrespectful boss wrapped up remarkably with the perfect ending.

August (11)

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Forced Perspective (New Heights Book 1) by Christina C. Jones- The story featured the New Heights Neighborhood and the habitants, with Kyir, an artist, and Brooke, a photographer, as the lead actors in the first story.

Luca (The Eisenberg Effect Book 1) by Grey Huffington- The new series began with this extraordinary guy named Luca who moved mountains for his girl Ever. Their love story started slow and picked up briskly as the story unraveled.

Nelly by Sabrina B. Scales- Nelly is the older brother of another character Jock, from The Crew. This is a story about a man who tries to rebuild his life after he sacrifices it. And in the process of rebuiilding he finds love. 

Forever, For Always by Crystal Collier- Ms. Collier made it clear this would be a story about a man used to having many women and the consequences when a woman later brought him to his knees.

Captured by Danger (The Danger Family Book 2) by Endiya Carter- This Danger family came back strong in book two and the family name is proof enough that you need to read this terrific story.

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Casino Heat (Reunited Series-Romantic Suspense Book 5) by Sharon C. Cooper- The Reunited Series added to the suspense with book five. Hunter Graham, an NBA star, met his match when he met Viviana Connelly.

Guidance by Danielle Allen- A mental health professional who always gave to everyone except herself. So, when she needed guidance, it was Kian and Camilla. He provided service for her needs all day and night. Whew! Also, check out the books with fellow collaborators Te`Russ’s Encore, and Bailey West’s Harmony.

The Quarterback’s Keeper (Desperados book 3) by Dandridge Monroe- This story is about opposite attractions as this sports love story had lots of drama, cheating, and many romantic moments. It’s a page-turner. 

HotBox by AshleyNicole- The title should tell you the story is saucy hot, and you will need extra fans while you read this one.

Could This Be Love by Kay Shanee- Sis, this story was indeed about love with 20s-something Nia Simpson and 32-year-old Raffiael Jefferies. The couple fought their attraction until it no longer worked in their favor, and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

September Books (14)


Catching Flights by Ladii Nesha- This story was one of the more dramatic stories I read this year about a free-spirited flight attendant with a healthy appetite for variety in her life.

Ember by Celeste Granger- This story caught my eye because the cover was sleek. Eason and Ember’s romance was a nice treat.

Melting Her Heart: A second Chane Novella by Cherish Hodges- A sweet love story and a second chance story are my favorites.

Sinful Desire: A Sensual Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Misfits Book 4) by Asia Monique – This mafia storyline kept me in a chokehold with each page swiped.

The Only One by A.C. Taylor- Ms. Taylor writes the best slow-burn to steamy love stories. If you have not read her books, you should.


A War For Your Heart by Crystal Collier- This is a “new to me” author that I added to my roster this year. If you’re new to Collier’s work, then you should give this story a try, I think you will enjoy it. 

Embracing Her Flame by Monae Nicole- The cover alone was cause enough to try this story and the title was spot on with the content. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Samiya Richards and DeAndre Murphy. 

Summer’s Solace by Mya- The story was very emotional and heartwarming. A must-read love story.

I’m Not His Cousin by Smokey Moment- I first wanted to laugh at the title, but you will be surprised how delightful this story was for me and a fun reading experience. Try it, you might like it.

Accidentally In Love with You by Kaye Lovett- This story reminded me of the toad to prince type of love story. I know corny, right? However, the story was about a guy that women overlooked and later he bosses up to become someone special.


Work In Progress Two by Ashantay Keys- A nice love story and a smooth follow-up to the first book.

Heart Renewed by Charity Shane- The story was lovely about two people from opposite lifestyles who found comfort together.

Seventy-Two Ours: A Lust Diaries Novella (The Lust Diaries) by Tasha L. Harrison- The Lust Diaries is a hot love story with enough hotness to steam your vegetables perfectly. Harrison warns readers that this story is an Erotica. She was correct!

Tryst in St Lucia by Angelia Vernon Menchan- An island love story is always a great read. This story was an exceptional tale about finding Mr. Wright while on a vacation retreat.

October Books (12)

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When Secrets Collide by Kimberly Brown- This story was a ball of secrets and drama that filled the pages to the brim. However, the story was messy and good.

Wires In The Way by Crystal Collier- Achilles Blackwell could be my heel, and Remedy Rowe had the correct solution, “the remedy.” The story was a pleasant love experience.

The PATTELS 3: Kings Marks (Conclusion) by S.K. Hardy- The conclusion to this story was fire. In the final installment, we learn that the Marks and PATTELS will always have a familial link.

Somebody’s Wife by Robbie Renee- To be honest, I didn’t think I would like this story because of the title, and nothing could have been further from the truth. I think you will agree; this one is a must-read.

Bookmarked by Bella Jay- All you need to know is to bookmark this story to read now and reread it later; the story is terrific.


A Timeless Love by Shanel- I will not spoil the significance of the three watches, but it was a masterful choice for the cover image. However, I will confess this tale was magnificent.

Mister Concierge (The Mister Series Book 4) by B. Love- The series has called me with each new addition. Like the others, the Concierge’s career has more layers underneath the title.

Lost In London (In Secrets We Trust Book 10) by Chelsea Maria- I have only had a handful of times I wanted to fight a character. In this story, Cassian was that man. Chelsea Maria did her thing telling this story.

Where We Found Our Passion (Lost & Found Series Book 3) by Natasha Bishop- This is a friends-to-loves story, the couple was young lovers who couldn’t seem to get right. Time passes and they eventually find their way back to each other years later. It gave me all the feels.  

Bash: Wolf Warriors MC by K.C. Mills- I added this title to my lengthy list of motorcycle club love stories this year. And you all, this story was an amazing read.


Screwed (Preston Brothers Book 1) by Nicole Falls- The Preston brothers are fine! In this installment, we meet William Preston and Ciji and their story is super cute–and those sex scenes…wow!

Lyric (The Eisenberg Effect Book 2) by Grey Huffington- The second story in the series was as breathtaking as the first. Lyric had my heart pattering because of how her man loved her fiercely.

Say Less: Cap & Mo by Talena Tillman- Book one was one of the hottest short stories I read this year. Capone was bae for sure.

November Books (12)

A Valentine for Christmas: An Older Woman Younger Man Romance (Valentine Vineyards Book 1) by Reese Ryan- This is a romance story with an age gap, but despite the gap, the romance in this book makes it a page-turner. 

In the Arms Of The Law (To Serve and Seduce Book 5) by Deborah Fletcher Mello- A relevant story about lawyers, criminals, and a love story in the midst of the tale about family supporting family, no matter what the obstacle before them.

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Forever Begins (FANtasy Series Book 3) by Tiye Love- For a fabulous love story, call Tiye Love, and she will deliver. The FANtasy in this one was lip-biting sexy good.

Cessation by Connie Easton- This book was one of the stories where I wanted to drive by and have a few words with the leading lady about her so-called man. Thankfully, I did not need to check him because Yani got it together in the end. 

A Lustful Revenge by Natisha Raynor- To some people, lust is about pleasure. But in this story, lust is personified. The leading lady used lust to catch a killer; her vengeance methods elevated the episodes two-fold. This was a good read, y’all. 

Take One of Mine by Keith Thomas Walker- This was a story about a group of vigilantes, part suspense, with a Black Lives Matter undertone. The story was gritty and packed a powerful message. 

Catching Feelings (Catching Flights) by Ladii Nesha- The couple in this story took sexy to a whole new level. I grew to understand both Vic and Kendall exceptionally well.


Strummed (The Newton Family Series Book 1) by Iesha Bree- I knew when I read the synopsis about a guy giving his girl a year to be famous, or she had to marry him, was going to be a page-turner. And I was correct.

A Worthy Love by A.E. Valdez- Sistah Girls, I read every book this author released this year. This story had the same level of goodness as the previous books Valdez penned. Her writing style and relationship details made this story a hit.

All Your Secrets by C. Monet- Can someone tell men that their secrets always become known? And in this story, unknown factors will change the couple’s blossoming relationship.

Revive Me: Part Two: The New Haven Series (Book 2) by JL Seegers-When I tell you I am deeply invested in this couple…deep sigh. This installment is going to leave you counting down the days until Spring. 

Messiah Woos Crystal (Moore Sisters of Center City Book 1) by Angelia Vernon Menchan- Messiah is another famous person in Center City who does not know or act like he is famous. Messiah chose Crystal with unexpected vigor, and for this reader, this story elevated my appreciation for this author.

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Hammered: Preston Brothers Book Two by Nichol Falls- Hammered is what I wanted from this man on the cover. The story overall was about the Black Building twin brothers and the woman they woo until they win. I loved it. 

December Books (10)

Letters from Abroad: A Holiday Novella by Bailey West- The military-inspired story reminded me of the old movies back in the 60s. West told this story respectfully, with an emotional element that added to the season’s spirit.

Maestro (The Enigma Series Book 2) by Aja- Eli’s father, Smoke, groomed him to take over his throne in the second book. Each addition to the series adds more flames to the story’s fire.

Faded Memories (Night Shift) by Christina C. Jones- The Night Shift Series are stories about a brewery and family business in the Heights. Each edition has a mysterious vibe that draws me deeper into the author’s lair.

Where Love Blooms (A Jareau Family Novel Book 1) by Kimberly Brown- This story broke my heart and gave me hope for Jamison Jareau, he lost his wife and gained a daughter the same day. This story had all the warmth, cute fuzzy moments, happiness, and heavy moments to fill a pond of hope.

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In It To Win It by Sharon C. Cooper- The was a romantic comedy, and Cooper always delivers a fun story with romance in the mix. Also, to my delight, this was a second-chance romance.

Made For You by Kami Holt- The story was a debut novel for Kami Holt, and the love story portion took my breath away. The writing was good and it was a page-turner from beginning to end. 

Gemma (The St. Claire Women Book 1) by Tina Martin- Gemma returned in her tale to give us an update since we met her several years ago in the Baked With Love Series and in Royal St. Claire’s book.

The Last Minute First Lady by Trinia Montford -The fake wife for a political candidate was the cutest premise I read this year, and the story lived up to my level of fun. This was my first read by this author–and it won’t be my last. 

Laike (The Eisenberg Effect Book 2) by Grey Huffington- The third story was the crème de la crème of reading materials. The Eisenbergs have my full attention now.

Before I Let Go (Skyland Book 1) by Kennedy Ryan- This was the book that had all of us in a chokehold! We all needed a hug and a therapy session after reading. This is definitely a second-chance romance and it will give you all the feels. 

Sistah Girls, there you have it, the ultimate romance list with enough stories to keep you reading well into next year lol.

It gives me immense pleasure each year to bring you all a list of some of the books I read for the year. I would love to hear from you, let me know what books you’ve already read, and what books to plan on reading. 

Happy Reading from The SGBC Editorial Team!

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