For the past five-plus years we’ve had the pleasure and honor of giving our Sistah Girls an overview of the varied list of books from the previous year.

Normally this list drops in January but February is both Black History Month and the month of love, so it’s only right.

Black romance stories are alive and we appreciate and respect all the authors who put their time and energy into writing stories that reflect us. Fair warning, the list is long, so long that this is only part one.

I know you will find a book or ten you missed or planned to read. 

Housekeeping Note: Every book listed is not all the books we read for that particular month. It’s a twelve-month listicle, our goal is to give readers variety, and a list they can refer back to throughout the year. 

Now let’s dig in… 

January 2023

Waiting on Wendy by Tanzania Glover

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What would you do if you had six months to live? That question alone is a setup for a good story, Kellen Turner is on the clock and I don’t mean for a job. He’s come to terms with his fate but then he links up with his longtime crush Wendy Bell and things take a turn… for the better. 

Blerd and the Babe (Real Negus Book 3) by Dandridge Monroe. First, what is a Blerd? Here is a clue: A bad mutha… shut your mouth individual with brains, brawn, and unnervingly trapped in a beauty’s crosshairs.

Justice’s Devotion (The Barret Brothers Book 1) by Mya, Crushed Velvet and Cashmere by K.L. Hall, and Yours (King’s Town Novella Series Book 3) by Shon all had my Kindle on fire so you have to check them out. 

GLUTTONY (The Love Is Cure, Vol 1. Vices & Virtues Series Book 5) by Brookelyn Mosely. Never give up and Never give in; that should be the motto Everette chose when dealing with his opponents. His opponent, this time, was a lovely lady who had no idea she would be his most prized conquest.

Our Love is Delicate by Erika B. and Audra (Family Ties Book 3) by Delaney Diamond will have you wanting more, so grab these two after you read Gluttony

I Wanna Be Down by AshleyNicole

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Being down has a new meaning when your best friend, worshipped worldwide by many, is your friend. Dash Dean had it all, but he wanted more. He wanted his friend Sesali. The problem was that she was his behind-the-scenes friend, and he wanted her front and center. This book is a must-read. 

And after you finish reading I Wanna Be Down be sure to check out, Forever In My Heart by Pamela Campbell, Lush Life (Queen City Gents Book 1) by Kianna Alexander, Handled: A Sexy Basketball Novella (San Diego Waves Book 1) by Eva Sherie, Bleeding Hearts: The Blue Family Legacy by Tamika Brown, Heated: A Strummed Spin-odd (The Newton Family Series Book 2) by Iesha Bree, New Year, New D: A Soul Ties Preview by Miss Candice, and His Main Attraction: Elite Alliance (The Clarks of Northshire Bend Book 2) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Spousal Privilege (Privilege Series Book 1) by Charity Shane I do not doubt that this story will make you want to read Shane’s entire catalog, the drama was high, yet the author gave readers enough quiet moments to balance the dramatics. A second chance romance with a slight surprise at the end had me checking for part two. It should be interesting.

Family Trysts: Tryst III by Angelia Vernon Menchan. Marriage, family, and the family legacy never had such a profound impact on the confines of a story as this family drama. The Tryst part is clearer as you connect the dots that bind Edward and Fatima’s family in their story to grasp its meaning in the title.

After you finish Family Trysts be sure to start reading, The Royal Rebels (Modern Day Socialite Book 2) by Angela Seals,
The Rhythm to a Boss’s Heart by Tatum James, Time Served by Connie Easton, Only If It’s You by T’Lyn, and The Family Business 6 by Carl Weber/ La Jill Hunt.

Love on the Ballot: A Silver Fox Romance (Greetings from Tuckerville Book 6) by J. Nichole

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I am a sucker for political drama. There is usually a bit of drama, a celebrity sighting, and a plot to sink my teeth into the storyline. Did I mention this was also a Silver Fox love story? Oh Yeah, that was the best part for this reader.

Liam (The Eisenberg Effect Book 4) by Grey Huffington. This story details how Liam and Laura’s actions will impact their lives later. The couple’s tryst will be the catalyst for the Domino Effect. This story is so good and the gems and knowledge are profound.

Make Them Confess: Black Lush (Naughty Season) by Sherelle Green. This story is big and sexy, a rump you will not want to miss. You will enjoy the five amazing men, or maybe you will wish they existed in real life. Uumph, uumph.

And after reading Make Them Confess: Black Lush, be sure to read The Matrimony (The Knot) by D. Rose, The Gray Areas of Love by Wynta Tyme, and Fell For The Wrong One by Tay Mo’ Nae.

The Last Ring by Cassandra B. The story was a love story with a slight twist. A man with a medically complex condition found his reason to live. The undertone in the story will keep you glued to the pages.

Mister Musician (The Mister Series Book 5) by B. Love. Music, magic, and a lot of mayhem filled the pages in this one; Mister Musician had his hands filled with deception, greed, and his rider, his girl, Harmony.

February 2023

Some Kind of Love: Prelude (Smoke and Burn) by Elle Wright

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Some Kind of Love started with a bang. I am here to report this one is a match. It is warm and fuzzy, which complies with a tight storyline you will enjoy. After you finish reading that you’ll want to move on to Forever Mine: A Valentine’s Day Anthology by Kaylyn, Love Me This Valentine’s Day by Jasmine Nicole, Choosy Lover by Ashley, SHAW(Mafia Misfit Short) by Asia Monique, Biscuits N’ Gravy by Alicia Weathers-Grey, Love Trails by Monae Nicole, and Cater: The Lyon’s Den Series Book 1 by K. Nicole.

This Very Moment by Kimberly Brown. This story was a personified example of true love. The channels and plan were well executed. Brown showed Callie and Thane’s chemistry precisely. And the storyline and visual effects vividly describe the plot.

Irreplaceable You by Riley Baxter. The story was a true love story with the couple’s connections expanding the depths of the storyline. You will enjoy this one. Forever Us by Charleigh Harper. New Author Alert! The was a nice read for this new-to-me author. The family dynamics were crazy, but the ending was unexpectedly timely.

After those dope reads be sure to read, The Villain: Have You Ever Made Love To A Thug by Natisha Raynor, Ledge (The Domino Effect Book 1) by Grey Huffington, Red Roses and Regrets (The Consortium Book 1) by Dandridge Monroe, MENACE by Taisha S. Ryan, My Little Love by Charae Lewis, Finding My Valentine by Pamela Campbell, Pharaoh: Wolf Warriors MC by K.C. Mills, Deliver Me From Duval: Round and Round (The Duval Series Book 3) by Chassilyn Hamilton, and Lipstick Diaries: Chemical Reaction (Second Chance Romance) by Tiye next. 

Ride (The Love Movement) by Marlee Rae 

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Sometimes a book cover can change whether or not I read a book or increase the changes I will read the book. Ride was a fun and emotional story with my favorite trope, including kids and a redemptive ending.

Soul Snatched by Lex. C.*- The title should be a warning that the story includes some emotional moments you will need to pause and regroup. The love story parts will snatch your heart for sure.

Jane Doe Black (Lainey Abbott Book 1) by Nia Forrester. Mystery and suspense story is my favorite genre. In this story, readers meet a sister seeking her missing sister and several dysfunctional families with secrets galore. The masterfully written story was a page-turner.

Foreplay by Robbie Renee. What’s better than getting exactly what you want in a story? Getting more than what you expected is the key. Renee gave readers a delightful story and more; it’s incredible when the characters demand a reader’s full attention.

Sinful Obsession: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Misfits Book 5) by Asia Monique. In book five, I wondered whether this pair would make it to their happily-ever-after ending. I also worried about finding my misfit for do you know what… lol.

Forever My Savage by Courtney Irving. This was an exceptionally long and detailed story about two fantastic characters who matched perfectly. The pair endured a mountain of drama, and in the end, they prevailed together.

InstaLove (The One Series Duet) by Danielle Allen

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InstaLove felt like a reality show that I felt like I was in. The update with Mariah and Zion’s love story was magnificent, and the update to the original, The One story was Sweet.

After you finish reading InstaLove be sure to read these, Coming Home: A Novella: Audiobook by Kennedy Ryan, His Best Shot: A Fling Romance (L.A. Stars Series Book 1) by J. Nichole, Rose Is Still A Rose: A Moore Sisters Story (The Moore Sisters of Center City Book 3) by Angelia Vernon Menchan, R&B Mixtape by Connie Easton, Only Devils Left by Mel Dau, Mr. Teacher (The Mister Series Book 6) by B. Love, and Zero, Zero, Twenty-Four by Alicia Weathers-Grey.

March 2023

Queen’s Heart (Crown & Fire Series Book 2) by Aja. The way this series started, the anxiousness for what was to come elevated with each storyline. A fated romance is truly an invitation to those who are bleeding-heart romantics.

60 Days to Love (Banking on Love Book 1) by B. Love. I know 60 days to love may not seem long. That was how long Orion had to reclaim the heart of Montana, the one who got away. And before she married another man.

Ever (The Eisenberg Effect) by Grey Huffington. Ever Eisenberg’s story kept me guessing when the drama would subside. I could feel her pain as she and Luca battled a condition that threatened the core of their marriage. We all know this man loved his woman, so no need to worry.

Always & Forever by Talena Tillman. I don’t often expect a story to throw me off-kilter like this one. I was in my feelings about the profound level of emotions this story evoked. I like it when an author tricks me into thinking I know what is next and then finds out I had no clue later. 

When you’re finished reading Always & Forever be sure to start reading, The Firemen’s Ball: A Masquerade Affair by Denise Essex,
Doctor Know: Part of Doctors Eastport General by Mel Walker, InstaLove: The Reunion (The One Series Duet) by Danielle Allen, Off The Train: Train Tripping II by Angelia Vernon Menchan, His Missed Shot: A Sports Romance (The L.A. Stars Series Book 2) by J. Nichole, Choose Me (Irresistible Husband Series) by Sheryl Lister, Marry Me (Irresistible Husband Series) by Delaney Diamond, and Kiss Me (Irresistible Husband Series) by Sharon C. Cooper.  

The three-book collaboration between Sheryl Lister, Delaney Diamond, and Sharon C Cooper in the Irresistible Husband Series was a perfect complement and follow-up to the previous collaborations in 2020. Each book is a tightly woven story about the couples coming to terms with fate.

Love Like This Before: Autumn Hills Book One (Autumn Hills Series 1) by Amberlei Jae

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Love Like This Before, was a cute Insta love story. Amberlie Jae is relatively new to me. I’ll keep a watch for new books this year because I enjoyed this read. 

Beneath the Silence (The Things Unseen Book 3) by K. Lashaun. Beneath the silence, sometimes there is a resounding roar from the characters. The story about Eden and Hakeem was exceptional, and K. Lashaun aced the assignment.

Power Forward (Nymphs & Trojans Book 5) by Nicole Falls. I know I cannot be the only one who thinks the Nymphs and Trojans are real. I know, you can admit it…this is a safe space lol. In this installment, Zeb Kennedy was perfect, “I wanna be your man” for super-agent Kyra Macklin to let down her guard for this power forward.

Shadows In The Dark by Kayelle Gee *New Author Alert* Kayelle Gee is relatively new and I enjoyed the story and the necessary drama surrounding this enemies-to-lovers couple.

Catch My Gaze: A St. Rowe Urban Romance (St Rowe Saga Book 1) by Kellz Kimberly. Another new to me author to watch. The story packed a boatload of intrigue, drama, and mischief.

Far From Friends by A.C. Taylor. This is a forbidden love story. A brother’s best friend and his little sister sneaking around kind of romance. The story was a sexy mess you will enjoy.

Back To Me by Kami Holt 

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Back To Me by Kami Holt. Ten years apart because of lies and deception for Rule and Nayeli. But Rule returned with a vengeance to claim his first love. This second-chance romance will have readers screaming a few times because this couple deserves a standing ovation after the drama with their parents.

Zavier (A St. Clair Novel Book 9) by Tina Martin. Each new St. Claire adds to the hotness factor for this reader. Zavier met a woman he could not resist. She was not interested in Zavier or any man. Zavier considered her disinterest challenging, and St. Claire men do not understand her uninterest. You will enjoy the chase in this one.

Burn Out: Pink Smoke Series by Virgo Girl. A little pink smoke never hurts. When up-and-coming artist Rhythm Moses fled the city and sought protection, she had no idea that a man named Blues would be the designated candidate. So, Rhythm and Blues will navigate in seclusion on Onyx Island. Do you see the color references here? How cool is that?

All I Want Is You by Kay Shanee. This story was as hot as the cover. It was tense and very sensual.

When you’re finished reading All I Want Is You, start reading, If It’s Love by B. Moni, The Essence of His Soul by Mya Kay, Justified Privilege (Privilege Series Book 2) by Charity Shane, Restore My Soul (The Soul Series Book 2) by Rosè Dior, Deep In My Soul ( A Jareau Family Novel Book 2) by Kimberly Brown, Tonight’s Promise: A Steadman’s Love Chronicle by Malay Reneè, Compulsive (Love Struck Series Book 1) by Skye Moon, More Than Friends: Sister Act by Cheryl Barton.

Sweet Sunsets: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 2) by Imani Price, 
Jasiel, The King Who Got Me: The Evans Brothers Book 1 (The Evans Family Book 2) by Miss Jenesequa, For One Night by Ivy Laika, Not Built To Love: The Lyon’s Den Series Book 2 by K. Nicole, Hearts Won’t Break by Jahquel J., Igniting His Obsession: Elite Alliance (The Clarks Of Northshire Bend) by Stephanie Nicole Norris, and To Be Loved by Bree Wright

April 2023

Low Love, Low Fidelity by Love Belvin

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Lennox Curry and Tobia Elliott were long-time friends with a more profound love connection than they wanted to admit. We also know that fidelity isn’t always black and white, as Belvin eluded. Sometimes, love flourishes in the gray areas until the flames are stoked and ignited by the one meant to be your soul mate.

Tethered Love by Kimberly Brown. The descriptions of tethered, tied, connected, or bonded show readers the story’s direction. Malachi longed for a family; his fiancé Ziva had many issues readers discover as the story unfolds. And the twist regarding the surprise daughter catapulted the story to another dimension.

Bleek Blackmon’s Woman?: The Blackmons (A Black Cowboy Story Book 1) by Angelia Vernon Menchan. Bleek was a rich, beautiful black cowboy. I have never read about a cowboy with as much enthusiasm.

Spinnin’ The Block (Ganton Hills Romance Series Book 4) by Aubree Pynn. Every time I visit Ganton Hills, I find new friends and book baes. Elijah had me giving him the side eye, and Olivia needed him to spin the block a few times to rectify his foolery.

Hostile Takeover: Blackwood Billions by Christina C. Jones. This story had my full attention from page one. The plot was about a businessman covertly trying to save his nemesis’s family business for his gain, and it was surreal. Orion Sterling blackmailed Nalani Stark into a marriage under pretenses and ended with his heart in Nalani’s vice grip.

After you’ve finished reading Hostile Takeover, read All He Ever Needed (Million Dollar Baby Book 1) by Tay Mo’Nae, Finally Yours: Lawrence Family Series by Suzette Riddick, A Revenge So Cold by Rosè Dior, Halo (The Domino Effect) by Grey Huffington, Lawe (The Domino Effect Book 2) by Grey Huffington, The Road to Love (Sensual Shorts Series) by ShanicexLola, Melody to His Heart: Love’s 2nd Verse by ashley.

When Luke Met Juliette (The Energy Series) by Brookelyn Mosley, Gone For a Soldier (The College Route Book 4) by Denise Essex, One Night With You by Kiara Neufville, Unbreak My Heart: A Harmony Heights Spin-Off Series (Life University Book 2) by Danielle Burton, The Perfect Upset by Monae Nicole, and The Business of Lust (Banking on Love Book 2) by B. Love. 

The Young & Luxurious: Love & Fire by Lula White. White is a newer author, you should dive into her catalog. 

Where You Should Be (The Berotte Family Book 13) by Monica Walters

81aHCzryW8L. SL1500

The Berotte family has many layers. The story of Milton ‘Jungle’ Patterson’ is a tangled web weaved neatly by Walters. And the cover is delicious. 

With This Ring (Desperados Book 4) by Dandridge Monroe. In this Desperados installment, the three couples in this session had to reach the depths of reasoning to pull out the win. My main focus this time was Antwan and Rye. I was so happy they made it to the finish line slightly unscathed. The other couples also reached the pinnacle with rings in kind.

Priest by Bre Shadae. Once again Sistah Girls this is a new author alert. I liked the flow and pacing. I needed a Priest after this highly involved love story.

Yours To Have (Erotic Love Language Book 5) by BriAnn Danae. Sistah Girls, you need to read this sexy romp, that’s it, that’s the comment. 

Sinfully Sweet Confessions: Black Lush (Naughty Season) by Sherelle Green. I expected Rio Hood to be nasty; I did not expect him to be over-stimulatingly delicious in every way.

At The End Of It All by Rae Lyse. Rae Lyse is becoming a force in the writing world. Ason’ Ace William’s story was complex to hear, and he was not easy to like in the beginning. But give him a chance to become the man he is supposed to be.

Green’s Confession by L.S. Bergman. I am calling all my Sistah Girls from the islands, you have to read this story. I enjoyed the dialect as I read with my British and Caribbean accent. Green’s Confessions is a second-chance romance for an early forty’s single mother.

Egypt’s Reverb (Egypt’s Song Book 2) by Deshon Dreamz. This story is part two of Egypt’s quest to free herself from the chaos. Axel comes in the nick of time to rescue his lover.

When you’re finished reading Egypt’s Reverb, there is no reading slump because your next reads will be, A Legendary Love by Jaimsss P., Ready For War by Mel Dau, Finding Love Again by Pamela Campbell, Lipstick Diaries: Heartless (An Enemies to Lovers/Workplace Romance by Tiye, King’s Heart: The Lyon’s Den Series Book 3 by K. Nicole. 

Dreama’s Heart by Riley Baxter, Pretty Little Fears by Jahquel J., Found Forever (Sisters & Serendipity Book 2) by Lady Marie, 
The Wrong Seat (A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel) (The Langston Sisters Book 2) by Natasha D. Frazier, and Love Intolerant by Jessica Terry.

May 2023

Breadcrumbs Two by Ashantay Keys

61GFUp3mo8L. SL1500

The title hints at the theme of the story. You will get crumbs and tidbits of wisdom and plot challenges as Keys spins an intricate tale for readers to enjoy. 

Love Me Some You: From One Night To Forever by Mycah Edwards. I Love Me Some Nique and Major. Edwards called this couple unconventional and I don’t see one lie told. 

Shadows and Whispers (The Collective Book 1) by K.C. Mills. This is a must-read! Elias Omari and Cress Devereaux go through it but the peace Cress gave Elias… whew! 

911 My Heart Is Calling by L. Patrice. This was my first book by L. Patrice, and I know it will not be the last one for this reader/reviewer. The story is about a 911-night shift operator with a surprising personality you will find intriguing.

Awakening: (The Metamorphosis Series Book 2) by Bailey West. West has mastered the ability to write a romantic story and sprinkle a few spiritual views without overpowering the story’s principle. Awakening was eye-opening about a unique arranged marriage story.

Back to Love by A.C. Arthur. It’s nice to have go-to authors like AC Arthur who consistently deliver a solid story. Note: this story is a re-release with a new cover. The original content remains the same. The story is about a second-chance romance between old flames who went in different directions and lifestyles and later found love again.

Now once you’ve finished reading Back to Love, you should start reading, Kept: “Always Something” by Moon Bey, Majority Rules (Banking on Love Book 3) by B. Love, Her Holiday (The Holiday Series) by Rene Wolfe, Stealing a Goon’s Heart by Tatum James, 
Francine Returns: A Temptation Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan, The Burial Of A Player (A Jareau Family Novel Book 3) by Kimberly Brown, Had Me At Hello: When Nia Meets Meech by Talena Tillman. 

It’s Not Them, It’s Only Her (Young In Love Book 4) by Elle Wright, Only For The Week by Natasha Bishop, I Commit to You: A Jareau Family Wedding by Kimberly Brown, Crushed (A Back To Love Short Book 4) by Tina Martin, Save Myself by Jahquel J., What You Need by Kami Holt, The Pleasure Package by Denise Essex, Infinite Kiss: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 3) by Imani Price, Take You Back: Book Two: Spring Hills Ten-Year High School Reunion Series (Spring Hills Ten Year High School Reunion Series 2) by Mel Walker.

A Delicious Touch by Erika B. The story was indeed delicious.

Love’s Manifesto: Fated by Kayelle Gee

81J1cWsgejL. SL1500

Love’s Manifesto: Fated by Kayelle Gee is about a school teacher with dreams of opening a bakery one day. Kadence thought Keno was too good to be true when they started a relationship. Her skepticism will either help or hinder her progress. This was a good read. 

Hard To Love (The Berotte Family Book 14) by Monica Walters. The Berotte Family Series provided stories for the ages. In this installment, the finale brought closure to the open stories and previous events in past tales.

By Chance (Basketball Baes Book 2) by Tracy Gray. A sports-themed story always catches my eye. If the story has a sexy plot, a sports theme, and a surprise, you have my full attention.

Dying Without You: Elite Alliance (The Clarks of Northshire Bend) by Stephanie Nicole Norris. Homeland Security always sounds so secretive and clandestine. Langston Jamal Clark was perfect for that role, and this romantic suspense story was his calling card.

It Started In The Chatroom: A Cinderella Story (Hemingway Fairytales Book 1) by Jessica Marie. This adorable story is about a couple who met in a chatroom and ended in a happily-ever-after relationship.

Brown’s Sugar (SHE iS Series Book 1) by Marlee Rae. There is nothing like a little brown sugar baby. The James sisters series started with spicy business owners Tonya James and Dre Brown, her high school heartthrobs.

Rory: The Lyrical Genius-An Opposites Attract Romance Novel (Life & Music Book 1) by J.L. Campbell. Rory was something else in this story. Most of the time, he was the man of the hour.

And after you finish reading Rory, your next reads should be… 

Keep You To Myself (Unorthodox Love Book 1) by BriAnn Danae, The Marriage Favor (Crenshaw Kings Book 1) by Shvonne Latrice, Somebody’s Forever by Robbie Renee, The Lyon’s Den: The Lyon’s Den Series Book #4 by K. Nicole, I Got A Fetish For Your Love: Novel by Nikki Nicole, Take A Chance by Miyeko May, Fighting My Way Back to You: A Romance Standalone by Temptress T., and Please Forget Me Knot (Love Knots The Series Book 1) by Tempestt Chantel.

June 2023

Malachi (Berkeley Bred Book 1) by Grey Huffington 

61l9Q4ts4L. SL1500

The opening book in the Berkeley brothers series started with a bodacious bang; Malachi had more underlying maze-like areas in his personality to be in awe of his dimensions. The story was indescribably intentional.

Homecoming: Love 101 Reunion (Love 101 Reunion) by J. Nichole. I cannot think of a better place to rekindle an old flame than at your reunion. The story was spot on with that point.

90′ (The Kendall Family Book 1) by Alicia Weathers-Grey. The youngest Kendall starts this series with a lovely story about finding his footing in a family of high achievers.

Prophet and Endi: On My Block by K.C. Mills. One of the things you can count on with Mills is a gritty urban tale with a soft touch. The covers always add to the mystic.

Rooted in Love: A Sweet Rapids Story by Te` Russ. Everyone who knows me understands how much I love visiting this fictional town called Sweet Rapids. The latest couple added a little more love at the end of my S.R. lovefest.

And Then Life Was Beautiful (Hanson Family Book 1) by Asia Monique. Fact, Asia Monique can write a good series, and book one of the Hanson Family Series did not disappoint. 

After you finish reading And Then Life Was Beautiful, you need to crack open these novels next… 

Unhand Me by Grey Huffington, Hate Our Love by Kay Shanee, A Date For The Mayor: A Drayton City Novella (LeFleur Mafia Book 1) by Aubree Pynn, Love Letters From Memphis (Ode to Memphis Book 1) by B. Love, Broken Wedding Bells by Monae Nicole, Key to Happiness by Pamela Campbell, Stepdaddy Season by Natisha Raynor, Pool of Lies by Amber Ghe, Revive Me: Part Three: The New Haven Series (Book #2) by J.L. Seegars, Love Me Like XO by Kennedy B., and Finding the Strength To Love You by Joslyn Marks.

The Lie Between Us: An Enemies to Lovers Romance by Riley Baxter

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In The Lie Between Us, one lie led to another lie; and eventually, the lies met head-on at warp speed. This story was good. 

Slick (The Enigma Series Book 3) by Aja. I enjoy a Boss Lady story when she can back up her slick mouth with actions. 

Crystalized Love: A Moore Sisters Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan. I waited a while for this beautiful man to find his soul mate. Crystal was the one. She was Messiah’s person.

ANGEL’S WORLD by S.K. Hardy. There are many characters; no matter how many times I read about them; I am intrigued. Angel is tops on my list of character book baes. The long-awaited revisit with Angel and Nikki was timely.

Willow’s Peak by Mel Dau. I was intrigued by the cover and Mel Dau delivered a bomb story. Now look closer at the cover.

Remember Me Infinitely by Cherish Amore. Now Amore did something with this story, she gave readers a chance to choose which ending was best for them reader—an ingenious idea.

And last but not least, the Baes of Juneteenth. This eleven-book, eleven cities, and eleven-author collaboration celebrated Juneteenth, The Mr. Black Organization, honored Black History, and celebrated Black Love. The books are each magnificent with special messages… a must-read. 

Sistah Girls, this was part one, I know–it’s a lot but there were so many bomb Black Romance books that came out in 2023. 

If you want to keep going click HERE for part 2 of this list. 



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