Badass Women In Black Romance

Sistah Girls, nothing is more endearing and exciting than a boss woman with a lot of sass and attitude. You know, a woman about her business and keeps folks out of hers, she is The One!

This list is about those women and of course the men who love them…

Lyric by Grey Huffington

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Sistah Girls, Lyric’s name alone was like a sweet melody about a woman who knew her worth and was not willing to play second fiddle to anyone.

Although she was an Eisenberg, don’t forget who her brothers were in this tale. Lyric is not one to quickly forget.

Smash Into You: Rook and Zenaida by AshleyNicole

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I am never fully prepared for the world or character that AshleyNicole is about to pull me into with each book she pens.  But this story here, baby, this is it.

In the first book, On Sight, you meet this very eccentric pair, Zenaida and Rock who are sworn enemies, and then something happens that brings them together.

Zenaida gives a whole new meaning to girls with hands. In Smash Into You, Zenaida and Rook continued to fight, make up, and fight some more. You will laugh yourself into a stooper with this badass lady with hands.

Unexpected: A Love Story (Love 101) by J Nichole

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A love story with a bit of zip is how I would describe Unexpected. It’s about a busy doctor who is unwilling to fall for the okey-doke from the next man.

When Dr. Monica meets Nick, the bartender, I got a Grey’s Anatomy vibe in this story as Monica was a lot like Meredith- dedicated to her craft and unwilling to alter her plans.

That is fine until Nick convinces Monica he is okay with her being his boss. 🙃

Come And Get And Me by Monica Walters

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Tiffany Henderson was business focused and made her way in life without resting on the Henderson family’s successes.

Tiffany was not looking for a man to dominate her free and easy lifestyle. But when Ryder Semien came into focus and Tiffany was his target, life changed for both.

Tiffany decided it was okay to be a boss female and have an alpha male lead her path. But even a Boss lady recognizes her match. 💪🏾

The Single Life with Zola Patterson Part 1 (Zola Duet) by Danielle Allen 

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Zola Patterson had an extensive list of do not do items that many women in some of these books need to adhere to in life. Especially her Number One: Never chase a man. And her list went on and on.

What I liked about Zola was that she made no bones about being single and would not associate with anyone who did not meet her extensive list of dos.

She knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to get it. If you ask me, Lori Harvey read this book before she hit the dating scene…just saying. 

SINERGY (A Brook’s Family Values Book 1) by Iris Bolling

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The title alone was a draw and the meaning as it outlined the bold boss lady’s saga in spades.

Xavier Davenport, a businessman and put in work for the community. He has no time for a real relationship and women are just for play. Until he meets Nicole Brooks, a businesswoman who is also a member of one the wealthiest families in the country.

These two had the synergy to be a formidable match for the villain in this story. Nicole Brooks is a certified boss, and it was her that led the charge to keep vultures away from her family’s legacy. 

To Marry A Madden by Sherrelle Green

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This tale is all about Carter and Serenity. Serenity owns and expanded her power over Carter’s heart in this edition.

I added the story to the list because Carter had the intelligence to thank the women in his brother’s lives and to make sure his queen knew she was his boss for a lifetime.

Liberated: An Erotic Short by Kimberly Brown

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A woman who knows her mind and is unwilling to sway by others’ views and opinions is my kind of boss babe. That woman possesses the essential qualities that make an Alpha shiver.

The leading lady in this story was a no-nonsense baddie, for sure. Elijah allowed Quinn her prowess, but she knew when to control her BB persona when a bonified alpha was nearby.

The Rival Bid: Distinguished Gentlemen Series by Reese Ryan

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The Rival Bid is a fun story about a couple of frenemy rivals. Camilla Anthony was on the opposite side of wherever Mekkai Arrington stood.

Camilla was stubborn and unyielding in her beliefs; Camilla was determined to stay the course. Mekka was an arrogant and self-assured man.

In the end, Girl Power won in this story.

The Royal Rebel (Modern Day Socialite Book 2) by Angela Seals

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Erin Kane is a modern-day heiress with an attitude to rival anyone who declared themselves a diva. She’s sarcastic, unapologetic, and a flat-out rebel. The story will have your fingers snapping and sister girl’s neck rolling for good measure.

Maybe, Next Time (Vegas Nights Book 1) by Christina C. Jones

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Denver and his wife Kensa struggled with marital issues and running a business empire. Her never-back-down attitude is a baddie or a bit boisterous, you choose. But Kensa was my Shero in this story.

I love a Sistah Girl with a lot of sass and attitude to hold readers’ attention. If you’ve read any of the books on this list, please let me know in the comments. 

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