Books Baes You Need Under the Tree

Sistah Girls, cuffing season is here, and by cuffing season I mean getting cozy under a blanket with your favorite snack and book bae.

Book baes are always there when you need them, so we’ve compiled a list of book baes that will keep you warm this holiday season. Sistah Girls, this list is the gift that keeps on giving.

TECHNICAL (St. Louis Cyclones Book 2) by Alexandria House

This is the second book in the St. Louis Cyclones series, and Drayveon Walker is hotter than a spicy jalapeno. Drayveon’s in the league with one of the McClain brothers, so you know he had to bring the heat. 

His love interest in this story was a hard nut to crack. Stevie October was like a fall breeze running through Dray’s mind after a brief meeting that would haunt both their dreams. The story was a sweet version of love from a technical point of view.

Midas’ Touch: Real Negus Book One by Dandridge Monroe

Midas Warren had the right touch and the goods to match his fly. His match Neveah Savadogo had his number and anything else he owned, including his heart. This is a short story that will definitely leave you wanting more of Midas Warren. 

A Souls Realignment by Cherish Amore


In this lovely story, A Soul’s Realignment by Cherish Amore, Knox was the man. Corinna gave us a whole new meaning to getting my man back.

The story has great energy and a good deal of angst. Corinna was determined to realign their life and relationship. Knox was eye candy with BDE too. In the end, this story was everything. 

Beyond Temptation: A Center City Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Beyond Temptation: A Center City Story by Angelia Vernon Menchan gives readers a chance to visit old characters who made an impression on us in previous books from Center City. The tale also reminds us that people are just people no matter their walk in their life.

The story is a love story with lofty expectations for the couples involved. Masculinity and power are on full display in this lovely tale.

Oops! by Alexandra Warren 

The man I will love until the pages unravel in my grubby hands is called Maverick in Oops! by Alexandra Warren. The title and cover inform readers that neither party was ready to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

Camryn was a real one for being genuine about what she wanted in her life. Maverick was tongue-wagging hot–that is it lol. The story was fun, sexy, and a lovely tale about events that could change one’s life but turned out to be a blessing in the end.

What You’ve Been Missing: A Cristal Beach Novel by Kema B. 


Ladies, if I have to say so myself, Raymond Sosa is the man. He did not intend to be involved with a woman on the run from love. The thing is, he nor India spoke with their hearts for final confirmation of those details. The story takes place in Cristal Beach, which feels like paradise. The story was sexy and fun.

Mine Tonight by Christina C. Jones 

Mine Tonight by Christina C. Jones is the book you read when you need your alpha male fix. Jones gave us Braxton, his twin Lincoln, Dexter, Nashira, Drake, and Eden–lawd!

These three shorts feature professional couples who shared beautiful super sexy experiences during their collective stories. Each couple’s account is pearl-clutching goodness for sure.

The Holmes Brothers by Farrah Rochon 


Farrah Rochon wrote about the Holmes brothers that are babelicious. Deliver Me, Release Me, and Rescue Me are the first three books in the Holmes Brothers Series.

The books were written years ago and still hold the test of time. Each tale is extensive with excellent character development, as you will later meet the rest of the family over the next few years. These three stories were the beginning of the series

Sistah Girls, seasonal love is a beautiful thing, and it is even better with super sexy couples too! So I am hopeful you will find a bae among these books. Have a happy and wonderful holiday, Sistah Girls!

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