Let’s Fall in Love in the Fall…

The summer months are quickly passing and leading into Fall, I found some pretty dope new authors you’ll want to check out their materials. My criteria for a new-author banner; If the author wrote less than ten books in their catalog, they are new…

J. Chary is a brand-new author to check out. Forever Aint Enough and Love is Patient, are worth checking out.

Kristin Hurd is another new author I discovered by way of another author’s comments. Her four-book catalog is easy to devour. The Right One is the latest release. I think you will like the couple in this story.

Rilzy Adams has 8 books under her belt. Love is the primary theme in each book. Her latest The Sweetest Escape was a nice on vacation book to enjoy and compare notes to your vacation.

Sam J is another one of my new, love-to-read-her-book- authors. Try these and see if you don’t agree. The Blood Line, A Table for Two, and Just to Keep You Satisfied.

Danesha Little has two books to her name, and both books are good. Unapologetically Me, this story was straight-line dope! It’s been a minute since I’ve read a book that hit this hard out of the gates. The second book, A Silenced Gift, was also a great follow up.

G. Fife’s series was delightful, No Ordinary Love: Gavin & Molina’s Love StoryAre You That Somebody, was a great follow up story. The latest in the series is Before I Let Go: Carmen & Troy. I’ve enjoyed each book in the series thus far.

Nycole S. Bailey books are sexy, a bit erotic and what she calls fairytale-ish. I read the entire catalog, and I might agree with her assessment. Frenemies with Benefits, When Sparks Fly, Love & Happiness, and Too Soon, Love Between Friends, piqued my interest to want to follow the authors work.

Taisha Ryan has 9 books in her repertoire; she might be the one who’s writing I’ve mentioned as compelling art. My first introduction was the story Impact, and then Yella, Ashes. Hook’D is also another good one to get your hands on. If you have not witnessed this author’s writing, you’ve missed a treat.

Donnia Marie is a good YA (Young Adult) author to check out. The Heart of a Champion is a good start if you’re trying the genre again after a break, or for the first time.

Victoria Kennedy, wow! She has one of the best covers to entice a reader to read her book. First, the title was all lower case, and then the couples embrace, and their expressions drew me into this story to want to see what that explosive cover was about. The author delivered a Magnifique story!

M.T. Dixon has a few books you’ll want to add to your list. Summer in the Sunset in the Baecation series is the latest release. It Was Always You, released a few months ago, that’s another good read to check out.

Tza Seshat this first book Yours Truly was a real gem. I like it when a short story feels complete. The story had a realness factor. The character’s names were also very unique.

The list should tide you over until I can bring more good books for you to try. Some housekeeping thoughts: The is a listicle of new authors I’ve read and enjoyed. Everyone’s taste is different, so be thoughtful and give a few, if not all a try. I’m sure they would appreciate your support.

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