Black Romance Novels That Will Have You Boo’d Up

Sistah Girls, we will have a spooky fun time with these ghostly goods reads. We are going to cast a spell on you all this time. Halloween is not only for kids, but it is also for grown folks. So let us check the list for the spirited stories.

Treat: An Erotic Novella (Halloween Stories) by Shae Sanders 


This tale gives a super sexy treat new meaning. And then there is Trick: An Erotic Novella- Halloween Stories. The stories are so steamy sexy that you will need a little brew to wash away all the sensual actions the characters endure in the short tales. Shae Sanders finds a way to make you want to moan just for the heck of it when you read her novellas.

Jinx (Neighbors to Lovers Book 2) by Phyllis Bourne


Now, this one is not a hoax, the story is a genuine laugh-out-loud love story about neighbors who hated one another to hide the fact that they had heated feeling for one another. The jinx part is the hilarious part of the story that is a perfect read for the season.

Enchanted: Volume Two (Halloween Anthologies Book 2) by Kiru Taye, Bambo Deen, and Karu Oforofuo


These collections of Halloween tales are filled with mystical and spirited tales that will have you peeking from underneath your covers and chomping at the bit for a little more as each story unravels and unfolds a spookiness you will enjoy.

Trickin’ Is A Treat (Holiday Shorts Book 1) by BriAnn Danae


Our girl Bri Bri always brings readers a catchy, super sexy tale. But I will admit that the title was the draw and the hook to find out the deal with Aleesa and Rich. The story is short, but it will make you smile.

A Tale of Two Cities: A Halloween Novella by Alexandra Warren


This story gets a second call for ghostly short tales that will cause you to be ghoulishly happy. Yes, it is cute, and yes, it is a lovely story worth reading a second time.

Costume Cutty (Boos & Booze Book 1) by Chenecia C. Higgins


Each story in this fun series takes place in Sapphire Springs at the annual Fall Festival. The first story featured a myriad of mysteries and events that had superstitions looming in the tale. The events had Dionne wondering what was going on in her town.

The Wrong Wicker (Boos & Booze Book 2) by Ashley Nicole 


The Wrong Wicker (Boos & Booze Book 2) is the second book in this ghoulishly fun series. You will laugh aloud at the antics of the characters in this one.

The Stroke of Midnight (Boos & Booze Book 3) by Diana W.


And the third book continued the fun theme and well-executed tales in this lovely collaboration. Halloween Spice (Boos & Booze Book 4) by Turtleberry was another fun read. Next up was Eerie Obsession (Boos & Booze Book 5) by T. Key; this story added to the collection of Halloween deeds.

Finally, Brewing Storm (Boos & Booze Book 6) by D. Rose concluded the Halloween collaboration tales. Although the stories connect based on the Fall Festival, you can read the novella in any order.

A Halloween Night Affair-The Holiday Affair Book 5 by Della Rae Britton


Della Rae Britton is a new (to me) author, and she wrote a fun, sexy short mysterious tale that’s perfect for the season.

Taboo- A Halloween Erotic Short by Fatima Munroe


This story was super sexy and short, yet it packs a punch in the few pages the story encompassed.

A Trick and a Treat: Welcome to the Candy Shop by Cheryl Barton


 This romance was a beautiful love story set during the season of ghostly deeds. You will definitely enjoy it. 

All right, Sistah Girls, go out and get a few treats to share…

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