It’s Spring! It’s Time to Talk About Love!

Since Spring is my favorite time of the year, it was easy to think about fabulous books to take a spring break with. Quite a few newer authors delivered some beautiful stories, and I have a few recommendations. Also, I have some older books you might enjoy that will keep you in that loving spirit.

I’ll start with a new book by Deborah Fletcher Mello and then tell you about a few of her oldies but goodies. Tempted by the Badge was considered romantic suspense with a lovely story attached. The Hero was hot and brooding and made me swoon. The heroine was sexy, sweet and determined.

The Sweetest Thing (Just Deserts Book 1) and Craving Temptation (Just Deserts Book 2). Both are earlier Deborah Fletcher Mello novels. The stories featured two very handsome brothers who inherited their fathers’ bakery. The brothers found love and romance in the most unexpected ways.

I’ll Be Good To You by Chelsea Maria was a dope love story. The story was connecting and well-written. You will love this one.

Coveted (Eternally Tethered) by Christina C. Jones. Paranormal with a twist.

The Building 402 Novellas by Alexandra Warren are super dope… Hot and steamy too!

Alexandra Warren

Another steamy one by Sabrina B. Scales, Nasty: An Erotic Spin-off. This story is a spin-off from Naughty: An Erotic Christmas Novella (Erotic Series Book 1)  

Worth The Risk by A.C. Taylor was worth the wait. If you have not read this author, it’s time.

Wait for Your Love by Ashley Nicole was good, so good, I’ve read this story three times already. Dom and AJ’s story was anticipated for a while. It was nice to finally experience this fabulous story.

For a short sexy novella try Live at Five by Té Russ. The story featured a second chance romance.

He Who is a Lover by Love Belvin part two of the Sadik Series. I’m already claiming it as excellent!

The EndGame Trilogy by Tiye Love was worth all three books and a bag of chips.

Tiye Love

 The Thick of Things and The Heart of Things by J. L. Campbell are excellent love stories you will enjoy.

Rooted: Grounded and Grounded II by Angelia Vernon Menchan. What can I say, this author always gives readers a story with depth and emotions.

Love Taps (Love & Redemption Book 2) by Aja was a sports-themed love story with a female boxer as part of this exciting and highly entertaining novel.

Heartbreak U by Johnni Sherri was the first novel by this author, and it was a lovely read. Worth a try.

Okay, Sistah Girls, that’s my Spring Collection for now! I’ll be back soon to help you find something to savor.

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