Sistah Girls, the cornerstone to get me to reread a book is often a twist in the story, a dramatic encounter, or an unexpected scene. A little drama is a good thing.

Sometimes, I like a little sexy drama or cuteness drama. You get my point, but these novels that I’ve selected have memorable storylines that will make you want more. 

One final thought: the list is a mixture of genres.

Love Me The Right Way or Leave by GiGi

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I will admit, the title was the first thing that caught my attention. As I got deeper into the first few chapters, it was on from there. Let us start with Miracle and her cheating husband, Benji.

After too many years of overlooking this man’s faults, please explain why he would change. Miracle pulled a fast one when she told her husband to leave their home. Snippet: “I’m done talking for the night, leave voluntarily or involuntarily. The police are very sympathetic to Black Men in domestic situations.”

From then on, I was deeply invested in learning how this story would end. Readers Note: the story ends with a cliffhanger. I will be back to see what happened with Kenzo and Valor and whether Miracle found her true match.

Seeking Asha by Johnni Sherri

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I have never wanted to slap the fire out of character immediately, but Asha might get the award this time. Y’all, Asha, worked my nerves to the last ounce of energy.

You will see my point once you get into the story more profoundly. But please do not shoot the messenger. Quincy and Asha were once a couple in love, ready for marriage until she threw a cog in their plans. Asha played Shari Richardson and ran like a track star on fire once she learned about Q’s infant.

I wanted to slap the fire out of this girl, and I guess Quincy had the same ideas. A few years later, they met again as Quincy prepared for his next boxing match with his new supermodel girlfriend Zohanna in tow; it was a dramatic meeting. 

This story is a page-turner that you will reread once you’re finished. 

We Ready by Mel Dau

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First, read Ready for War (book one)before reading this book. In We Ready, the couples had me in my feelings for a good portion of their story. Here, that was a good thing.

I like to be in the middle of the story when the couple comes face-to-face with their reality. Mauri Singer and Will Yetti finally realized their fate, and it took a lot of vacillating to get them on the same page, singing the same tune in harmony.

We Are One: A Soulmates + Enigma Series Story by Aja

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This story is Soulmates + Enigma’s conclusion to her crossover series. Readers Note: You need to read the books in both series to understand the events in this conclusion.

The Soulmates’ introduction took place a few years ago. The characters expanded and evolved with each book. Elijah started his plight with a f-boy mentality. Zora knew his heart and tried to hold him down until it was no longer a viable option. Later in the editions, Zora and Elijah’s children’s introductions, subsequent spouses, and love interests take center stage.

Zora and Elijah meet the person who was their actual soulmate, and parts of the family meet for the first time, leading to this fantastic finale.

The Royal Rebel (Modern Day Socialite Book 2) by Angela Seals

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I like stories with a sassy, take-charge leading lady character. Erin did not care whether she offended a guy for being overzealous in his approach to gain her attention.

She was a socialite and a top fashion model, so why should she settle for mediocrity? The way she told some guys to keep moving had me cringing in my boots a few times. A man named Polo with the same amount of confident energy was the vibe Erin needed.

Polo took it a step further when he had the swagger to match his level of handsomeness. Some say opposites attract, but in this case, Polo and Erin were the same in their actions and persona. That is why they clashed like the Titans and matched perfectly for one another.

Sistah Girls, I met my match with a few of these stories, and I assure you, I will be back for another round later. Let me know which book piqued your interest. 

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