Black Romance Is Always In Full Bloom!

Sistah Girls, Spring is the time of year to enjoy the smells of the season with a few Black Romance stories. The novels on this listicle sprinkle Black love and relationships for your reading pleasures.

You’re The One That I Want: The Mason Family Saga by Ashley Nicole

This story was fabulous! I called my sister in the middle of the night and woke a few folks to tell them about the story. For the record, this story is book seven in The Mason Family Saga series. It is about unassuming Myair Mason, an ultra-quiet man.

Let me say his story hit the target with crisp dialog and an eclectic storyline. I refreshed Myair’s story by rereading a few of the previous editions. Trust and believe when I say you will remember this story until the end of time.

Jade by Iris Bolling

Jade by Iris Bolling

This is a fast-paced, in-your-face love story from The Gems & Gents series. Jade, a member of the extensive Lassiter family, was unexpected and a delight in this, don’t-mess-with-my-momma-edition.

Jade is a classical dancer with no qualms about showing her skills when provoked. The family dynamics added to the specialty of the story. The new Lassiter’s introduced in the saga added enthusiasm. 

The Vow: a marriage of convenience romance by D. Rose

This is a super sweet story with an incredible ending. I always enjoy fake marriages and marriages of convenience storylines if the story rings sincere.

My vote–it was a good read. In this story, Sergio Jones’s reputation plummeted after his ex’s shenanigans and the unwanted press on media outlets. Sergio’s mentor and friend suggested a person with a spotless image act as his new wife to boost his image. And the rest followed true romance novel history.

The Cask by Danielle Allen

This was not the average love story one usually expects. This novel is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Cask of Amontillado. You are not required to love Edgar Allen Poe to enjoy this expertly written love story. The tale is about a couple rising from a dark place shrouded in schemes and calculated vengeful acts by one of the female characters.

Then later, the twists in the plot and the evolution in the story come into focus. Some might view Ebony as the protagonist, but that depends on one’s perception of events. Readers decide which title best fits the scenario. Overall, I enjoy how this author uses haughtiness and synergistic flairs to capture each story’s essence.

The Masquerade Seduction by Tiye Love

This is a short and uber-sexy novel. It is a steamy love connection between a male entertainer and one of the patrons visiting the Jazz lounge for the musical performances.

Tristan entertained the ladies with his talents on and off the stage. When he met a certain mystery woman named Raven, it was life-changing for Tristan. Additionally, he did not register the meeting’s more significant impact at the time of their encounter.

In the end, time together brings forth a lovely melody for the pair. Loving is the best description for this fantastic story. Tye Love demonstrates her exceptional skills with each release and her prowess as a writer.

Sistah Girls, if you’ve read any of these books, let me know your thoughts! 

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