Items You Have To Purchase This Fall

Sistah Girls, Fall is all about change, it’s low-key the pre-game to New Year’s if you ask me. It’s the only season that has us shopping for new looks from head to toe. It’s the season when you finally try that new hair color, pull out your cozy wear, and prepare for indoor activities (snuggling up with a good book).

We asked some of your favorite authors who will be attending Behind the Pen next summer as featured authors to share the must-have Fall items that helped them write the books we love. You can shop the list and purchase their books.

Authors were asked two questions: What is your favorite Fall must-have item when writing? And, how did it help you write one of your projects?

Brookelyn Mosley

Indoor string lights are it. They help set the mood when I’m typing certain scenes in my works in progress. I also used them to create my book So This Is Love.

Fall Faves 2022

I love fairy lights because they illuminate a room with beautiful lighting but it’s not too bright or harsh. Almost ambient. And they’re aesthetically pleasing! Perfect for mood setting.

K.L. Hall

My Apple Pumpkin scented candles! (I usually get them directly from Bath and Body Works, but here is the (very overpriced)

Fall Faves 2022 copy

Fall is my favorite season, and I LOVE having my writing space smell all warm and cozy. It helps me settle into my zone and let the magic happen with any book, but I’m working on some revisions on A Lover’s Heist III, which is the final book in the Heist of Hearts Series.


Stephanie Nicole Norris

My navy fleece blanket is warm and soft. It’s my absolute favorite for the fall when writing. I always light a candle too! Pie Felicia from BlkSunflower.

Fall Faves 2022 copy 2

My blanket and candle put me in the right mood to hear my characters’ thoughts, connect with them and navigate Give Me A Reason. That’s book three in my Heart of a Valentine series.

Dominique Thomas

I really love a good cardigan. It’s cozy and it’s a go-to item when writing. And everything about it screams Fall.

Fall Faves 2022 copy 3

It definitely got me into the mood while writing Onyx’s Tale: The Burner Boyz MC Book 4

Johnni Sherri

My favorite Fall must-have item is my Gratitude Journal. To me, there’s no better way to start a productive day of writing than by giving thanks. I pair that with a cup of roasted herbal tea to put me in the perfect penning mood.

Fall Faves 2022 copy 4

Having these Fall favorites helped me to write my most challenging romance to date, There’s Always Hope.

Rae Lyse

A white noise machine. The more I write the more I realize that I need background noise to help me relax while doing so.

Fall Faves 2022 copy 5

A white noise machine, low lights, and a pair of noise-canceling headphones definitely helped transport me right into the world of Dre and Tash in Thirty.

Sistah Girls, you have the items and the books so get cozy and enjoy the Fall weather. Be sure to purchase your Behind the Pen tickets so you can see all of these dope authors in person next summer in New York City!

Grab your Behind the Pen ticket HERE.

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