Sistah Girls, 2024 is here and I want us to hit the ground running with our book goals. There are so many authors dropping amazing stories that one can barely keep up, but these are a few authors that have been dropping heat in 2023 and they are the ones to watch this year. 

Now maybe you’ve read a few on the list, and maybe not. I love to read, and those who have been regulars with Sistah Girls Book Club for a few years already know about my reading prowess.

Whenever I find a new author or a new to me author, or an author I think you should have been reading I like to spread the word about the books that piqued my interest. So without further ado… 

Connie Easton

Connie Easton has several books in her catalog; however, her books are fresh with realistic stories I consumed over the past two years. Start her catalog with Time Served or Permission to Feel.

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Then, deep dive into her recent release, Forge My Love; now this was a banger. Skadi Grant and Rueben ‘Rue’ Washington were a pair to emulate if you want a mentally stimulating romance. And this forced proximity story brought the heat and the drama.

The edition was a reverse wealth story, whereas Skadi had wealth, and Rue owned far less. That was this tale’s initial enticement, and then the author opened up and poured her heart into this edition.

Also, be sure to check out I.O.U.: Incapable of Understanding. Many of us will never relate to or experience the angst and distress the character Love endures after a crisis does not abate. The man who helped her restore her soul was a keeper.

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 Sistah Girls, I highlighted only a few books in Easton’s collection but I’m telling you that she is one to watch in 2024. 

Crystal Collier

Crystal Collier has a not-so-new catalog, but I recently discovered her lightness. Nights We Won’t Regret is short, sexy, and a perfect love story. In this story, you meet the most remarkable characters.

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Sophia and Nixon had a marriage on the verge of boredom when Sophie decided to add a little spice to their marriage. This is a short story so it’s giving, short, sweet, and to the point but it’s worth the journey. 

Never the Right Time is another great read, it’s about a couple finding their person. In Collier’s writing, you will find an authentic voice in the telling as Troi and Aubree embark on a true love story for the ages.

Blackened Berry was a story I read twice for good measure.

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And did you see the cover of the chocolatey goodness depicted on the cover of the character Evington ‘Black’ Gibbs? That alone was enticing enough to want to see what his story entailed.

Black is a bonified savior, always trying to save damsels in distress. When he encountered Xiyana Azure, he hit the jackpot. When they met, Xiyana was embroiled in a never-ending task for her father’s approval. The connection between the couple was surreal. And Black was a sexy and sweet berry.

Riley Baxter

Riley Baxter’s Forever After All is a masterpiece with words. The man on the cover is a delicious model I wanted to canoodle within my dreams.

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Here is the scoop: Jashae Rodgers already planned her life down to the letter of her imagination. After a tragic event, Jashae cared for her daughter alone. Later, when Jashae met Caine Bellamy, their relationship unraveled with zest, cheers, delightful screams, and prayers for this pair to be all right.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Caine in the beginning but later down the line, I adored the gentler version of him, the lover. I think you will agree Caine was more than a gorgeous face.

Dreama’s Heart exemplifies what happens when you are chasing success and nothing else. Drema was a girl boss and owned Dreama’s Styles Nail Salon. However, this story concerns Dreama’s failed relationship and finding her Heart in the least expected place. It’s a good read.

Talena Tillman

Talena Tillman delivered in Aways & Forever. I enjoy a little drama, sweetness, and a sultry vibe, all in the same story, and this story highlighted all the above. Tillman knows how to tell a story with a collection of hidden twists.

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Kane: A Gangster’s Love Story (Kane & Serenity Book 1) and Kane: A Gangster’s Love Story Two (Kane & Serenity Book 2)by Tillman called my name out loud and implored me to read each book with great anticipation.

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Kane and Serenity were from divergent backgrounds, yet they found a way to be together. Serenity was a fashion designer, and Kane was an infamous arms dealer. I am sure you can understand how their difference could be appealing.

The urban romance took this couple through several changes before the conclusion in book two gave them a happy for them ending.

Brookelyn Mosley

Brookelyn Mosley is an author you need to add to your TBR list ASAP– you can thank me later.

In Love, I Trust: Rose Hill series was a nicely told story in collaboration with author ShanicexLola–if you haven’t read it yet–start. The Welcome to Rose Hill story was a dope love story between Serenity Payne and Trevon Everest.

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The characters called my name a few times. If you love a good romance story that will give you all the feels, this is the one. Also, consider these books: So This is Love (The Forbidden Book 5) and My First, My Last: A Friends-to-Lovers Novel.

Dandridge Monroe

Dandridge Monroe tops my list of authors to watch in 2024 with a ripe collection of extraordinary stories. I started her superpower writing journey with the Orphans Series, The Desperado’s Series, and my favorite, In The Midst, three-book series.

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Other authors to consider for future reading:
Bella Jay, Denise Essex, Mel Dau, Kami Holt, Johnni Sherri, ShanicexLola, Ashantay Keys, T’Lyn and Virgo Girl.

Sistah Girls, in 2024 let’s continue to celebrate Black Indie authors and spread the word about their work. And let me know which authors are on your recommended reading list.

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