Sistah Girls, if you’re a basketball lover, this listicle was created just for you. I’ll be the first to admit when it comes to basketball, I’m as knowledgeable as a beekeeper in a glass-making shop–I have no clue what’s happening. 

But, when it comes to how these Black authors draw you into their sports romances, I know a little something, something.

March Madness is a big deal in my house, and I thought, “How can I join in on the fun without having to pay attention to the games?” The answer is reading, duh! 

Below are a few series I handpicked that will keep you engaged throughout March… 

Basketball Baes by Tracey Gray 


From book one: Christian “Cross Up” Upton is one of, if not the most skilled player in professional basketball.

Genesis “Gensie” Cole considers herself a regular/degular girl, with a dream of making good food and getting her catering company off the ground.

A chance encounter with Christian definitely gives her business a boost, but now he seems to want more than just her food. She’s a simple woman. He’s a huge celebrity.

There’s no way she can take his interest in her…seriously. How could the most popular player in the league truly be interested in her?

Love And The Game by Johnni Sherri 


From book one: At twelve years old, Perri Daniels is a tomboy at heart, fitting right in with the guys. Instead of making up cheers and playing double dutch like most girls her age, she spends her time fighting, hooping, and playing video games alongside her best friend, Plus.

Living in the Millwood Projects of Prince George’s County, Maryland, the two grew up more like family than friends.
However, as they enter their teenage years, Perri discovers her secret desire to be more than just Plus’s best friend.

She has a terrible crush on him that just won’t go away. On prom night, their relationship takes an unforeseen turn, and on graduation day, Perri discovers she’s pregnant with Plus’s child. Read the full synopsis HERE

Nymphs & Trojans by Alexandra Warren and Nicole Falls 


From book one: “If there isn’t a risk, is it worth wanting at all?”

Starting Forward for the Tennessee Trojans Nikolas Verette hasn’t always lived the golden life. After personal setbacks placed barriers in his path to professional basketball superstardom, he took to approaching life with the motto “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Following his passions leads him to an opportunity of a lifetime, but he is in need of a slight bit of assistance to achieve his goal.

Enter Jayde Turner, a smart-mouthed, straight shooter who is grappling with her own set of roadblocks that are in her path as she tries to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a popular country singer.

Moving from her tiny hometown in rural Tennessee to Nashville was supposed to be the major key to her success, but instead she consistently faces narrow-minded individuals and stereotyping based on her appearance.

A common interest and shared goal eventually causes Nikolas and Jayde’s paths to converge. Read the full synopsis HERE

The L.A. Stars Series by J. Nichole 


From book one: In the club, with flashing lights and loud music, seeing him across the room is a scene out of a movie.
We lock eyes and sway to the beat—instantly connecting.

He nudges his head, calling me to the other side. Me? Of all the women in the club, this sexy man wants me to join him in VIP. So I do. And then I realize how tall he is, and the other guys surrounding him are also.

Wait. This guy was on the basketball court at the game I watched the night before. The guys standing around him are his teammates on the Houston Outlaws.

And me? I’m a small-town girl with a class of 5th graders, only in LA for a few more nights. So you could imagine my answer when he asks, “Wanna come back to the room with me?”

Waiting to Breathe by Love Belvin


From book one: What happens when Zoey Barrett, an ingenuous Princeton scholar, meets NBA All-star rocker-boy, Stenton Rogers? Zoey has her life all planned out. She’s working hard at her degree and to help her family stay afloat financially.

Stenton’s at the top of his game on the court, but off, his life is out of bounds. That is until he happens upon Zoey, who represents something that he’s never had—family.

Her world is spun completely out of control when they intersect. Could the lengths he decides to go destroy the future Stenton desperately desires to have with Zoey?

St. Louis Cyclones by Alexandria House 


From Book 1: NBA star Paul “Polo” Logan is known for his on-court prowess and his off-court philandering.

Kendra Doll is the main woman in his life, and although their past bonds them together, it also may be what tears them apart.

He’s ready to make a change and truly commit to her, but is it too late?

(Polo and Kendra were first introduced in the novel, Let Me Hold You, by Alexandria House.)

Sistah Girls, if you’ve read any of these titles let me know in the comments section. And if you haven’t read them yet, now is a good time to start.

-Reading w/Erika B.



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