My Favorite Black Romance Tropes…

Sistah Girls, how do you feel about co-workers connecting or a boss and subordinate getting cozy? And how do you feel about exes getting a second chance?

I hope you like those tropes because I love them, and this listicle features some of my favorites: second chance love, exes turned lovers, and co-workers turned lovers.

Professional Pleasure: I Can Have It All Series Book One by Tia Love

This story was all of that and a bag of chips and a little something, something to drink. The first book in the series will set the tone for what you will get in book two.

Calliope Matthews was the personal assistant to sexy playboy Brandon Sims. The thing is, this man was no boy; he was all man. After years of playing with their feelings, Calliope and Brandon embark on a real relationship, and before this one ends, they are in romance story heaven.

Executive Entanglement (I Can Have it all Book 2) by Tia Love 

This story picks up with the couple married and with children a few years down the road. So you say, that is all good, correct. But, the couple runs into a snag when an old flame incites Calliope, and poor judgment almost derails their loving peace.

The couple gets a second chance to get back to loving one another nice and spicy.

Monty A St. Claire Novel by Tina Martin

Sis, if you enjoy reading a story where the guy was hot on the hills of the girl until she gave in, this would be the title you need to read.

Cherish Stevens was the invisible assistant to Major St. Claire. Then one day, he saw her, I mean saw her, and fell head over heels, cartwheel included in love with his executive assistant. After his constant chasing, Monty had to convince Cherish to love him back and make her believe his newfound attention was not a fluke.

At the end of this tale, you will ask yourself, where can I find a Monty? Hopefully, he has a python too.

On Love’s Time by D. Rose

The story is an extraordinary hint of what happened in this second chance love story. Although Gwen and Puma had electrified chemistry, it was not enough to hold them together.

After being apart for a while and not finding the person to be all they wanted, the timing was off for them. Gwen and Puma found their way back to one another in love’s time. I think they will be okay this time around

My First, My Last: A Friends-To-Lovers Novel by Bookelyn Mosley

Ayla and Hassani’s story is a long-range version about friends who knew one another since they were teens. The pair always knew they cared deeply for the other yet chose to ignore the obvious for fear of ruining their long-term friendship. I always laugh at couples who use this premise to explain the idiocy of that decision.

Ayla and Hassani needed to go ahead and take the plunge. But you know they had to extend the story by vacillating a lot. 

From the Hood With Love 3 by BriAnn Danae

For you guys like me who enjoy a well-told urban tale, you will enjoy the third installment of Projex’s saga. He and Loriana were back to repair the damage done in the previous story. Danae writes a gritty, sensitive, streetwise tale with a perfect pitch. Check out the full series HERE

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