Sistah Girls, Black Romance, and music are intensely popular in the stories we tell. I always like to peruse the list to find new music. These stories, this time, have music as the theme and central focus for the story. Sistah Girls, this listicle is for music lovers! 

No Greater Love (Heart of a Jameson Book 2) by Danielle Burton

No Greater Love is about a sax player with playa tendencies. Hunter should have known that his shtick was up when he met and fell hard and fast for Willow.

Hunter did not believe in love at first sight, and he certainly was not willing to give up his lifestyle for one woman. Their entrepreneurial sides caused them to crash into one another hard and flow with the music between them, causing melodically sensual sounds. Take this one out for a spin, with your music blaring.

Loves Serenade (Decade: A Journey of African American Romances 1920s) by Sheryl Lister

Love’s Serenade focused on music and entertainment in the 1920s. I marveled at the level of excitement reading this storyline. The small amounts of racism, no matter the slight, were not the point of the story.

The love story and the music from that era nicely told. The author mentioned a few celebrities during that period. The music and romance side between Leigh Jones and Miles Cooper illuminated the story. Their relationship, the struggles of the time, and their intense chemistry added to this fantastic read.

The author guided us back to a time of prohibition and allowed readers to have a sip of moonshine and partake of this sensual serenade.

Love’s Sweet Melody (Decade: A Journey of African American Romance by Kianna Alexander

Love’s Sweet Melody takes place in the 1940s, just after the end of WWII. Warner Hughes returned from his service to his country with residual effects, which we now identify as PTSD.

Warner’s condition caused the townsfolks to shun him. His love for music drove him to visit Betty Daniel’s place of business to hear her sing day after day. They soon developed a kindship that was tested, poked, and prodded.

In the end, the music and their vibrant chemistry were unstoppable. The author told a story from a period beyond our imagination and painted a beautiful portrait in this love story to survive the ages.

Sing Your Pleasure (Love in the Limelight Book 2) by A.C. Arthur

Sing Your Pleasure is an oldie from 2010 that you will enjoy; not only the story, but the music in the story is impressive. Charlene Quinn lands a contract with a top recording studio in LA and the chance to work with Akil Hutton.

Akil was a famous music producer with an ear and love of good music and beautiful women, not necessarily in that order. The story has music and romance all tied up nicely in this story.

Plus+ by Sabrina B. Scales

Plus is McKinley Washington’s stage name. He is a complicated and highly sexual man with many flaws. His character introduction in the erotic spin-off series led to his own story, as readers could not get enough of Plus and Tashena’s love story. Plus entertains with great style and stage presence. The story focuses on the music and his overly complex lifestyle.

Bars and Ballads (The Crew Book 1) by Sabrina B. Scales

Bars and Ballads features a drop-in from Plus and his crew. Plus discovered a couple of new artists to add to his repertoire; in this story, readers get a little more of the man.

Bre and Sabre met with a friendship that evolved into a relationship. The amount of time spent together made it nearly impossible to exclude feelings for one another. Scales tackles some heavy topics, yet she tackles the details with her usual finesse. No sugar coating necessary.

Music makes the world go round… And romance novels make living easier! 



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